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Enjoying Fireside Tea

by trubiekatie


Also by rationalizing

Ah, tea. On a cold day, after visiting the Advent Calendar, what can compare to snuggling up by the fireplace in a warm blanket with a book and a cup of your favorite tea? There is simply no drink that can equal tea's magnificence. True, coffee, hot cocoa, and even borovan can give you a warm feeling inside, but coffee teases with its short energy bursts, leaving you ultimately unprepared for the rest of the day. And hot cocoa is fun and all, but too much chocolate is dangerous (nobody leaves the Chocolate Factory, after all). Then, there's borovan, which doesn't even need any further explanation. Sorry, Adam, but asparagus does no good paired with hot chocolate.

Now, if you're like me, you are constantly searching for new teas to test. Your taste buds must always be indulged in various infusions of leaves, fruits, and spices, and you can never be satisfied! Fortunately for you, Neopia offers hundreds of selections of different teas, and since that creative Ruki is constantly creating new infusions at Remarkable Restoratives, your journey never has to end!

To the amateur tea enthusiast, be warned: Not all teas are good teas. Like any other food or drink, there are the good teas, the great teas, and the what-in-the-world-am-I-drinking teas. Though it is quite hard to find a tea that does not please your palate, it's a universal opinion that nobody wants to have a cup of Fermented Tea any time soon.

That being said, there is still a world of teas to explore, whether you are an expert of teas or not. Opportunity is always knocking, and to help you get your foot out the door, here's a list of ten of Neopia's most wondrous teas, guaranteed to comfort your stress and soothe your spirit. As an added bonus, some teas have tasty companions that complement them!

9. Autumn Herbal Tea

Estimated Price – 350,000 NP

For the true tea connoisseur, this special blend of spices is never a disappointment. Best to drink during the fall season, the gentle flavor of maple combines perfectly with the warm cinnamon and nutmeg to create the perfect drink for an autumn day, that is, if you can afford it! If you have a tea bag hanging around once winter rolls around, this exquisite tea still tastes delicious by a toasty fire.

Companions – This tea goes splendidly with Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches, Leaf Biscuit, or Maple Crepe with Cream for a very earthy dessert!

8. Strawberry Kiwi Tea

Estimated cost - 100,000 NP

Maybe you need to sit and rest after the damage done to your wallet to enjoy this wonderful tea. When the chill of winter shivers your bones, this delightful and light tea brings back the warmth of summer and the glow of the sun. We can't guarantee that your face will see any color, but at least it tastes good.

Companions - Strawberry Smothered Swiss Roll, Strawberry Crumpet, Kiwi Muffin

7. Tchea Tea

Estimated Cost - 1,300 NP

A surprisingly delicious tea, Tchea Tea is great for dipping food in! Paired with its companions, this tea is a great way to start a morning when the sun is still down. It's a 'feel good' tea that always leaves you wishing for warmer climates. This tea is highly recommended in your breakfast routine in the winter months with its accompanying foods.

Companions - Tea Waffles, Fruity Pancakes, Tchea Fruit Pastry

6. Snow Mint Tea

Estimated cost - 5,300 NP

If you've ever wanted to eat snow, but have been too afraid of some negative consequences, this is a great way to cozy up and enjoy. The great tea connoisseurs of Happy Valley have perfected the art of grinding mint so finely to spread into melted snow. Once the water is heated for the tea, the cold of the snow is lost to its subtle, but distinct taste.

Companions - Crystal Cookies, Mint Swirl Cookie, Mint Acara Sandwich Cookie

5. Rainbow Bubble Tea

Estimated cost - 1,200 NP

You might want to reserve this tea for early or late winter, when the temperature is not too frigid. This tea can stand on its own, without food to enhance its flavor. The tapioca in this tea comes from all over Neopia to give this drink a refreshing taste of all the world's best flavours. Since the taste can be so overwhelming, we recommend you have it on its own for a quick snack between breakfast and lunch.

Companions - None

4. Ice Milk Green Tea

Estimated Price – 1,200 NP

Now I know what you're thinking – this doesn't sound like something that will warm me up after being blasted by the Snowager and it doesn't look too appetizing either. Here s out: this is some of the best tea around. The milk enriches the usually bland green tea flavor and then packs it with a punch of a refreshing chill. This is what I define a cheap and cheerful tea, sure to be good to the last drop.

Companions - Organic Oatmeal Cookie, Fabulous Chocolate Cookies

3. Illusen Tea

Estimated cost - 8,000 NP

This is a trusted and well-respected tea, full of earthy flavors found only from Illusen's Glade. It has a delicate balance between bitter and sweet of varying flora found in Meridell. It even comes equipped with its own stirring spoon! Perfect for those who cannot stand the bitter taste and wish to add some additional honey. If this were her rival Jhudora's tea, we might say you shouldn't chance it - who knows what she put into it!

Companions - Illusen Frosted Cupcake, Orange Leaf Cake, Illusen Cream Cookie

2. Lavender Mint Tea

Estimated cost - 140,000 NP

With spring around the corner, nothing makes the winter chill disappear faster than this tea. A splash of mint sits afloat the piping hot tea. Let the mint settle into the lavender tea and bask in the taste it provides. With its unique combination of flavors, we recommend pairing nothing with it. Simply sit and enjoy.

Companions - None

1. Tea with Honey and Milk

Estimated cost – 800 NP

And we wrap up with a very classic tea that closely resembles its cousin hot chocolate. It is a simple tea that soothes a sore throat or gives you those warm fuzzies in your hands and toes. The cheapest tea on our list is perfect for any day, good or bad. In fact, this tea is so delicious, we recommend you have one at every meal! The sweet honey is complemented perfectly with the milk. It might be simple, but it sure is good.

Companions - Plate of Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Assorted Mini Biscuits, Honey Crumpet

Well, there you have it! This is not an exhaustive list, but simply the best teas to drink after that experiencing the harsh winter weather. So, grab a blanket and start a warm fire to ward off the winter snow. Whether it's first thing in the morning, or at the day's end, there is always time for tea - and maybe some biscuits too.

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