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Fountain Faerie Quest: Increasing Your Chances

by audiine


There are only a few "Something Has Happened!" events that are more exciting than receiving a faerie quest. It's a chance to prove yourself as an honorable Neopian willing to save a damsel in distress, or to help the never-ending process of rebuilding Faerieland!... or more likely it is just a chance to get instant (and hopefully cheap!) training for your Neopets. Some faeries are sought out more than others (sorry, Air Faeries, but a quest from Queen Fyora herself is waaaay more exciting and rewarding) but none more so than the Fountain Faerie. In fact, I would be willing to suggest that a majority of Neopians have never been offered a quest from her (Fountain Faerie Quests are typically abbreviated on the boards as "FFQ.")

So the question remains: how can I improve my chances of persuading the Fountain Faerie to ask me for an item? Well, my fellow fountain seeker, I might have a few tips and tricks to help you score this rare opportunity. Disclaimer: this guide will not help to reduce the number of times you get excited because you think you finally got a FFQ, but come to sadly realize that it is just the water faerie yet again asking for another book.

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies

This is probably the most popular option for those seeking a FFQ: Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies (commonly shortened to FQC) stock in the NC Mall in limited quantities throughout the day from Noda, the fortune cookie chef. For 100 NC you can buy one of these cookies, which upon opening will give you a nice little fortune regarding faeries (such as A quest a day keeps the Darkest Faerie away) and the option to accept a quest once a day for the next seven days at the Faerie Quest building in Faerie City, located in Faerieland.

While with FQCs you will not receive any quests from Delina, the crafting faerie that asks for reagents from the NC mall, you are not guaranteed a FFQ, but it is a possibility. There are plenty of Neopians that have opened over twenty cookies without a visit from the Fountain Faerie, just as there are a few that may have received two quests with one FQC! However, the obvious upside is that you are guaranteed a quest a day for the duration of the cookie.

I should also note that you cannot have more than one FQC open at a time, but you can open a new FQC on the same day the previous cookie expired, which will allow you to have another quest that same day! For instance, if your cookie were to expire at 2pm NST, you can accept your quest from that cookie as long as it is before 2pm; at 2:01pm you are able to open another brand new cookie and accept your quest for that day.

Non-Flash Games

Some Neopians do not wish to purchase Neocash or use the NC mall, so Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies are not an option. Do not fear! Quests are available to all users as random events, so the goal is to increase the chances for random events in a productive way. One of my favorite ways of increasing the number of pages I view is playing one of the many non-flash games available on Neopets, perfect for users with computers that may not handle the fast animation of flash games.

My favorite game is NeoQuest, both I and II. With a refreshed page with each movement and battle turn, you can easily get a high page turnover rate without even noticing. Besides, the game itself is fun and rewarding, with avatars, Neopoints, trophies, and, for playing NeoQuest II, rare battle items. This game does take a while to complete from start to finish, but there is not a set amount of time you must finish your game in: your game will not reset! Due to the length of the storyline in each game, you will not run out of opportunities for obtaining a FFQ!

Perhaps you are not interesting in NeoQuest, or enjoy playing short and quick games instead. In that case, I suggest games such as Sakhmet Solitaire or Pyramids, both card games that are found in the Lost Desert or the Games room. Both games take a relatively short amount of time to complete, but you can complete as many rounds at a time as you like (the maximum amount of NP you can earn per day from each game is 5,000, but you can continue to play after this, of course). Each time you draw or play a card the page is refreshed.

Other non-flash games available that I recommend are Dice-A-Roo, Cheat!, Cellblock, Go! Go! Go!, Bilge Dice, and Sewage Surfer.

Chatting/Lurking the Neoboards

Perhaps you really enjoy partaking in the community with the Neoboards by either chatting or lurking, a term used for the common act of reading board posts without being a part of the conversation. While the page turnover rate may not be as high as that of playing a non-flash game, this option allows users to embrace their social side and get caught up in a conversation. From replying to reading posts from multiple threads the number of page refreshes can add up quickly.

What about if you do not necessarily feel like having a conversation, or none of the topics seem interesting, or the group of Neopians you typically talk to are not online? I would highly recommend helping out on the Quests board, simply because not only will you be able to go through multiple threads quickly but you will view pages from using the Shop Wizard and searching in shops for the quest item the user is looking for. Plus, it is a kind thing to do, and probably something you hope other Neopians would do for you when you receive your FFQ. Maybe even with your good karma the faeries will look on your kind deed and keep you in mind the next time they need a quest done? Ok, maybe not, but one can hope, right? :)

Miscellaneous Tips

These are other tips I would like to offer that did not quite have enough information to warrant their own section, so welcome to the miscellaneous conglomeration of tips!

Check the Faerie Quest building regularly, just in case Delina, the crafting faerie, paid you a visit when you were not looking. Her quests do not block your shop wizard like other faeries, but you will not be able to receive another quest until you either help her out or reject her quest!

Restocking in the Neopian shops is a popular activity that refreshes the page frequently not only waiting for the shop to restock, but there are a few pages to go through during the haggling process for each purchase.

Work on avatars you do not already have that require page refreshes to obtain, such as Rorru, Drackonack – Hungry, and Evil Fuzzle - BOO!

Work on the Altador plot if you have not already done so. Most of the approved Neopets fan sites have guides to help you out. There is quite a bit of footwork in order to complete it (i.e. lots of opportunities for the Fountain Faerie to pop up!), but at the end you get access to the King Altador daily and a snazzy trophy for your user lookup!

If you battled for your faction and it wins a skirmish at the battleground of the obelisk, you may have the option for the boon "Refreshed Quest Request," which allows you the option to swap an active faerie quest for a new one. This boon works not only for random event quests but also quests received from a FQC. This option is great if your sole goal is to get a FFQ because you can refresh a non-FFQ for another chance. However, you may also end up with a faerie quest from a faerie that offers a less desirable reward than the original. It is a gamble to refresh your quest, but it gives you more opportunities to see the Fountain Faerie!

Ultimately, the more active you are on Neopets and the more time you spend on it, the more likely you will receive the sought after FFQ. When you least expect it, the Fountain Faerie will make a grand appearance before you and ask for a super rare item in exchange for a single dip into her magical fountain! I hope that she does not wait too long to pay you a visit, and that whatever she asks of you will not break your bank. *fingers crossed*

I should note that once you have completed a FFQ, you do not have to use the fountain right away. You still have your access until you use it, or if the Fountain Faerie visits you AGAIN for another item. In that case, you should use the fountain before completing her second quest or else you lose that prior privilege! It seems the decision to start considering is: what will you do with your fountain visit?

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