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Neopia's Spiciest Foods

by darkobsession


Spice It Up!!

That zesty, exquisite flavour which makes food unbearably hot and puts fire in your mouth. Some of us can't stand it and get an upset stomach the moment it is mentioned; others don't seem to have enough of it, and the spicier the better, they say.

Almost all food shops and restaurants in Neopia offer spicy food for those gourmet eaters willing enough to try some tongue burners (along with a huge glass of water to go with it.) To research this article, I went on a crazy tour with my spice-loving pet Uni, V00D00. Perhaps it was a mistake painting him Transparent when I did; you don't want to see his stomach churning after each spice-loaded meal. But he doesn't seem to mind. He actually thinks it's funny.

I ended up compiling this list of twenty of the spiciest foods in Neopia, in alphabetical order:

1. Carburnup Pepper

This'll leave a scar on yer tongue... be sure to wash down with a tankard o grog.

It might be a good thing this fruit is retired. Lots of Neopets who tried it were admitted to the Neohospital with burnt tongues. Most of the time they were trying to win a dare against their friends, as it was proven inedible by the Chef at the Food Shop.

2. Chilli Chia Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce will have you crying for water.

Luckily, no Chilli Chias were harmed making this sauce, they just endorse it. This is so hot it would melt a frozen meaty sandwich if poured on it. My personal advice is not to add more than 3 drops to your meal, maximum 5 - if you're really into spicy food - otherwise you will really be crying for water.

3. Chilli Prawn Juice

Take the juice of some chillies, and then the juice of some prawns, and mix it all up and you have a juice drink that will wake up your mouth.

Leave it to the Alien Aishas to come up with a food that's not just weird, but grossly hot. The Chilli taste here actually covers the horrid zzzzingy flavour of raw prawn juice, but the end result is one spicy food that can be stomached by only the bravest of Neopets.

4. Cornupepper

Ouch! This cornupepper is HOT!

Despite its high rarity, this Mystery Island fruit is actually quite popular and is widely used in a several array of dishes all over Neopia. But in order to enjoy the full flavour, it is best when eaten raw, fresh and whole. It will cost you several hundred thousand NP, but it is worth it. You won't want to try another one for a long while anyway.

5. Dried Chilli Peppers

These peppers just seem to get hotter when they are dried!

What is best for hot chilli than the hot sun? These chillis are left out to dry on their own, having all the water sucked out of them using the powers of nature, and leaving a very concentrated flavour to sting your taste buds. You can eat them alone, but it is advised to mix them with another food as not to irritate your digestive system too much.

6. Extra Spicy Chilli Cake

A super spicy treat made from the hottest jalapenos the Breadmaster could find.

Found in the bakery, this cake is not for the faint of heart. A double layer of jalapeƱos and red chilli icing, topped with a real flaming burnumup, all make this a truly hot treat with every bite.

7. Fire Faerie Gum

This gum is so spicy you might have trouble keeping it in your mouth.

You just had a super spicy meal, and you want to freshen up without washing off the taste from your mouth? Visit the Faerie Foods Shop for the strangest flavour of gum yet. But you have to chew it slowly and carefully. The world record belongs to a Grarrl who managed to keep one in his mouth for a whole 38 minutes. Think you can do better?

8. Flaming Hot Custard

A custard dessert with a whole lot of spice.

Mmmmmm .. another dessert with a twist. This custard pie is loaded with spicy goodness and topped with a blue flame. A healthy portion to keep your taste buds entertained for a couple hours afterwards..

9. Flaming Hot Hot Dog

This hot dog is smothered with flaming hot chilli sauce and is sure to satisfy even the spiciest tastes!

Hubert used all of his efforts trying to please the difficult taste of spicy food lovers, and ended up creating this really hot treat. This hot dog is actually flaming and you should put it off before you bite into it. Even then, you have to get past the chilli sauce. Super fun. However, if you have a more exclusive and (much) expensive taste, you could go for the R99 Burning Hot Dog. It is made with the hottest chilli sauce in Neopia. Guaranteed.

10. Hot and Spicy Soup

Ouch, keep a glass of water handy when eating this soup.

Again, it was a good idea from TNT to release this item on a very limited scale. It was given out as part of a Neopets "real life" promotion, so it's of a rarity 101. If you could even find one, and it's going to cost you, then my advice is to just take one sip, after blowing away the flaming fire of course. It'll be more than enough. Save the rest in your SDB or gallery, until next year.

11. Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette

So hot and spicy your Neopet will be sweating for hours after eating one of these.

