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Deck the Halls: 25 Amazing Items for Christmas Time

by dragoonhunter682


Also by pacificana

Tis the season to be jolly! It's Christmas time; one of the greatest times of the year. Blankets of snow, cold, howling winds outside while you're inside, snug and warm under the covers with some great food and great company. This is truly a time of friends, family and lots of fun. There are a lot of things we wanted to cover in a Christmas article, so we've combined it all in one! The following is a list of our 25 favourite items for Christmas. We included items that represent the best things about Christmas time, great gift ideas and just some wonderful things to do for the holidays. Christmas is a joyous time of year and we hope everyone has a lovely time, but in the meantime, onto the list!

1.Snow Covered Decorated Tree

One of the first things that we think of when we think of Christmas is Christmas trees! This is, we are sure, the case with most of you. It's December and you're probably seeing those beautiful pine trees being sold all around you. That wonderful pine smell is filling the air. That's one of the things that really lets you know that Christmas time is almost upon you! Of course, sometimes it is necessary to settle for plastic models... But the idea is still there. So whether real or plastic, I hope you've all gotten your Christmas tree ready!

2. Harphorn

What's that we hear? A merry tune, a joyful noise, a happy voice? Surely it can't be? Is it time for Christmas carols already? Well, the answer to that is easy: it's always time for Christmas carols! Music is such an important part of the winter season, and this little instrument is particularly representative of it. A harp and a horn in one lovely bundle! Can a music lover ask for more? Get out the Christmas carol books and start singing. We have a favorite carol, and we hope you do to! (no, we won't tell you what it is; you have to pick your own. :p)

3. Winter Snowflake Gift Box

Christmas is a time of joy, of love, of celebrating, of sharing. And there's something else too, what can it possibly be? Giving! We hope you have all your Christmas gifts ready, because there's nothing worse than last minute Christmas shopping. The rush, the buzz, the people, the crowd, the discounts. Did we say worst? I think we meant best! There's nothing like seeing the Neopian shops absolutely packed to remind you that Christmas is finally upon us again!

Now some people love gift wrapping, and some people hate it. We personally haven't much skill for it. But there is nothing prettier than a lovely little pile of beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. Thankfully TNT has had the wisdom of providing us with beautiful options for gift wrapping on Neopets as well!

4. Sleepy Neopet Blanket

There's nothing better than a warm blanket on a cold winter day. Except maybe a warm blanket coupled with a fireplace and a hot drink. Or a warm blanket coupled with a fireplace and a hot drink when you're really really sleepy. Maybe add in a book as well, for extra wonderfulness. We think that every neopet should have this awesome item at hand for the winter months, particularly when Christmas is coming up and all you want to do is be cozy with your family and enjoy the Christmas spirit, without endangering your toes in the cold! Stock up on these blankets therefore, and you'll be sure to have some great Christmas memories!

5. Mighty Flying Snowball

There are a lot of great winter activities. We could name plenty of the top of our heads: making an igloo, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rolling in the snow. But none of these is as perfect, amazing or fun as a good snowball fight. I mean really. Can you have a good winter season, with no regrets, if you haven't had a decent snowball fight? We think not. And to have a fantastic snowball fight, the best you can do is to stock up on wonderful snowballs such as this, and head over to the frost arena. This can lead to very memorable snowball fights, and those battledome opponents will think twice about challenging you in future!

6. Snow Covered Flowers Foreground

The holiday season without snow is like a cake without icing. A cupcake without sprinkles. A snowman without a carrot nose. An elf without pointy ears. It can happen and it can be fun, but it will never be perfect. There's no feeling like waking up on Christmas morning to see the snow outside, carpeting the whole landscape. That is why we like to illustrate this in our customisations! To this effect TNT has made many lovely snow covered... Well, snow covered everything! There are foregrounds, trees, backgrounds all full with wonderful white crispy snow, and we delight in using them! This foreground is one example of the many that are available to you! So even if you won't wake up to snow on Christmas day, use this item and your Neopets will!

7. Tinsel Garland

Tinsel. It sparkles in the light. It's hard to untangle when you've put lots in one bag. It breaks and leaves little pieces all over the place that you have to pick up. It's so hard to put up in a pretty way. All in all it is absolutely AMAZING. Really, what did you think we would say? Decorating the Christmas tree is an amazing part of the holiday season, and it really wouldn't be the same without a good tinsel garland. So get cracking and bring it out of the boxes, and throw it all over the place! That is sure to get your Christmas spirit soaring to new heights!

8. Christmas Aisha Antlers and Nose

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose! And we all loved him for it, from the first day that we heard his name. Which is why we're so happy that TNT has given us the opportunity to represent one of our favorite Christmas time characters on neopets! The Christmas season wouldn't be the same without this item, in our opinion. Unfortunately, this amazing item can only be applied to Aishas, which is sad for people who do not like Aishas. As they are a wonderful and popular species, this is however, not a big problem overall!

