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The Lost Oasis

by secant


There is an oasis few in Neopia know about. It's somewhere in the woods beside Faerieland. In the summertime, the oasis sparkles in the cool shade, radiating its sweet watery scent of lotus and green grass. In the winter, the oasis becomes a still block of ice, lightly dusted by powdery snow and resting silently in the hallow woods.

     The oasis is rumored to be magical. Some call it the true wishing well. Its clean spring waters have healing properties surpassing even the Healing Springs within Faerieland. One dip can heal your physical illnesses. One sip can lift your spirits so that Grey Pets suddenly lose their miserable aura and become as joyful as the light faeries.

     But finding the oasis is a whole other issue.

     - - -

     It was a cold February day in the Haunted Woods. Wind howled through the bare trees and echoed off the deserted graveyards.

     The Ghost Lupe sat idly beside a tombstone, lost in thought, shivering every now and then at the cold. He often contemplated the deeper mysteries of life like this, alone in the shadows, the nearest Neopet miles and miles away.

     Once upon a time the Haunted Woods had been bustling with life. That was last Halloween. Now, in the cold of winter, the woods were lifeless and empty. Broken trinkets from the Fairgrounds littered the ground at his feet. The emptiness suited the Ghost Lupe, though. He preferred solitude.

     Normally, he would be in Mystery Island, haunting the tourists and natives. But here he sat in the deserted graveyard. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the events that brought him here...

     A few months ago, there was a yellow Usul touring Geraptiku, the abandoned area of Mystery Island. The Ghost Lupe had simply been sitting there, alone as usual, when the Usul popped up out of nowhere. Among the dark shadows of Geraptiku, the Usul seemed out of place: she was bubbly, bright, and much too cheery for the solemn woods.

     "Why so glum?" the Usul had asked.

     "I... don't like conversations," the Lupe grunted, half-surprised the Usul wasn't the least bit frightened of him.

     "Oh... I thought you were just dejected because you couldn't find the lost oasis," answered the Usul.

     "What lost oasis?"

     That had been the question that broke everything. All of the sudden, the Usul was going 100 miles per minute talking about a magical oasis. It apparently had healing powers, and also granted wishes according to folklore. As the Usul chattered on and on, the Lupe had quietly disappeared to find a new spot where he could be in peace.

     Later, the Ghost Lupe replayed the conversation between him and the Usul. What if it was true? What if such an oasis existed? It could bring him happiness. It could change everything.

     He needed to find it.

     - - -

     A once brave Lupe knight was killed on the shores of Mystery Island in an attempt to rescue his bride from the natives. In death his spirit is restless, desperately seeking revenge.

     The Gallery of Evil was right. He wasn't always a ghost; in fact, he was once First Mate Sylva, brave knight and highly esteemed by his team. He used to be jolly and carefree.

     Now, his ghostly spirit was as restless as the boiling lava inside Mount Techo.

     Although sometimes this wayward spirit may aid you, his anger can easily be directed at those that disturb him... As with all the entries in this book we suggest you steer very clear!

     Many, many years ago, the Ghost Lupe had lost his one true happiness: his bride. His futile attempt to rescue her made him hate himself, and for years he was tormented by his loss and incompetence. He made a vow to seek revenge, bringing down the natives of Mystery Island one by one. But haunting Neopets gets tiring after a few decades or so. Most days, the Ghost Lupe wallows in his remorse, wondering when he should move on.

     The legend of the lost oasis was his one opportunity. With the cleansing spring waters, he could perhaps finally leave his past behind. After months of careful research through interviewing locals, scholars, and explorers, the Ghost Lupe set about his journey to seek the oasis.

     - - -

     According to legend, the oasis was located somewhere right outside Faerieland. Yet the Ghost Lupe had been searching for days and still could not find the magical water.

     Finally, one cold night, the Ghost Lupe saw something glowing on a snow-covered branch. It was a sleeping air faerie. The Ghost Lupe gently prodded her awake.

     "Sorry to awake you. I am lost. I need to find my way to the... the oasis."

     "Oasis?" The faerie looked at the Ghost Lupe with a curious expression. "What oasis?"

     "The legendary oasis that brings happiness to all who finds it," replied the Ghost Lupe. "I've been searching for over two weeks now."

     "Happiness, huh? Aren't you the Ghost Lupe from the Gallery of Evil?"

     "I may be."

     The air faerie smiled gently. "In that case, I will show you the way. Take a right over by the large rock. Keep walking until you see a small clearing in the woods. The oasis should be to the left."

     The Ghost Lupe thanked her and followed her directions. His ghost heart pounded excitedly; he was close! He could already taste the sweet magical water, the water that would finally cure him of his misery. He could even make a wish—to see his bride—

     The Ghost Lupe came to a halt. There it was: the quiet oasis, frozen in ice and covered by snow. Its surface reflected the glowing moonlight, giving it an ethereal appearance.

     Entranced, the Ghost Lupe slowly moved closer. The Usul was right! It does exist!


     The voice came out of nowhere. The Ghost Lupe froze.

     "Sylva, don't."

     The voice was sweet, gentle, and very familiar. The Ghost Lupe looked around him, but no one else was there.

     "How do you know my name?" the Ghost Lupe growled, trying to sound menacing but failing.

     "Of course I know your name, silly."

     "Why—where are you?"

     The voice began to fade. "I am where you remember me."

     "Don't go!" pleaded the Ghost Lupe, now frantically trying to locate the source. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to rescue you—I'm a failure—don't leave—"

     The voice laughed, a tinkling melody that the Ghost Lupe knew so well. It was the same light laugh he'd heard many times before their wedding.

     "I won't leave you," said the fading voice. "But first you must forgive yourself..."

     - - -

     There is an oasis few in Neopia know about. It is rumored to be magical and contain ethereal properties. Those who seek the oasis marvel at its magic and what they hope to find. Those who already found the oasis, however, speak little of it. The Ghost Lupe is one such Neopian. When asked about the lost oasis, the Lupe only shakes his head silently. However, once or twice a small smile forms at the corner of his mouth. Those times, he'll tell you about how the past never truly goes away. Memories may fade and tombstones may crumble, but the past never disappears.

     "The oasis preserves the past," he was heard to say once. "And the past preserves you."

The End

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