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Guilds: How To Be A Committed And Productive Member

by calliegraphy


Congratulations! You've picked a guild! That's awesome! From here on out, you're in for a treat! But, you might be asking yourself, what now? Well, hopefully this will soon be cleared up for you. I'm Callie, and together we're going to break down what exactly guild commitment is going to mean for you.

While everyone has a different experience with membership, and many suggestions are objective based on the type of guild that you have joined, there are a few things that most guilds can agree on. I've broken my tips down into four suggestions as to what makes a good member. These suggestions are based on the assumption that the guild was made with the purpose of socialization and Neopets related, however, if you have selected a guild that does not qualify to those categories it does not mean the advice is invalid!

So, without further ado, let us begin your quest to being a productive member in your chosen guild.

First things first, lets talk about guild boards. In my experience, the longevity of the guild has a lot to do with the activity of the guild boards. The people who make up the guild are the main source of life for it no matter what kind of guild it is. Without the members, what would a guild be? This should be your first stop once you have clicked the lovely little "join guild" button. Assuming your guilds board is active, I'd recommend that you introduce yourself! Something simple, a hello and maybe something about yourself, your goals or something about the guild that intrigued you. Open ended statements or something that can strike up conversation is a good way to break the ice with your guildies– this includes your council members! In a well formed guild, there should not be a divide when it comes to council vs members. Don't be intimidated by the leader, their main focus is seeing the guild be one successful family! There are many ways that the members of your guild can help you on the site. They are likely to be one of the best resources for you to use!

Now that you've started forging relationships with your guildmates, what now? Well, depending on the size of your guild, there is likely to be a pet page of some sort with guild information. For clarity's sake, we'll call this the webbie. Your guilds webbie is going to give you a lot of information as to what comes next on your journey in the guild. The webbie is going to tell you how you can participate and all the things it has to offer for the members. If your guild has different activities lined up, this is a good way to be a productive member. Participating in guild contests or games is both a low responsibility and low maintenance task. It's nice to just play games and enjoy the benefits of the guild lifestyle.

But what if just participating isn't enough? Have you found yourself wanting to support the guild more and potentially bring people into your cozy guild too? This is what guild loyalty feels like! Congratulations! You have found a good place to be! There are a few things (not all of them listed here) that you can potentially offer as services to the guild while still not taking on the responsibility of high ranks. The requirements of these titles may vary from guild to guild but generally they are the same.

1. Page Host - Many well developed guilds offer different guild related pages, whether they be games or just guides that the guild has built for its members. Offering to be a page host can be very helpful for guild leaders. They can only have so many pages after all and freeing up one of their pages can be a relief for them! Rehoming a page to one of your accounts does not have to be the only way to host, however. If you happen to have a skill you feel like sharing, making a guild specific page to help your guildies can potentially be very useful! (note: if you choose to offer yourself as a page host, you should be prepared to update often!)

2. Recruiter - Now that you have begun to feel passionate about your guild, why not share it with the rest of Neopia. The best part of recruiting members is all you are doing is making your guild known! What's better than making new friends? Nothing! (note: while recruiting, if you choose to leave the Guilds neoboards, make sure you are posting relevant information on the boards! For example: If you are on the AC and posting about your Adoption Agency guild, it might not work so well when trying to get new members!)

So now you are participating in guild activities, you've potentially created some lasting friendships with your guildmates, and you're serving your guild in some form or fashion... what else could you POSSIBLY do to quench your desire to serve your guild? While this next option may or may not be relevant to your guild, the council positions are going to be a coveted position that bumps you up to the next level of guild life. Participating as a council or sub council member comes with more responsibility and will also require a higher level of commitment. If you think that this might be what you are looking for, I recommend that you speak to your guild leader and work with them on how you might be able to apply for a council position and what exactly they expect of council members.

From here on out, what you plan to do within your guild is up to you! There is no pressure to be a council member just because there are open slots. Simply enjoy the guild itself and find your niche within it. The qualifications and expectations vary from guild to guild but generally speaking the best member is a friendly and outgoing participant who wants the best for their guild members. That's all. Don't let anyone pressure you to take on responsibility that you might not want and always always always enjoy the things you choose to partake in. Congratulations again and I wish you many happy times with your new guild!

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