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Terror No More: A Winter Wonderland

by noxlyx


I have a confession to make.

The only time I ever visit Terror Mountain is during the Month of Celebrating. After all, why would I ever want to brave the bitter cold ice and snow when I could be relaxing in the warm sand of Mystery Island over the summer? Who in their right mind would want to be stuck in a dark and freezing cave when they could be jumping into leave piles in Brightvale during the autumn? But once the Month of Celebrating starts, Terror Mountain completely transforms.

Gone are the nasty caves and the howling winds. Gone is the spirit of desolation and terror. Instead, there is a peculiar warmth that floats through the air and lights a fire in the cockles of my heart. After the warmth comes a sense of... good cheer and happiness. Suddenly Terror Mountain lights up with life as joyful laughter fills the air as fireplaces are lit and the smell of peppermint and gingerbread waft through the streets.

It only happens once a year but once the Month of Celebrating arrives Terror Mountain is a Terror no more. Instead, it becomes a beautiful, cheerful Winter Wonderland. In fact, I have a second confession to make:

Terror Mountain during the Month of Celebrating is my absolute favorite place to be and I will share you a few places on this mountain that you must absolutely have to visit.

#1: The Advent Calendar

Don't lie. The first thing you do the instant the Month of Celebrating starts and the instant you arrive at Terror Mount is run straight to the little house that has the sign "Advent Calendar" in front of it. Well, I don't blame you for that at all because I do the exact same thing. Not only is the Advent Calendar house a charming little place to be - filled with lights and young Neopians laughing - it is the place where the magic truly begins. The Advent Calendar house is famous for the stories it tells every day until the last day of Celebrating. Some stories are humorous while others are heart warming. I always enjoy listening to these stories while sipping on a mug of Fiery Seasonal HOT Chocolate. Once the stories are over everyone gets a little prize at the end and are bustled out of the store so that the next crowd may come into the house for their story time and prizes.

#2: The Ice Cream Cart

Whenever I go to Terror Mountain, I always make a point to stop by the Ice Cream Cart and say "Hi!" to Mr. Chipper. He's a fun Lutari who always has a smile and the ice cream he sells is the most heavenly ice cream you will ever taste. Now, I understand, who would want to eat ice cream when you're surrounded by snow?! Well, have you ever tasted one of Mr. Chipper's ice cream before? It doesn't matter if there is an ice storm swirling around me, his ice cream so good it doesn't have to be hot out to eat. Of course, one thing I must warn you. You must have an ice cream coupon to enjoy one of Mr. Chipper's frozen treats. How could you get one? Well, I always buy a few from shops at the Neopia Central Marketplace but there is another way to get your paws (or wings or fins) on one of these tickets but I will get to that later my little tour.

#3: The Neggery

Now, I've never really been one for Neggs but whenever I got to Terror Mountain I always make it a point to go visit Kari at her Neggery. After all, Kari is on the sweetest, nicest faeries in all of Neopia Central and I always enjoy having a nice little chat with her. However, for those who are into Neggs, Kari is definitely the faerie to visit. Bring a few neggs that you have lying around in your old safety deposit box and trade with Kari from newer eggs! From what I heard, these neggs are great at improving Battledome stats. As for me? I don't care much for the Battledome. Instead, I'd rather talk with Kari about Negg recipes because if there is one person in all of Neopia who would know have the best Negg recipes it would be the Negg Faerie herself.

#4: The Snowager's Lair

Alright, I'll admit, one of the main reasons why I don't enjoy Terror Mountain during the other 11 months of the year is because of the Snowager. Then again, my theory is that the reason why Terror Mountain is a terror during those eleven months is BECAUSE of the Snowager? Why the theory? Because the during the Month of Celebrating is when Terror Mountain lights up with life and the Month of Celebrating also happens to be when that miserly snake decides to hibernate. So if I'm not to keen on ever seeing the Snowager, why would visiting this monster's lair be on my list of places to visit? Well, that's simple. Have you heard of the phrase "When the kadoaties sleep the Psimice come out to play?" Well, since the Snowager sleeps the entire Month of Celebrating, now is the perfect time to go and see if you can steal a little prize from his horde of junk. It's a fun, and relatively safe, adventure for you and your friends to go on. Just remember one thing: Do not touch the Snowager itself.

#5: The Igloo Garage

Looking for a cheap last minute gift for someone on your list? Well, why not take a look into the Igloo Garage ran by the Chias Mika and Carassa! These two poor Chias have been living in Terror Mountain for so long they are hoping to pack up shop (er... Igloo) and move to somewhere warm like Mystery Island! Well, their move is your gain because Mika and Carassa are selling all their items for cheap! Granted, most of the times I've gone in the Igloo sold nothing but junk. However, there are the luck few who manage to find rare items that Mika and Carassa are selling for dirt cheap prices. As for me? I come in, poke around, and talk with Mika and Carassa about their moving plans. However... I can't help but wonder why they haven't moved already since I see them every single year...

#6: The Toy Repair Shop

Ran by a grumpy old Bori with a heart of gold, the Toy Repair Shop is one of my favorite places to go when I visit Terror Mountain. Throughout the year, I always end up finding toys that need to be repaired and I put them in a bag to take up to the mountain at the end of the year. Even though the Toy Repair Bori does charge a fee in order to fix the toys, it is entirely worth it. I would say that the Toy Repair Bori is not a Repair Bori but a Healer Bori. With the way he carefully, lovingly even, repair each toys it's obvious that this Bori loves what he does. He understands the beauty of innocence and the value of a smile on a young Neopet's face when they see their favorite toy resewn "just like new." Sometimes I visit the Toy Repair Shop just to watch young Neopets smile and remind myself just what the spirit of Celebrating is all about.

#7: The Snow Faerie's House

I always, always, always, look forward to meeting up with Taelia: one of the most beautiful faeries in all of Neopia, in my opinion. Not only because I want to find out what her beauty regime is, but also because Taelia provides all who visits her with a challenge. See, like her Earthy counterpart, Illusen, Taelia is constantly working on spells and would ask Neopets who visit her to help find items for her spells. I, personally, am always willing to help her and for two reasons. The first reason is that even though Taelia doesn't speak much, she is very wise and would give me advice whenever I need it. The second reason is that Taelia rewards all those who are generous enough to help her. It might be a small prize or it might be one of those coveted ice cream coupons to Mr. Chipper's Ice Cream Cart. Now, I don't know about you, but I think Taelia might have a sweet tooth.

Well, I don't believe much else can top a visit with Taelia, so I'm going to wrap it up here. Terror Mountain truly is a beautiful place to visit during the Month of Celebrating. However, as much as I delight in it, it's the fact that this sort of beauty only happens for only one month in the entire year is what makes is beautiful. So while you can, go visit Terror Mountain and experience these seven wonders of the glorious wonderful Winter Wonderland for yourself!

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