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Who Wants To Be A (Neo)Millionaire?

by schadenfreudee


So, word on the street is that you want to save up some neopoints. Maybe you have your eye on a rather pricey Morphing Potion or maybe you just have to get that brand new Pastel Paint Brush! However, whenever you read a guide on a quick, efficient way to make the points happen, restocking always comes up. Now maybe your computer isn't the fastest or maybe your reaction time isn't. Perhaps you just can't seem to get a hang of what's worth what and the half a dozen Ogrin Morphing Potions in your Safety Deposit Box has finally gotten to you. Maybe the idea of sitting around constantly refreshing doesn't seem exciting enough for you. Whatever the case, you're in luck. Here is a guide on how to become a NeoMillionaire without all the hassle of what to buy and how to price it!

There are several different methods of making neopoints. I strongly suggest finding your best and combining and changing things up from there. Each field has a guide out there if you need more to the point information. This is just a quick overview to help you out!

1. Dailies

If you've been around long enough, you'll have heard the phrase "doing my dailies" at least once in your Neopian career. You probably do them yourself, even if you've never put the name to the task. Basically, there are different tasks that you can do on Neopets, well, daily – hence the term "Dailies." Some of the tasks you are allowed to do every 12 hours! Dailies may differ from person to person; however, the majority of them are the same. Finding a page with dailies is not a difficult search. Ask on the Help Chat or Games Chat if you need! Now, it's very important to remember that each set of Dailies will be different. Some days you'll find a Codestone and a Dubloon whereas some days that grumpy old king guy likes to hand out Stale Bread or, worse yet, stomps his feet like a Baby Skeith and kicks you out of his castle. Keep doing your dailies despite this because the lucky days will make up for the unlucky ones. The following methods can be considered "dailies," but I will name them specifically so you have a better idea of how to reach your goals.

2. Games

Neopets, as a gaming site, is very game heavy. The massive number of games makes it relatively easy to find you a game or two (or twelve) that you like enough to play daily. The thing to remember is, each game has a ratio of game points to neopoints – which can be found on the start up screen of the game. Every month, on the 25th, the ratios change (with a few exceptions that never change!). Each month, I recommend going through your list of games – or going onto the Game neoboards and finding a list of new ratios! – that are easy to make a quick thousand or so neopoints off of. Everything adds up! Add these games to your Favorites and play them daily or every other day. You'd be surprised how easy it is to make 20-50k on just games alone DAILY!

3. Battledome!

A relatively new method of making neopoints (read: ONLY FOR YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT!) is the Battledome! With a handful of different opponents for your Neopets' different skill levels, feel free to Win, Draw, or Lose to as many Neopian Challengers as you'd like in a day. Not only does it make your account look better to have won more matches, but the Battledome can also be a nice source of income. Depending on the difficulty of the Challenger – average, strong, or mighty – you can win a set number of neopoints per challenger – ranging from 30 to 100+ - for a max number of neopoints a day. This seems very small; however, each day you can also a win a maximum of 15 items! Some items are centric to a certain dome, but Codestones, a quick profit maker, are often found in each dome. Other more expensive items can be won as well, including both Nerkmids and Morphing Potions! Remember, it's the luck of the draw so keep trying!

4. Food Club

Food Club, although a bit confusing, can also be used for a quick Neopoint here and there. To get a very basic overview, every day at 2 pm NST, a bunch of pirates compete in challenges and you get to bet on the winners. There are several guides out there for beginners of Food Club as well as kind Neopians who state their own bets of the day. Although a little challenging to get into, the profits are typically very decent on a day to day basis. Just remember, don't let one bad day stop you!

5. Stock Market

Another confusing tactic is the Stock Market! The Stock Market works in mysterious ways. The best method of using the Stock Market is patience and a knowledge of when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. To maximize your profits, it's best to bid your max amount on a stock that cost 15 neopoints a pop. From there, you wait (and wait and wait and wait) to see what happens to it. Many people will yank out their money as soon as it hits 50 neopoints a stock (a nice 35,000~ profit!), while others will wait until it keeps on climbing. Find what you like and roll with it!

6. Reselling/Sniping

Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down! It doesn't say restocking. And yes, there's a difference. Rather than buying items from Neopian shops such as the Pharmacy or Chocolate Factory, you're buying items from fellow Neopian players such as yourself and selling the items for a profit. Note that this takes awhile to get a hang of. You have to know what's worth it and what's not. Sure someone may sell you an item for 20,000 neopoints less than it's worth, but you may have trouble reselling it to even break even! Find what you're comfortable with and go from there. There are various methods. Not only can you use the Trading Post and haggle down to a lower price for an item, but you can also surf the Shop Wizard looking for items priced lower than the rest. A typical money maker would be say a Codestone priced at 1,000 neopoints whilst the rest average about 7,000. 6,000 neopoints profit here and there REALLY pays off after awhile. Just be patient and watch others. Note that many people will say that they are not selling to resellers. Do not expect much of a haggle from them. Be respectful if this is your method.

7. Nerkmids and Neocola Tokens

There are a few nice places around Neopia that offer, in exchange for either a Nerkmid (typically around 50-70k) or a Neocola Token (average about 600 neopoints) the chance of rare, pricey items. The Vending Machine will take your Nerkmid, you'll pull a few levers, and voila! A little noise and out pops a shiny... inexpensive gross food. What I'm saying is, while your chance of profit is there, often times you will lose and you will lose quickly. These are only options for gamblers who have some neopoints to blow. The profits, despite being scarce, are nice. A few lucky Neopians have won Pastel Paint Brushes!

8. Money Tree/Rubbish Dump

The Money Tree and Rubbish Dump often hold a lot of dung. Typically, that's it. However, on a good day, people may donate something extraordinary and you may just be in the right place at the right time. It's almost rarer than profit from the Neocola Machine, but hey, why not? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Fun Fact: Many of these methods can get you an avatar or two! Practice and patience are what you really must have in order to succeed and reach your dreams! You'll get there in no time – restocking not required!

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