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Rink Runner Trophy Guide

by drobit


The Annual Happy Valley Skating Competition is quickly approaching! You better get in the rink and start practicing if you want to impress the judges and take home the gold. (The judges have been known to be a little stingy). Rink Runner has always been one of my favorite Neopian games, and my goal here is to help you improve your Rink Runner score, and hopefully help you earn a shiny new trophy in the process.

Game Basics:

In Rink Runner, you play a blue Bruce whose goal is to collect as many musical notes as possible to impress a panel of three judges. You want to collect as many musical notes as possible, while simultaneously using as few moves as possible. There are a total of thirty musical notes per level. Your score at the end of each level is dependent on the score given by the judges. Fewer jumps and more musical notes collected will result in a higher score. The max amount of points you may receive from the judges is a perfect score of thirty per level (ten points per judge). You move around the rink by clicking your mouse on the screen. To proceed to the next level, you must receive a minimum score from the judges that increases as you progress further in the game. (More about the judges' scoring system below).

The Musical Notes:

When you start level one, musical notes will start off the color black. They will continuously change colors until they turn red, and after red they will disappear completely. The musical notes start off the color black, then progress to green, blue, orange and finally red. Starting on level two, the musical notes will start off green instead of black. Eventually the musical notes will start off the color blue. This means that as the levels progress, you will have less time to collect each musical note before they disappear. Once a musical note disappears there is no way to collect it. There are a total of three different notes that you may see throughout gameplay:

Musical Note – The basic means of earning points throughout the game. You must collect these to progress to next level. There are a total of thirty available each level, and your goal is to collect as many as possible. The more you collect, the better your score will be.

Sharp Note * – You do not want to collect these! They will subtract two musical notes from your total notes caught section. This may lower your overall score from the judges at the end of each level.

Flat Note * – These have the same effect as the sharp note. You will lose two musical notes from your notes collected section.

* It is important to note that the sharp and flat note can make your notes caught section go negative, so be careful!

The Judges:

There are a total of three judges that can give you a total of ten points each. A score of thirty is a perfect score. Your score is entirely based off the score the judges give you, not the amount of musical notes you collect. Collecting all thirty musical notes does not guarantee you a perfect score. The score the judges' give you is based off of the number of moves you make per level, and the amount of musical notes you collected. Fewer moves, and more musical notes collected will give you a higher score.

To proceed to the next level, you will need a minimum cumulative score from the three judges. For example, you need to score twenty-one or more during level one to progress to level two. The required score increases as you progress further into the game. If you do not meet the minimum score from the judges then your game will end.

The Melting Ice:

One of the biggest challenges of Rink Runner is that the ice will gradually melt as you progress further in the game. You start the game with a full sheet of ice. This sheet of ice will continue to melt until you are only left with four circular blocks of ice in each of the four corners of the rink. You may skate over the water, but if you land on top on the water than you will sink, and it is an immediate game over. Be careful where you skate, and remember that catching one musical note is not worth a game over.

Helpful Hints and Tricks:

Ideally, you want to collect all thirty notes while only moving thirty times. This generally guarantees you a perfect score. Whenever possible, try and collect two or more musical note in one jump.

Do not go for musical notes you cannot reach! There may be musical notes that are physically impossible for you to reach in later levels. Try to ignore those, and focus on the notes you can get. As I mentioned before, one musical not is note worth a game over.

Avoid the flat and sharp notes. Sometimes the musical notes will be too close to a flat or sharp note that it may not be worth trying to collect. Remember, a musical note adds one point to your notes collected section, but a flat or sharp note subtracts two. Try your best to avoid these two notes completely, even if it means you cannot collect a musical note.

Remember the color order of the notes (Black, green, blue, orange, and red). Always try and collect the orange and red notes first since they will be the first to disappear.

Take a break if you need to. Rink Runner can sometimes be stressful, and you won't do as well if you're stressed out. It is not a bad thing to take a break from the game, and come back to it later when you are refreshed. You can also take small breaks in between levels if you need to mentally prepare for the next level.

Practice makes perfect! I know this isn't something that you necessarily want to hear, but you can't expect to be a Rink Runner master the first time you play. The game does take some getting used to, but it is actually a lot of fun once you get the basic game dynamics down.

I hope you enjoyed my game guide! With some practice and luck, I know that you can impress the judges at the Annual Happy Valley Skating Competition. Have fun, and good luck!

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