9. Christmas Techo Earmuffs

It's winter, and you need to go out into the freezing cold to get some Christmas gifts. The wind is blowing outside, and snowflakes are falling. The ground is covered in ice, and there are clouds overhead! So what do you do? You wrap up real tight with your warm boots, your fuzzy gloves or mittens, your long and wonderful scarf, your great puffy coat, but there's still something missing! Your poor little ears are going to freeze off if you don't cover them. But if you wear a hat, no one will see your great winter hairstyle! This item is the perfect solution! A great pair of earmuffs to get you through the winter season. With these, you'll have no excuse to put off your Christmas shopping! And don't worry, although these are awesome Techo earmuffs, there are plenty of other earmuffs to choose from, in case you have Techo issues!

10. Christmas Paint Brush

What better way to show your holiday cheer than to paint all of your neopets Christmas? Really, can there be any better colour? This colour also comes with some awesome paint brush clothes for a lot of species, what more can one ask of an affordable and seasonal paint brush? Some may prefer more mysterious colours like stealth, or more beautiful colours like faerie, but we don't think that these compare to the sheer simplicity and style of the Christmas colours. Get yours quick before everyone else catches on to this wonderful idea of painting all their neopets Christmas, or soon they'll be completely out of stock!

11. Super Festive Holiday Home Background

Decorating your home for Christmas is a big part of the winter festive spirit. There's nothing so fantastic as having a neighbourhood full of beautifully decorated lit houses on a crisp winter evening. The lights shine so bright and the colours scare away the night, and when you see such a spectacle you can't help but have your heart warmed into a puddle of oozing warmth and love. This background is a great addition to a Christmas themed closet, and it is a perfect example of a brilliantly decorated house! Whoever decorated this cute little cottage has sure put in tremendous amounts of effort. If we all put in half as much work, Neopia will look just great in time for Christmas!

12. Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar

Another absolutely sensational thing about the Christmas season is advent calendars. They come in many shapes and sizes, and contain many wonders from chocolates, to little gifts! Hopefully you all have one of these hanging in your room. And your kitchen. And your workplace. And your bathroom. We are of the opinion that you can never have too many advent calendars. Or chocolate. One must have plenty of both for a holiday season! Even if you don't have real life advent calendars hung throughout your house though, you can most certainly enjoy neopets' stupendous advent calendar! There it sits all year, a closed warehouse just waiting for the season of cheer to return. But if you're feeling nostalgic for this Christmas season in the middle of summer, there are always the archives available to cheer you up! So don't forget to go get your awesome prizes every day this December!

13. Deluxe Candy Cane

One of the iconic Christmas time treats is, of course, the candy cane. They are a lovely sweet candy enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They also come in a variety of flavours! From lemon sherbet to blueberry, to the slightly odd asparagus, and the classic peppermint, there is certainly a flavour for everyone. And the name of this candy cane is not misleading; it definitely is the deluxe version. It has three different kinds of peppermint in it! So dive in! But don't eat too many too early. You may ruin your dinner. Speaking of...

14. Turkey Dinner

This is definitely a great older Neo item. The classic turkey dinner is a staple in many households for the Christmas season. A giant juicy turkey, delicious stuffing, tart cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes... the list goes on! The thought of a big turkey with all the fixings will surely make any holiday goers' mouths water. And a belly full of delectable food will help keep you warm during the cold winter night. You better get started on making your turkey dinner. There are a lot of things to do!

15. Hot Chocolate

While you're out in the woods picking out the perfect Christmas tree, it's essential to keep warm. And what better way than a thermos of piping hot, chocolaty hot chocolate. Another essential for the Christmas and holiday season, everyone can pitch in and create their own mug of creamy hot chocolate. We aren't quite sure who came up with this specific recipe (or how Hot Soup and a Chocolate Milkshake magically make hot chocolate at the Cooking Pot), but we're willing to ignore that if it tastes great. Get some milk, chocolate and a hot stove, and create your greatest mug of hot chocolate in time for Christmas morning.

16. Red Stocking

Stockings hung in front of a lovely stone fireplace. A perfect Christmas scene! You don't need to be a kid to get excited to open up your stockings and see what wonderful surprises are inside. And your pets are no exception! Find their favourite colour (we went with the classic red for the article) and see what they find. Stuffed full of chocolate, toys and more, stockings are a great way to give a bunch of smaller presents all in one go! (Because we know you hate wrapping presents just as much as we do) Just hope that you haven't been naughty this year. We wouldn't want you to find lumps of coal in there instead!

17. Christmas Tree Negg

A Neopian classic. We're pretty sure there's bound to be a negg for every season and celebration! So we definitely needed to include this Christmas Tree Negg in our list. This lovely decorated green and red negg can be used to heal your pet's health by 20 points, although that's not the reason we love this item. The festive design reminds us of colourful Christmas baubles hanging on the tree. This negg would make an excellent addition to a Christmas collection or gallery, or even just for you to admire during the holiday season!

