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Ten Perfect Toys For Your Nice Neopet

by happytimewithmilk


So you read my other article, "Ten Unnecessarily Creepy Toys"? No? Okay, then go read that first! Now that I have listed some rather creepy toys, I decided it was time for toys you SHOULD buy for your pets! Don't worry, all of these toys are safe and most of them are really just adorable. With so many great toys for your Neopets, how do you even figure out the right toy for your sweet little Neopet? Just a warning, though; this list is ONLY meant for the kind and gentle Neopets out there. I can't promise that any Darigan or Halloween Neopet would like any of these.

1. Bonfire Play Set - r84

Now you can recreate the fun of a bonfire any time you want!

How adorable! This playset is made to recreate the fun of that fun bonfire night you and your Neopets loved! It'll remind you and your Neopets about those warm summer nights in front of the bonfire. Okay, it does look a little bit dangerous but don't worry, it's not real fire! (Well, as long as you don't get too close to it.) It even comes with its own doll and pins. Experience the fun of bonfires every single day!

2. Caged Skeleton - r101

You can scare your friends by also using this as a lamp.

Just going by the name, I am already sold on this toy! With its completely non-spookyness, you can try to scare your friends! It rattles, it groans, it shrieks. Adorable, don't you agree? Buy it! You will not regret it. Let's not forget the skeleton that comes with it as well! Hours and hours of fun for your Neopet. Also you can use it as a lamp.

3. Carnival of Terror Board Game - r86

Move around this board with different pieces and try not to get caught by a pie!

I'm sure you've heard of Carnival of Terror? Happy little robot Chias, pie, carnivals? Well, now you can have a board game based off of that fun little game! With this board game you can move around with different pieces. The main objection is to not get caught by pie and make it to the finish line! Oh, but if you fail, robot Chias may or may not show up to get you and your Neopets. And also possibly the rest of your family. Enjoy!

4. Chuckles Pinata - r92

Can you make this pinata burst open to reveal all the delicious goodies inside?

Speaking of happy clowns! Here we have a pinata made in the likes of our favorite Kacheek, Chuckles! Inside of this pinata is tons and tons of every kind of candy, and of course none are poisonous! (Of course!) Uh, I'd probably try to be gentle with it though, I don't know how Chuckles would feel about your Neopets attacking his likeness. Nonetheless, this toy is great for birthday parties!

5. Darigan Spike Ball - r101

OUCH! Not the best ball to play catch with....

Oh, I think the description is wrong for this one. This ball actually is great for catching! Look how different it is! It will really make your Darigan pets feel at home. It will make your baby pets want to be Darigan some day. It will make your mutant Gnorbu want to drool less (no promises on that last one, though!). Just think about it, though: your Neopets just came home from Neoschool and what do they want to do? Take a nap? No! They'll want to play with this fun little spike ball!

6. Dr. Sloth Mechanical Wind Up Toy - r101

Do you ever get the sense that Dr. Sloth is following you?

Hail to Dr. Sloth! To show your allegiance to the great and brave Dr. Frank Sloth, be sure to buy this adorable little wind up toy! It will run around and follow your Neopet for hours and hours on end. Even when you want him to stop following you, it'll keep at it! Its wind up never seems to run out. The toy will even start telling you what to do and where to go after a while too! Doesn't that sound like fun?!

7. Grundo Thieving Tools - r101

Now you can practice your thieving with these fun toys.

How fun are these?! With these tools your little growing Neopet can learn the fine art of thieving! Your Neopet can steal from the rich, and keep it for itself! It can learn the fine honor that is to be had in stealing a great treasure and reaping all the rewards while prowling the night. Oh, you want your Neopet to be on a good path, you say? My friend, this IS a good path! Unfortunately this tool does not come with instructions on how to not get caught... but good luck to your beginner thieves!

8. Evil Coconut Plushie - r101

Be careful when you hug this plushie...

Yes, do be careful when you hug this plushie... as in you might hurt it from squeezing it too hard! How adorable does it look! The fire that comes from its eyes and mouth, the burn of love for you and your Neopet. The beautiful smile upon its plushie face. This is a plushie that your Neopet should have!

9. Snot Slingshot - r99

Eww, the rubber band isn't made of rubber; it's a long strand of snot!

This is the supreme of slingshots! Your Neopet's friends will not be grossed out at all with this toy! No! They'll all love it! The rubber band is made of snot! A drawback though is that it will only actually shoot snot, but I'm sure that isn't a problem your Neopet will be having. What else would you want to shoot besides snot?!

10. Robo Pull Along Ixi - r92

The ultimate in pull along toys!

This really is the ultimate in pull along toys! When your Neopet takes a walk, make sure to pull this little guy with you. Look how happy he is to be with you! He won't shoot lasers if your Neopet is too slow, of course not! Remind your Neopet to not walk slow with this guy though, just in case.

There we are! These are just a few of the toys you should buy for you sweet little Neopet. Thanks for reading!

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