The Hot Tyrannian Pepper was not meant to be eaten on its own. You must mix it with other food or your mouth will catch fire. I looked around for recipes or Neopian creations and all I found was the Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette. As if you need something to give you more heat and sweat in the Tyrannian desert. It is one of the relatively new flavours given away for free by the Giant Omelette. It is still not given in abundance, but it has become pretty common. Getting one is quite unlucky if you ask me, as you can't have another piece until the next day, but maybe you can trade it with someone who got a cheese omelette and is lactose intolerant.

12. Molten Hot Chilli

By far the hottest chilli in Neopia!

The description says it all. This chilli makes a grand addition to any dish. You can munch on it, slice it to small pieces, or even ground it into powder. In all cases, be careful not to add too much and have a glass of cold water nearby.

13. Scorchio Buffalo Bites

Be sure to have some water handy before scarfing down these spicy bites.

They're just spicy chicken wings with a fancy name. Conveniently shaped like the wings of a Scorchio, which is known to be a "fiery" pet, and one of the few species that can tolerate hot food. It is a bit odd that these are sold at the Bakery, but the secret is that they need a very high temperature for the spices to blend well with the chicken and create that special flavour, and the Food Shop doesn't have that kind of oven. The fun part is you get a baker's dozen when you order them. However, to date, no one could eat more than half a dozen all at once, except maybe Glubgar from Volcano Run, but he was unavailable to comment.

14. Spicy BBQ Chomby Crisps

You might want to have a beverage handy. These crisps can get quite spicy!

Another food that's named after a Neopet, these crisps are shaped like cute little Chomby heads. Made from potatoes and toasted in vegetable oil and several blended spices, they make a fun afternoon snack with a can of Neocola. For a cheaper alternative, you might want to try the Flaming BBQ Crisps. They're just as good.

15. Spicy Herbal Tea

This tea is so spicy it knocks your socks off. Good for colds and sneezes though! The Coffee Cave

Even Neopian beverages can be spicy as well. Originally an ancient Shenkuu recipe, this tea has become a household drink all over Neopia. Sold at the Coffee Cave, it is very popular especially during winter time. It's very hot, but will cure your cold in no time. Another alternative would be Spicy Geraptiku Tea, which is renowned for putting hairs on your chest.

16. Spicy Kau Burger

This burger is not for the weak, it is super spicy in celebration of Kau Day

To celebrate Kau Day, this burger was invented. And we all know where burgers come from: Kaus. So it's kind of cruel, but cute nonetheless, and is very tasty and really spicy, topped with two hot peppers that look like Kau horns.

17. Spicy Queela Dip

Don't eat this too fast, or it will burn your mouth!

No spicy food list is complete without Queela, this super spicy fruit that is native to Qasala. Several recipes are made from Queela, but the only one which remains authentic and true to the original taste is the Queela dip. It is still made in the same simple, primitive way for ages: by first removing the seeds, then manually crushing several Queela fruits together using a wooden pestle, until they form a paste. It is then decorated with a fresh fruit and served to be eaten with bread, nachos, or any other food that requires dipping.

18. Spicy Tofu Satay

So spicy hot you must sign a waiver before trying!

Another Shenkuu creation, known for its Exotic Foods Shop. Normally, the Satay is a standard delicious, healthy meal of skewered Tofu. But once you choose to spice it up, here's where you are required to sign a paper to dispense the Nimmo owner from any responsibility (especially after all those law suits from dissatisfied customers, who are still recovering at the Neohospital - alongside those who took their chance with Carburnup Pepper.) He will then smother the Tofu with his secret hot sauce and grill it until it is fully absorbed into the Tofu, and serve it at once. Be ready.

19. Super Spicy Jelly Beans

The hottest cornupeppers are blended with flaming bomberries to make this ultra spicy treat.

The Chocolate Factory Kiko created one odd treat, indeed. Aptly named and properly colored - hot shiny red - these jelly beans are for the most adventurous of Neopets. Cornupeppers and flaming bomberries will have an explosive taste in your mouth, so don't chew on them for long before swallowing, just enough to get the flavour stuck to your taste buds.

20. Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza

Extra spicy with fresh chilli, chilli flavour hot dogs and jalapeno peppers!

What is better than pizza from Pizzaroo to finish up this list? My personal favorite food ever has just gotten a zing!! And it doesn't disappoint. Loaded with peppers from chilli to jalapenos, and topped with spicy hot dogs, this pizza will have enough power to knock you out from the first bite, but you know you're gonna want to finish it all, with an extra large soda in the other hand. Best part? It costs only 100 NP at the shopwiz, and will last for several meals.

Thus ends this brief presentation of the 20 spiciest foods. Hope there is enough water in Neopia to wash them all off with ;) Oh and... take it easy - you don't want to eat until you get sick. Until next time, have a spicy winter.

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