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Winter's Most Iconic Petpets

by noxlyx


What do you think about when you think about the Month of Celebrating? One image that comes to mind are smiles and good cheer. But smiles and good cheer can only come when there is someone to share it with. Friends and family are the staples of the magic that comes with the Month of Celebrating and you will find no friend more loyal than your beloved petpet. From the cuddly to the creepy, a petpet is a forever friend that will always be there for you through thick and thin. So to celebrate this friendship that you can find nowhere else, here is a list of some of winter's most iconic petpets and what they represent.

#6: The Abominable Snowball

With its two large coal eyes and cheery red and green scarf with the the pompom hat, it's hard to miss the Abominable Snowball. Made entirely out of snow, the Abominable Snowball is as friendly sort of petpet and is perfect for the Neopet that is just a little shy. With it's amiable smile, the Abominable Snowball is a companion that is willing to play quiet games outdoors: collecting things and building snowmen. Eventually as the Abominable Snowball's owner becomes more sociable, the Abominable Snowball makes the perfect snowball fight partner. No other petpet knows how to make snow forts like the Abominable Snowball. It is for this reason that the Abominable Snowball sits happily at number six on this list.

The Abominable Snowball represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of friendship.

#5: The Polarchuck

How much wood could a Polarchuck chuck if a Polarchuck could chuck... snow? That's right, in the number five spot on this list is the ever lovable Polarchuck. And how can anyone in all of Neopia not know what a Polarchuck is? Small, white, cuddly and just a bit chubby, the Polarchuck is the perfect companion for a sociable Neopet. After all, these little petpets love to talk just as much as they love to eat. Just ask Dieter the Snowmuncher Polarchuck! While Dieter enjoys munching on snow, most Polarchucks also like to eat a wide variety of other Winter foods such as ice cream (especially Mr. Chipper's ice cream!), Popsicles, and snow cones. Although the Polarchuck loves food, it also sharing even more. Partnered with a Neopet that loves to cook and the Polarchuck would gladly spend hours in the kitchen making the perfect Day of Giving dinner for all of its friends and family. After all, food is what brings Neopians together and good food can warm the belly and the heart.

The Polarchuck represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of generosity.

#4: The Raindorf

Do you hear the sound of a ringing bell? Well, look around and you might find a cute little Raindorf bounding happily through the snow. These little petpets are super playful with a vast expense of energy for the Neopet that is always on the go. Extremely curious by nature, the Raindorf would never hesitate to explore or go on an adventure. They are also loyal and hardworking, always doing their best to put a smile on their owner's face. Raindorfs are also perfect for when you are exploring during a snowstorm. The bells on their little collars are always twinkling as they walk and can alert those around you of your presence. Meanwhile, Raindorfs are very good at making their way through those white, white storms. Their keen sense of direction will always guide them and their owners home.

The Raindorf represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of playfulness.

#3: The Feepit

How can any Winter petpet be more iconic than the Feepit? And why is the Feepit sitting at only number 3 on this list if it's so famous? Well, as much as I love Feepits for their courage and valor in fighting against those dastardly Meepits, they are not the most iconic winter petpet. Iconic? Yes, but the most iconic? Not entirely. Not even for this year. However, they are one of the most cuddliest and prettiest looking winter petpets around, with soft blue fur and a fluffy tail. Feepits are the epitome of bravery and are best suited for Neopets that are strong of heart. A Feepit will not rest until what they believe is evil is stopped and will always stand up for those that are weak. This petpet also expects their owner to do the same.

The Feepit represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of courage.

#2: The Wherfy

Ah, the Wherfy. The newest Winter Petpet to join the list of Wintery Petpets and it sits at number two. Why is that? Well, not much is known about the Wherfy but it's quite obvious that it has more than a few people talking about it. With its curious face, long sleek body and delicate wings, the Wherfy is a gorgeous petpet. It is because of its mysterious nature and the fact that it is brand new that it sits at the number two spot on this list. It still has a lot to prove before the Wherfy may become a timeless classic Wintery petpet but right now, its novelty is what makes it Y15's second most iconic winter petpet.

The Wherfy represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of progress.

#1: Candychan

So putting the Wherfy aside, because it is currently only iconic for Y15, what petpet can top the ever loveable Feepit as Winter's most iconic petpet? Well, look no further than Candychan. Yes, the number one most iconic winter petpet is the petpet that looks like the spirit of the Month of Celebrating itself. Colored like a living candy cane with delicate green wings, this fairy-like petpet is undeniable the face of Celebrating. Always amazed and always in awe, Candychan's sense of wonder can make any Neopian stop for a moment and truly appreciate the wonders that Neopia has to offer. Day in and day out, Neopians everywhere are just bustling their day and never stop to see the world around them. What Candycan does remind its owner and those around them that the world is beautiful and that the most beautiful things are the most simple. From the gently snowfall to the simple act of smiling, Candychan appreciates everything that is meant to be appreciated.

Candychan represents the Month of Celebrating's spirit of timeless wonder.

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