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Holiday Customizations Around Neopia

by yuri445


Also by greyfever

For those that celebrate the holidays this month, we all know that apart from family and friends, having the holiday look is just as important as presents. Right? O_o

On Neopia, the Winter Starlight celebration is in full bloom. Snowager is hibernating during winter, winter games are all the rage, people hanging their stockings by the fireplace for Stocking Stufftacular are eagerly awaiting their special gift, and the Advent Calendar is once again finally live and giving out free presents a day. A neopet entering the Winter Starlight celebration will see a place alive with winter activities and fellow Neopets from all over Neopia dressed in their holiday best to celebrate the season.

We have chosen six lands in Neopia; Mystery Island, Neopia Central, Haunted Woods, Maraqua, Faerieland, and Terror Mountain, to showcase what each Neopet might wear during the holiday season. We've focused on three important factors in each customization and they are; having Neocash items (NC), Neopoints items (NP), and a mix of the two items. The Neocash and Neopoint items are modeled by females and the mixed look, NC/NP, is modeled by a male to give owners ideas on how to customize their pets during the holiday.

NC: If you are fortunate enough to have access to the NC Mall, then you are able to buy beautifully designed outfits to customize your pets. To get NC, you need to buy a card in the real world.

NP: We can all get some NP from doing a variety of different things on the site. From games, collecting dailies, to selling/trading/auctioning of items, or investing in the stock market, making NP around the site is easy and fun.

Mystery Island

The land of Island life comes alive during the holidays. Yes, they decorate their beaches, wear holiday clothes, and decorate their palm trees with Island ornaments and bright lights. Neopets come together at night around a bonfire to make s'mores, drink warm chocolate, and listen to Island holiday stories.

All the items on this model cost approximately 411,944 NP. This look is somewhat affordable if you want your pet to have the best holiday look for the season. Help Holiday Garland, Holiday Mystery Island Shirt, and Tower of Presents are a must have in any Mystery Island customization to actually give your neopet a festive. This neopet is on her way to give out her gifts and wait for the bonfire to start.

NP: Adorably Pink Lollypop, Beautiful Hair Flowers, Hardy Blue Trousers, Holiday Mystery Island Shirt, Black Square Glasses, Blue Shoes, Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace, Help Holiday Garland, Mystery Island Heads Background, Shrubbery, and Tower of Presents.

Tip: There are actually a lot more NP items to customize your pet with than before. We used only items every pet can wear. However, if you use species specific items, you will have a lot more options when it comes to customizing your pets.

Neopia Central

For the most part, Neopia Central is the most neutral and versatile land when it comes to land customization. You can pretty much go with whatever you feel fits your pet's look without doing anything specific.

The theme we went with for this customization is a beautifully dressed shop keeper taking a break from all the holiday shoppers in front of her shop with a steaming mug of hot borovan with snow coming down (Snowflake Shower). A hot borovan is the perfect drink to have on a cold winter's evening. The Lost Mittens Garland was made by baby neopet to help decorate their town.

NC: Prissy Miss Valentine Dress, Candy Cane Wings , Happy Holidays Wrought Iron Fence, Lost Mittens Garland, Rosy Cheeks Face Paint, Shining Princess Wig, Snowflake Shower, Sparkling Snowflake Necklace, Sparkling Winter Town Background, Steaming Mug of Hot Borovan, and Ultra White Fur Shrug.

Tip: Since all the items here are NC, if you find that you need an item that has retired, go to the Neoboards, NC Mall, and trade your old unused item for the wearable you need. Remember, you need a gift box to trade NC items with other members.

Haunted Woods

This spooky land is not all about scaring little and old neopets during Halloween. All through the winter holidays, they go all out helping and giving out presents to the town folks with their own special twist of spookiness.

This Draik is dressed dashingly in his Holiday Tuxedo Top and Holiday Helper Hat and Shoes to give out presents to the town folks. No, he is not going up the chimney. He will be knocking on doors with a somewhat chilly/spooky/holiday smile of his own. The towns' people love it because it is a mix of their culture (Halloween) and holiday cheer. The Ghostly Gift follows him to every house and does tricks to the enjoyment of baby neopets. The neopoints items on him only cost 7,900 NP.

NP: Ghostly Gift, White Top Chop Trouser, Spooky Tower Entrance, Holiday Ghost Marshmallow Garland, Loot Bag, and Old Cobwebs Foreground.

NC: Contacts of the Cosmos, Holiday Helper Hat, Holiday Helper Shoes, Holiday String Lights Face Paint, and Holiday Tuxedo Top.

Tip: When mixing NC and NP items, make sure you have a good balance of both items to get the look you're looking for. Having a lot of one item would lose the mixed look you're going for.


When the holiday season arrives you can hear mystical holiday sounds from the bottom of Maraqua. The sounds are often described as cheery and magical. You will also see Maraqua covered in holiday treats for all the baby pets to enjoy.

This Maraquan Wocky is gifting presents to all the baby pets in Neopia to enjoy. Singing holiday songs is part of the fun. For the Maraquans, the holiday season is all about gifting. All the NP items on this pet cost about 180k and you can find them in shops, auctions or on the trading post.

NP: Kelp Holiday Garland, Pile of Drenched Gifts and Seasonal Maraquan Background.

Tips: Since the Seasonal Maraquan Background is a bit pricey, we would suggest that you switch out the background to the Underwater Net Background, which cost only about 1,600 NP.


Customization in Faerieland is all about wings and pretty things. In Faerieland, the holidays are something special and every year they have an annual holiday ball where all the Faeries in Neopia are welcome.

This model is the welcome faerie. Her job is to welcome everyone to Fyora's castle to celebrate the holiday. Take a homemade candy cane snowflake and step into the land of the Faeries for the holidays. The customization also shows you an example on an outfit your pet can wear to celebrate almost any occasion.

NC: Golden Key Necklace, Sparkling Snowflake Wings, New Years in Faerieland Background ,Figure Skating Dress, Rosy Cheeks Face Paint, Candy Cane Snowflake Wand, Side Ponytail White Wig Candy Cane Lights, Peppermint Contacts, Pastel Pink Chiffon Skirt, Elegant Ballerina Shoes, and Tights and Sugar Icing Holiday Cookies Garland.

Tip: Don't forget to check the NC mall to find a bunch of different holiday and Faerieland themed items to give your pets different looks.

Terror Mountain

Around the holiday season Terror Mountain changes from a snowy town into a huge festive holiday town. Everywhere you look you will see the holiday spirit in each and every neopet. Take a trip to enjoy the holiday treats, relax, and watch how they make all the toys and items for everyone in Neopia.

This customization is a model of the Terror Mountain spirit. The neopets in this land know how to relax and just enjoy the hectic festive days. The NP items in this look only cost about 22,000 NP.

NP: Brucey B Holiday Mug, Visiting the Advent Calendar Background, and Snow Laden Tree Stump.

NC: Big Fuzzy Boots with Leggings, Cheery Holiday Garland, Warm Puffy Jacket, Zenco the Magnificent Contacts, Snow Shower, Red Satin Holiday Gloves, and MME11-S1: Snow Covered Tree.

Tips: Other NP backgrounds I would suggest for this theme is Scenic Mountain Top Background or Snowy Cottage Background.

This is an end to our customization around Neopia. We are aware that we didn't do all the lands in Neopia. Maybe next year. All our customizations are only suggestions to get your pets ready for the holiday season. We hope some of our recommendations helped you a little during this festive season. Happy Holidays!!

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