18. Striped Holiday Ornament

Now that we mention baubles, we had to include our favourite Christmas ornament. Decorating the Christmas tree is a fantastic part of the holidays (and one of our favourite things to do!) after all! Ornaments come in all shapes and size and colours, which makes it easy for anyone to decorate their tree in any way or design they want! Either going with a classic look with shiny garlands and baubles, or just doing something crazy and different! We like the classic look, and this ornament definitely encapsulates the classic Christmas look really well. But find and use whatever you want for your tree. Make it your own! Anything you do will look fantastic, especially when there's piles of presents nestled underneath!

19. Winter Holiday Scarf

Bundling up is a very important part of the Christmas season (depending on where you are, of course). For the most part, we expect it's bitterly cold and windy, with piles of snow everywhere. An important item to keeping warm is a big, thick scarf. This Winter Holiday Scarf will keep your neck and face cozy in the cold while making your winter outfit a bit more festive and seasonal. The design is wonderful for Christmas; it includes snowflakes, Christmas trees and a white and red pattern as well. Whether it's this, or another scarf, remember to keep bundled and warm this season! Wouldn't want to catch a cold.

20. Christmas Brucicle

Now we know frozen treats, like ice cream and brucicles, aren't exactly something you want to be eating in the cold, but we couldn't resist including this little guy. Brucicles in themselves are cute, but this Christmas themed brucicle is absolutely adorable! Christmas is a great time of year to reinvent old treats and desserts by making them holiday themed. Turn a usually boring batch of cookies into Christmas trees or reindeer. Make snowmen out of sugar cookie balls or macaroons. Or dress your brucicles up in a red winter outfit. Let your creativity fly with baking this season!

21. Holiday Yule Log

Yule logs, much like fruit cakes (bleh), are the dessert we see very often around Christmas. So much so that we usually disregard them, which is a shame because yule logs are actually very delicious! This holiday dessert is a sheet cake, slathered in sweet icing and rolled up like a log. Like most desserts, it can be made in any flavour you can imagine. In this case, though, it's a chocolate lover's dream; chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Don't forget about a yule log this season. Make your own, and remember how delightful these desserts can be!

22. Gingerbread House

What better way to spend part of your Christmas than making a wonderful Gingerbread House! We've all see the gingerbread house kits while doing our holiday shopping, with the perfect house pictured on the front (oh, if only it were that easy!). This is a great way for family and friends to spend an afternoon together. After the house itself is built (and we swear, we basically need engineers to help us keep it from falling over), comes the really fun part. Using candies and icing, you can decorate to your heart's content! This Gingerbread House is very picturesque and what we typically see with them, but making them crazy and exciting is the fun part. Maybe you can buy two sets and build a gingerbread mansion. Or Meridell Castle. Regardless, it's sure to be delicious!

23. Holiday Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies. Is there a better combination out there? We sure there are some great competitors, but for the holiday season, nothing beats this incredible pair. And it's not something only for a certain guy in a red suit (who invades your home, eats cookies and leaves presents, which is admittedly kind of weird when you think about it). Baking is a great pastime (and a delicious one at that) and is just another great way to spend Christmas with others. It's also a good alternative to buying presents. Bake a basket full of different goodies! They will be enjoyed by many people who will know how much work you put in to do something just for them!

24. Holiday Lawyerbot Plushie

Not only is this a fantastic holiday themed item, this is easily one of our favourite Advent Calendar gifts of all time. Plushies are adorable. We all know that. But a Lawyerbot plushie? Dressed up for the holidays? Absolutely one of the cutest things we've seen from the Advent. Plushies are something that everyone can enjoy and as such and make perfect gifts (especially those hard to shop for). Since there are literally thousands of plushies, there is sure to be something for everyone out there. They also make fantastic decorations around the house. Find your favourite pets, themes or just stick with holiday ones, and sit them up on the fireplace with the stockings. Then cuddle up on the couch with your new Holiday Lawyerbot Plushie, and you're set for Christmas!

25. Chocolate Christmas Scorchio

Now what is the Christmas season without a copious amount of chocolate? There's chocolate when you bake, when you eat Christmas dessert and of course, your stocking is surely stuffed to the brim with it! It's hard to have a Christmas without it. The important thing is to splurge a bit and invest in some good chocolate! If you're going to eat it, it might as well be the best stuff you can buy. This milk chocolate Christmas Scorchio will definitely be delicious with a tall glass of frosty milk and is another reason why we love the Advent Calendar so much (no shortage of chocolate from there)! So sit back and relax and munch away. It's what Christmas is all about!

We really love the Christmas season, as I'm sure you can tell by now! And we hope you love it too! As you can see from all these items we've picked out especially for you, there is a lot to love about winter and Christmas. Now all we have left to do is wish you a very Merry Christmas, hoping you have a lovely one with your loved ones, and we'll spare a thought for you while we enjoy ours!

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