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Top 10 Christmas Pets

by nadira_cute


Christmas! The day when snow blankets the ground, when singing can be heard wherever you turn, when festive lights are hung. Isn't it a glorious day?

There are many things to love about Christmas. The snow, the decorations, the food... and of course, don't forget, Christmas Neopets! While many people consider these pets "low tier" and "too simple", they are still beautiful pets in their own, simple way, which is why I recommend starting off with a Christmas pet if you are a new user to a Neo (the paint brushes are quite cheap). So, without further ado, here are the top ten Christmas pets I recommend taking in.

10. Aisha, Flotsam, Gelert, Kau, Mynci, Ixi

I like to think of these as the six raindorfs. They do quite resemble them, don't you think? With their long, woody antlers and brown fur/skin, and of course, red noses to match, you might want to be careful. You don't wanna mistake them for raindorf! I doubt they like being mistaken for petpets. But, as a joke on April Fools, maybe you could give one of 'em a raindorf as a petpet? You would hardly be able to tell the difference!

9. Moehog

Ah, Moehogs. Although usually Moehogs aren't to my taking, I decided to give this one a chance. It definitely doesn't look too bad Christmas, after all. It looks quite plain and simple, but its ribbon gave it an immediate ticket into my list, awww. It looks almost like your very own walking Christmas present. Plus, and that not-properly-put-on hat. It looks like the Moehog is saying, "Christmas is here and I don't have time for a proper outfit, so, ho, ho, ho!" Ho, ho, ho to you too, Moehog!

8. Chia

Although their colors are just like regular yellow Chias, their clothes, on the other hand, are quite fancy indeed. They almost look like one of Santa Claus' giftmaking elves, don't you think? I mean, look at those red and green pointy hats! And those overalls, too. Nothing else compares to those awesome elvish clothes. If you ever want something for Christmas, try asking a Christmas Chia, but I doubt they like being ridiculed.

7. Zafara

Ahh! An angel! Oh, wait. Nevermind, it's just a Zafara. Aren't they breathtakingly stunning creatures? Look at that pure white fur and that golden halo. And those wings! The wings are especially gorgeous. The angelic appearance is quite a difference from their normal, mischievous, appearance. But watch out, no matter how good and saintly they look, they still have the same, naughty personality underneath. So careful! You don't wanna provoke this angel--it might bite your finger off.

6. Gnorbu

A Christmas and a Gnorbu-nothing beats that combo, except maybe six Neopets, but that's beyond the point. On another note, though, although these creatures look simple, the unique thing that makes it different from the other Gnorbus is their green mane. And not just the color--I'm talking about the lights tangled all over (I wonder how those got there). When night falls, this Gnorbu is a sight to behold in all its sparking glory. The colorful lights will almost definitely blind you. Plus, look at that adorable ribbon! Sure, this Gnorbu's outfit may be simple, but it certainly isn't plain!

5. Shoyru

Aww, isn't that outfit adorable? Look at that fluffy red hat! And the fluffy red coat, too. It must be pretty hot underneath those during summer. But they do look like something Santa Claus would wear. Aside from the Santa costume, though, the wings are pretty awesome as well. Look how sparkly and glittering they are, don't they look magical? In my opinion, TNT did an awesome job!

4. JubJub

Haha, a walking Christmas tree! Get it? Nicely done, TNT. You've just made this JubJub a thousand times more adorable. With its red boa, colorful baubles and star topper, the Christmas tree look is complete. Hopefully no one has accidentally placed some presents underneath this little JubJub, but with its cheery nature, I'm sure it won't mind. This is one of the Neopets in Neopia that still doesn't fail to amaze me with its creativity even up til today. Awesome!

3. Bruce

Coming in third with its Shoyru-like clothes and brilliant skin color is the Bruce. It has clothes similar to a Shoyru with a Santa Claus theme, but its color is what takes my breath away. It has stunning lavender skin, which is why I think it deserves a place in the top three. With its lavender skin color and Santa Claus clothes, every bit of this Bruce just shouts "Awesome" at you. If you're thinking of getting a Christmas Neopet, try a Bruce. They're affordable and adorable!

2. Draik

Ahh, the Draik. Draiks are known for their beauty and the fact that they look great in every color, which is why I've placed it in my list-it looks great Christmas, too. Their carefully put together Christmas outfit consists of a red and yellow hat, and a red dress-like shirt with yellow cuffs. Compared to the other simpler clothed Neopets, this one is a bit more detailed. I love how Christmassy it looks and how detailed it's clothing is. It's not very hard to tell with a single glance what celebration this Draik represents. How creative, don't you think?

We are now going to take a look at the Neopet which placed first on this list. The Bruce and the Draik are both awesome when painted Christmas, but this is a Neopet with the qualities of both those Neopets. Before you read on, let's go over all the pets we've went through--

10. The Six Raindorfs (They look just like petpets. Careful you don't mistake them! Or press on their noses, for that matter.)

9. Moehog (Look at that adorable hat. And the ribbon, too-the Moehog looks pretty great, don't you think?)

8. Chia (What an awesome elf outfit! If only it had a better skin color, though. Still, this is a pretty great Chia.)

7. Zafara (How gorgeous! You could almost think they were angels. Well, if they were angelic, that is.)

6. Gnorbu (I'm not sure how the lights got tangled up in its mane, but that wasn't such a bad thing. I mean, a sparkling Gnorbu? That's brilliant.)

5. Shoyru (Look, it's a flying Santa Claus! Make a wish.)

4. JubJub (Your very own walking Christmas tree! I don't think this JubJub minds being one, though. JubJubs are great, nuff said.)

3. Bruce (Most adorable thing ever.)

2. Draik (I'm a Draik fan, and this is one awesome Draik. Those clothes, especially!)

If you haven't found anything that takes to your liking, then read on. I promise Neopet number one is just as awesome, if not more, than the rest. And... drumroll, please!

1. Poogle

Poogles are naturally adorable, but this one takes adorable to a whole new level. Instead of the usual sharp Christmas green, its a kind of foresty green instead, just like the Bruce. Plus, it has clothes as detailed and as complex as a Draik. I mean, look at that cute hat! What more can you ask for? I fell in love with this Poogle as soon as I saw it. It deserves every ounce of the top position, and although Poogles are limited edition, I'd really recommend trying out a Christmas Poogle if you're looking for a Neopet to spoil.

Well, that's it for 10 Awesome Christmas Pets, folks! Hope you enjoyed it. Tempted to get a Christmas yet? I hope so. Good luck, fellow Neopians, and til next time, Merry Christmas!

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