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Homage to the Unsung Faeries

by calliegraphy


Of course every Neopian waits for the day that they might be blessed with a quest for Naia, the fountain faerie, or perhaps even Fyora herself. However, every once in a while, we all ought to take a moment and pay homage to the faeries who escape our daily thoughts. While they all may not be the bravest or the brightest, they have all given their all to us Neopians at one time or another. It is this dedication to Neopia that brought every one of us together to prevent their very near demise during Y12. But since then, since the fall of Faerieland, what have we really done for these faeries? Well, okay, there are many of us who make a point to do a daily quest, but that doesn't apply to all faeries.

It's time we spent a little time and appreciate the things that the uncommon faeries do for us as Neopians. They work hard and earn little respect for what they do for us. Sure, maybe they won't boost our pet stats to help us out with training, or paint our pets any color, but some of the things they can do are really quite cool!

The Soup Faerie

The soup faerie is probably the first faerie you meet as you begin your journey in Neopia. She opens her soup kitchen to young Neopians who run low on neopoints and need to feed their pets. What a sweet and generous faerie! Not only does she help feed young neopets and teach Neopians that being rich isn't everything, but she gives you an avatar! Wowzah! If I were in the business of judging faeries I'd say that's one awesome faerie.

Ember, The Fire Faerie

While Ember is one of the main elemental faeries, she is often overlooked. Ember is famous in her own right, not just for being a faerie. Ember is a major competitor in the Gormball world! She has even claimed the title of Gormball champion twice! While she does not give out quests, or participate in too many faerie events, she is still open to a game of Gormball with any Neopian who thinks they have a chance to beat her!

Jhuidah, The Island Faerie

A long long time ago, in the early years of Neopets, a young faerie went missing. It was a shock to the world and everyone banned together to rescue her. This love and passion for the island faerie has since dissolved and we rarely think much of her. However! She runs the cooking pot in mystery island! That's a pretty neat job and for a faerie who does it all on her own... wow! Major props go to you, Jhuidah!

The Tooth Faerie

While this wonderful faerie is also in the business of helping with young neopets, that does not make her exempt from the lives of older Neopians. The tooth faerie rewards elder Neopians with neopoints for lost teeth! No questions asked! So hypothetically if you were looking to get some extra points... (this author does not recommend any illegitimate teeth gathering). On another note, the tooth faerie is also generous in the sense that she too will give you an avatar!

Kari, The Negg Faerie

This faerie has in recent years begun to play a bigger part in the Neopian world. She is the host of the annual Festival of Neggs in the spring, and runs the Neggery the rest of the year. Out of all of the faeries, she can definitely rock the multi colored frock the best. It takes a lot of guts to wear polka dots year round! (and if you promise not the tell the tooth faerie, her hair is AWESOME).

The Library Faerie

Can you imagine how much of a responsibility it must be to care for all of Faerieland's books and articles? Phew! Talk about exhausting! She handles the archives of Faerieland every day like its no big deal. I'd like to see you try doing that. But not only does she run the library, she also oversees the faerie crossword AND the Faerieland bookstore. This faerie may not give an avatar but she's definitely one of the unsung heroes of Faerieland.

Taelia, The Snow Faerie

Taelia is one of the few faeries that you can visit daily to get a quest. You have to really want to help her to get a quest from her, considering you have to climb to the top of terror mountain to receive one! Taelia is known for her alchemy skills that she uses to help and heal pets. Most famously, she is known for lifting the curse off Hannah that had been placed on her by the Bringers Tomb.

Baelia, The Grey Faerie

Talk about underappreciated! Can you imagine being a faerie and NOT having wings?! Just think of how rough life in Faerieland must've been. The grey faerie, or as she is less commonly known, Baelia, has only ever aspired to be a true faerie and have wings but unfortunately never got them. Baelia teaches us a good lessen, love ourselves! There's no need to change who we are to fit in! (not to mention she can give you an avatar).

So now you know, just how many faeries out there that go day in and day out without any recognition! There are still many unsung heroes of the Faerie world, however, and it would do us I good to keep them in mind! (On behalf of all Neopians, this author would like to say that all dark faeries are extra appreciated and loved but are, in Neopia's defense, very scary.) These faeries work hard for us Neopians and spend countless hours coming up with ways to boost us up and help us out. That's more than we could ever deserve. What wonderful creatures these faeries are! Maybe now we'll volunteer at the soup kitchen, or use the cooking pot more often... either way, we really do owe the faeries for their kindness. So next time you're crossing your fingers for a fountain faerie quest, think of Taelia and help her out instead!

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