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Winter Celebration: 12 Backgrounds for the Winter Chills

by andrewo94


The Day of Giving has passed, pets all over Neopia are beginning to recover from the excessive amounts of borovan consumed throughout the holiday season, the daily visits to the Advent Calendar have sadly come to an end and pets everywhere are gearing up for the beginning of spring!


There are still almost two whole months left of the cold snowiness of winter! How can anyone survive these long weeks of battling snowstorms across Terror Mountain waiting for a rise in the temperature! (Ok, the temperature never rises in Terror Mountain, but you get my point.) Well, you are in luck! This handy guide will give you all you need to know about choosing the right background for your pet this winter season. In this guide, I have chosen the top six neopoint and neocash backgrounds that are sure to keep your pet happy as can be in the snow during the long wait for spring to arrive.


6. Winter Landscape Background

To start things off, we have the Winter Landscape Background. This background is the epitome of simple yet elegant. The snow-covered trees here really do create a peaceful atmosphere for any pet. How could any pet resist the charm of a layer of freshly-fallen snow? This background is perfect for any pet that is ready for a nice, relaxing winter afternoon.

5. Ice Caves Background

Almost the complete opposite of the previous background we looked at, the Ice Caves Background is suited for the much more adventurous pet. The jagged shards of ice really create an atmosphere of action and danger which might actually be perfect for those pets who would rather be outside exploring during the winter rather than snuggling up at home. The Snowager lurking as always over his hoard of treasure really puts the background on a whole different level. Note: this background is not for pets who do not enjoy slipping on ice and/or being blasted with icicles by a giant snow worm.

4. Snowy Igloo Garage Sale Background

Our number four background features another distinctive attraction from Terror Mountain, the home of Mika and Carassa. These two busy Chias are constantly trying to sell things at low prices which means that background will definitely fit the shopaholic in the family. Great deals, snow, a garage sale which in fact takes place in an igloo! What more could any pet want?

3. Seasonal Maraquan Background

The third background on our list offers a welcome change from the heights of Terror Mountain as we journey below ground into the waters of Maraqua. While the Day of Giving may have already passed, Maraquans love the holiday season and try to extend it as long as possible. If your pet can't get enough of that holiday cheer, this is the background for you. Pets everywhere can enjoy the festive underwater decorations expertly hung by the citizens of Maraqua, assuming of course that your pet can handle the freezing water temperatures that accompany them.

2. Snowy Cottage Background

What could be better than strolling through town on a cold winter day? Nothing actually, and this background allows your pet to experience this wonderful feeling as well. The perfect winter scene displays a quaint, snow-covered cottage just waiting for your pet after a day of playing Snowball Fight and wandering through the shops of Happy Valley. A perfect winter day awaits any pet your is fortunate enough to wear this background.

1. Scenic Mountain Top Background

Our number one neopoint background most certainly is a stunner. After a long trek up the slippery slopes of Terror Mountain, what could be more rewarding than a beautiful lights display in the sky? This background will amaze any pet who wears it as he or she will get to experience the dazzling light show from the peak of Terror Mountain, the best vantage point in all of Neopia.


6. Candy Cane Path Background

To kick off our list of Neocash backgrounds, we start off with a background that will satisfy any pet with a large sweet tooth. The Candy Cane Path Background is any candy-loving pet's dream, colossal sticks of sugary goodness surrounding you anywhere you look. What's more, all of this is happening with the backdrop of a snowy winter day with a steady stream of snow coming down. How could anyone possibly dislike the winter with this background?

5. Cold Winter Night Background

Long walks in the snow are quite peaceful... as long as hundreds of other neopians aren't out playing snow wars that is. You can ensure that you will have a nice, relaxing experience in the snow with the Cold Winter Night Background. Few neopians dare to brave the cold winds of the night so you can be assured of some peace and quiet if you dare yourself to venture out at night. Just be sure to bundle up so you can be nice and toasty while you brave this chilly weather!

4. Ski Jump Background

Any athletic pet will adore you for getting him or her this background! The Ski Jump Background will allow your sports-loving pet to continue to be active during the long winter months by introducing them to the art of ski jumping. While difficult to master at first, once your pet gets the hang of this, they surely will never want to stop!

3. Hannah and the Ice Caves Background

With this background, your pet too can be a part of Hannah's adventures in the Ice Caves. Your pet will literally be placed in the middle of one of Hannah's greatest adventures, letting him or her become part of the action. While the Ice Caves may be cold, your pet will not even notice because of all the fun and excitement going on. There will never be a dull moment when your pet dives into this bold background.

2. Winter Supply Deck Background

Blast off to another world! Ok, the space station isn't another world but it comes pretty close. This background shows that you can find winter no matter where you look, even in a large metal machine orbiting around Neopia. If your pet is looking for a unique, anti-gravity way to spend winter, then this is the place for them. The crew at the space station even imports snow to make a more authentic Neopian winter take place. Pets seeking a truly unique winter will surely find it with this background.

1. Magical Ice Town Background

We have finally reached it, folks! The number one wintery neocash background, and boy is it a good one! The Magical Ice Town Background combines all we love about the winter season into one. Buildings made out of ice, check. Snow covered everything, check, MAGIC!!, checkaroo. Yes, if you are looking to experience your winter to the fullest, this really is the best background for you. The intricate designs and craftsmanship of literally everything in this town could be admired for decades. This town is so wonderful that no Neopian could help but fall in love with it. On top of all of that, it's magical, and who can't resist a little bit of magic?

While many Neopians do dread the thought of a few weeks of harsh winds and frigid temperatures in the wintertime, I hope this guide has shown you that the wintertime can still be very enjoyable. As you can see, it all depends on how you spend it and choosing the right background is of the upmost importance. I hope you have enjoyed reading and have a wonderful winter season!

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