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Ten Items That Should be Wearables

by xiaolin10413


Have you ever come upon a nice item and thought, "I can't wait for my pet to wear this!" ...only to find out that it is not a wearable at all? There are plenty of nice clothing items, weapons, and make-up that would make lovely items to dress up our pets with, but unfortunately have not made wearable status yet.

Studded Collar: There are kind pets, there are evil pets, and all sorts of pets in-between. And if your pet is tough, the Studded Collar would be the perfect clothing item to scare off all his or her enemies (or friends). With sleek black leather and shiny silver spikes, this collar easily says, "Get away from me!" Sadly, however, this collar is not wearable at this time, and there are not very many other ways to show how tough you pet is. There are some species specific items that give off the "tough" look for the Jetsams, Moehogs, Eyries, and Gelerts. As for collars, the only other alternative is the "Black Jeweled Collar" which I think personally, does not look very tough at all. Until the Studded Collar is made a wearable, you will have to find your "dangerous" look elsewhere!

Water Umbrella: The Water Umbrella is the perfect finishing touch for a more whimsical or magical look, or perhaps you have a gorgeous water pet and want a Water Umbrella to match! You will have to look elsewhere for an item such as this for your customization, because the Water Umbrella is not wearable. Aw. If you wanted a wearable water item, there are several watery backgrounds you can try instead, or if you needed an umbrella to keep your pet dry (or perhaps in the case of the Water Umbrella, more wet!) I would suggest looking at the tiny umbrella. This umbrella can either keep your pet dry or wet, depending on how they use it.

Plain Black Sunglasses: Whether your pet just wants to look cool, pretend to be awake in class, or it's just really sunny outside, a pair of Plain Black Sunglasses should do the trick to satisfy your pet's needs. However, these ultra-cool sunglasses can not be worn to protect their eyes! Thankfully, there is a nice substitute for these glasses with the "Jazzmosis Glasses" that will not only do any of listed the tasks that they are needed for, but they can also get you ready for that sweet Jazzmosis concert tonight. If those aren't working for you or your pet, there are also several other sunglasses that are species-specific for you to try on.

Gilded Winged Helm: If you have a battle pet, and want to show that off with not only some awesome statistics and battledome points, a customization would be a great way to go! And an item like the Gilded Winged Helm would surely finish off that epic, "I'm ready for battle!" stance your pet is currently standing it. There is one slight problem though... The Gilded Winged Helm is currently a non-wearable item. So for now, this Helm will only get to be worn inside the battledome while your pet is fighting. There are a few wearable alternatives though, which include the Imperial Exam Guards Helm and its dented counterpart, the Dented Imperial Exam Guards Helm. I suppose for now your pet will have to be a warrior and a good speller.

Bow of the Fire Faerie: Even though your choice of helm failed, you can't fail with this nifty bow that shoots fire! Right? Well, turns out you can also fail here too, as this Bow of the Fire Faerie is unwearable. I agree, it would be awesome to be able to show your skills with fire and archery in a nifty customization, but we can't win at everything. If you're still hoping to find a bow for your pet to hold, you better find a Gelert, Ixi, or Wocky morphing potion soon, because the only other alternatives for the Bow of the Fire Faerie can only be worn by the species. If you're more in the market for fire-themed wearables, I suggest the Fire Faerie Racer and the Sorcerers Skirmish Fire Wizard Hat.

Black Fan of Shenkuu: Whether your pet is a fan of Shenkuu or is a fan of... fans, this fan is the perfect final touch for your pet's customization! It can look elegant, dangerous, mysterious, or fun, depending on the other items that are around it! I do regret to inform you, that this item is, like the others, also unwearable. Shame, because this a truly fantastic fan. There are actually several other fans that can be used to replace this desired item, but most are species specific or from lost desert. Lo behold though! There is a wearable item called Lovely Shenkuu Fan that will also do the tricky nicely to finishing of that previously mentioned perfect customization! The only downside is that the Lovely Shenkuu Fan is more girly, and less mysterious.

Leather Jacket: The classic leather jacket, used for lot's of purposes. To stay warm, for protection, and as the description says, to look "hardcore." Although, it's a little difficult to look hardcore if your pet can't wear it! This jacket will have to stay in the safety deposit box for now until this awesome jacket is made wearable. In the meantime, if you are looking for another jacket to use instead, your pet will have to be a Mynci and then the Mynci Warrior Leather Jacket will be a great option! If your pet is not a Mynci, however, you're just going to have to put off looking hardcore for now.

Dark Red Lipstick: With the recent advent of new makeup items coming out (hello gorgeous eyeshadows!) dark red lipstick would make a wonderful addition to the customization of a beauty queen pet (According to the Beauty Contest, we have quite a few of those!) As of right now, this luscious dark red lipstick cannot be worn by any pet, beauty queen or not. If you wanted to find some good lips for your pets to wear, I suggest the Wax Lips, however, be careful! Some species look nice while wearing them, while others just look a little strange. If you wanted other makeups to wear, the previously mentioned faerie eye shadows are a great choice! There are many options for colors, and one is bound to make your pet look even more beautiful!

Pink Tiara: To go along with the beauty queen theme, this Pink Tiara adds that air of regalness and authority to your pet, while they wear it. But wait... this Tiara actually can't be worn yet! Which is a true shame, because it can fit with either pink customizations, or blue customizations! So you won't be able to get your princess look from this tiara, but there are several other tiaras that may fit with what you're looking for for the time being. Some of the more elegant tiaras can only be worn by the Korbat, Wocky, and JubJub. Or, if you don't mind also getting a very lovely wig, the Altador Cup Score Board Tiara Wig might also be an option for you!

Taelia Style Coat: Perfect for a pet impersonating Taelia, a pet trying for that wintery look, or a pet who lives on Terror Mountain, this beautiful coat awarded by the advent calendar would be a great addition. Would be, if this coat were wearable! Don't fret though, because there are bound to be other wonderful blue coats to keep your pet toasty warm such as the-! Uh... There aren't any other coats like that?

These injustices to the Neopia clothing world need to be fixed as soon as possible! All ten of these items, although most have suitable alternatives for pets to wear, would make incredible wearables all by themselves, but sadly, are not wearables yet. And who is to stop those poor Terror Mountain pets from staying warm and looking fabulous?

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