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The Weirdest Avatars Of All Time!

by indulgences


I was glancing at a Neofriend in the Neofriends sidebar and coveting his "I survived the Neopocalypse!" avatar when I decided that enough was enough. I decided to compile a list of the weirdest, rarest, and possibly most unfair avatars in all of Neopets history.

So, here's my list of the top ten! I hope you enjoy this unique list!

I survived the Neopocalypse!

This avatar was awarded to users who visited the New Features page on March 1st, following the Great Neoboard Famine of Y14. The Famine consisted of the Neoboards not loading. Thousands of users were delighted to receive the Neopocalypse avatar on March 1st, since they weren't expecting it. Unfortunately, you HAD to visit the New Features page on March 1st. Not March 2nd. Not March 3rd. March 1st.

Imagine my disappointment when I logged in on March 2nd, after my first hiatus ever in 6 years, and discovered that everyone else had gotten this rare and totally unexpected avatar the day before! And that I couldn't!

I couldn't be sour for long -- so many people were grateful to get the avatar for free -- but to this day, I can't help glancing at my Neofriend in the sidebar with greed, coveting his rare and totally unattainable avatar. I secretly pray for another Neopocalypse to occur, so that the rest of us can get this totally new and unexpected avatar.

Battledome Veteran

This avatar is also considered unfair by a small minority of users, since we were given no advance warning that it required having your pet have at least one win in the old Battledome. No one knew, or had any advance warning, that the old Battledome would be replaced by a newer one. Otherwise, we would all have flocked to the old Battledome and gotten at least one win with our battle pets before the new Battledome was installed!

Although I earned this avatar, I don't use it, in deference to the newer users who will never have the opportunity to earn this avatar. I know it's cool to use rare avatars... but this one just seems unfair to me!

Monster Hunting

This avatar was rather odd, because some participants got it, while others did not. This avatar was awarded to those who participated in the Spooky Food Eating Contest in October 2013. Unfortunately, TNT's scoring system was a secret, which ended up with many confused and bewildered users. People who had spent hours on the Perilous Catacombs failed to receive the avatar, while others who spent mere minutes on the Catacombs did.

I was one of the lucky ones who earned the coveted avatar. I never use it, though. So many of my Neofriends failed to get the avatar after hours and hours of participation, that I can't use the avatar in good conscience. I truly believe that my friends deserve the avatar too, and since we can see each other in the Neofriends sidebar, I never EVER use the Monster Hunting avatar.

10th Birthday

This avatar was awarded to users who visited the 10th Birthday Celebration page and collected the prize on November 15, 2009. As with the Neopocalypse avatar, I found it slightly unfair that you HAD to visit the Birthday Celebration page on November 15. So many people take small hiatuses from the site, that it seems unfair to reward an avatar for one day and no other, without any advance warning.

IOM Moehog

This avatar was awarded for playing Invasion of Meridell and winning Mission 7, Battle 3 during the same calendar month in which you began playing. The game has since been removed from the site, and no one knows whether the game will return. I think it's unfair that earlier players have this avatar and later players cannot. It's a very easy, albeit random, game that is fun to play, and it rankles a little that I have this avatar when my fellow Neopians don't even have the opportunity to earn it. I never use this avatar, in deference to my Neofriends who are relatively new to the site and who might be jealous of this common, yet ironically unattainable, avatar.

But who knows? Maybe TNT will return Invasion of Meridell to the site. Let's all cross our fingers that such a thing occurs!

Coco Roll

Now that cell phones are cheaper and more ubiquitous these days, lots of Neopets users are clamoring for the Coco Roll avatar to come back. This particular avatar was awarded to users who completed level 5 of the Neopets Mobile game, Coco Roll. Sadly, this avatar was retired when Neopets removed the code redemption page.

I have to agree with the people who are longing for the Coco Roll avatar to come back! I would love to earn it, especially since I live right next to a McDonald's and have a brand new cell phone. Please, TNT, bring back this cute, rare, and utterly unattainable avatar!

Plushie Nova

This avatar was awarded for visiting the McDonald's Daily Giveaway on May 31, 2004 or September 29, 2005. The Giveaway page was a page on Neopets that gave away cool prizes daily, like plushies, foods, books, and other interesting items.

TNT, please bring this avatar back! Make another deal with McDonald's, and reinstate the Plushie Nova avatar! It's my favorite avatar on Neopets, and I find it rather unbelievable that such an awesome sponsor like McDonald's wouldn't want to cooperate with Neopets!

HT Richest

Another avatar I will never get. Not that it's out of my price range, but on principle, I disagree with avatars that are basically Neopoint sinks, something that swallows up Neopoints for very minor rewards. I won't post the solution here because it's a current aspect of the site, and not a retired one.

Frankly, although I consider myself to be an avatar collector, it's still not worth it to lose so many Neopoints. I had to include this avatar on my list because it's really bizarre and weird, and not something I would have expected of TNT, who's usually looking out for the little (read: poor) guy.


I had to add this particular avatar to my list! After 6 1/2 years of playing on Neopets, I've yet to earn the Brightvale avatar. I thought that was rather odd, and my Neofriends have to agree. They've also yet to get the Brightvale avatar, and their accounts are even older than mine!

Though I can't post the solution, since it's a current part of the site and not retired like the previous avatars were, I wish everyone better luck than me! I look forward to seeing your Brightvale avatars on the Neoboards!

Grundo - Discarded Plushie

This avatar is also a particular pet peeve of mine! Though again, I can't post the solution, since it's a current part of the site. This Grundo avatar is, ironically, my favorite Grundo avatar, in addition to being the most difficult to attain. Why so challenging? I have no idea.


Thanks for reading this article! I hope it makes TNT think, because I would love for all of the retired avatars to come back, since their artwork is amazing and truly one of a kind.

Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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