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A Shelf of Shells, Shells and more Shells!

by jmerrill


Lining the shores and seas of Neopia are thousands of tiny treasures. Of course, as you can easily infer from the title of this article, our subject is sea shells, which also happen to be collectible. Had you not known that? A stamp album seems like an unusual place to store a shell collection, but as Neohomes can become rather hectic quite quickly, there is indeed a specially labelled spot in your album where you can keep your tide-hailing treasures safe from the likes of the Pant Devil.

Fortunately for you, while shells are indeed abundant anywhere that can be touched by the ocean breeze, you don't have to forage for them yourself. Along with shells that may be sold by other Neopians, the Collectable Sea Shells shop in Maraqua is known for having only the most wondrous of wares for a bargain.

Well, whether you now happen to be mildly interested in beginning your own collection or if you are already immersed in the rewarding practise of sea shell collecting, allow me to assure you that this is the place to be! I can promise that you will learn some unique yet important facts about an array of many different shells.

Purple Spiral Shell

This shell is the most intricate of all that have been discovered. Its tightly-wound spirals and artful (yet natural) indentations will definitely make it the talk of your collection, I guarantee! As one may be able to discern from its rich, dark colours, the Purple Spiral Shell hails from the depths of Maraqua, but for a mysterious reason, there are also soft pink and white accents that are indicative of a sun-touched existence. How exquisite!

Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell

Such elegance, yes? Many esteemed collectors have gone so far as to say that this sea shell has the most refined appearance, particularly in its gentle curvature that seems to fold outward like an angular fan. The coiling trails of white that can be seen on the foremost part of this shell are arranged in a pattern so perfect that they seem to have been painted on; they are also petal smooth to the touch despite the hardness of the rest of the shell.

Brown Spotted Shell

One mustn't judge by first appearances. With its gradation of sepia to coral tones, the Brown Spotted Shell certainly does not seem like much at first glance; however, every one of them have been known to harbour something interesting - potentially valuable - within. Furthermore, their solid exterior has proven to be extremely effective in cracking open coconuts. (GOOD NIGHT.)

Deep Seashell

Though it may be that the Purple Spiral Shell can be found in the depths of Maraqua, the Deep Seashell is exclusive to its coldest, deepest waters. The Collectable Sea Shells shop has not divulged why or how they are able to come across them, and any experienced collector of shells will assure you that it isn't an easy feat. The spikes on the outer layer of this dark, intriguing shell are surprisingly dull, presumably because there are few creatures that could venture so low beneath the surface. A splendid and little-known fact is that the inside of this extraordinary shell is forever cool to the touch, making it a popular import in the Lost Desert.

Crimson Spotted Shell

Shouldn't we throw in a bit of vivid colour now? This conch is as easily admired for its decorative spotting as it is for the shell's signature rich red. While it appears to have a glossy exterior, there are actually numerous ridges present, with the exact number depending on how long our beautiful shell has spent being swept in by the tide. These are quite rare, having only been sighted on Mystery Island just once per year, and they have only been found during the warmer months.

Sparkly Green Scallop Shell

Green, gold, and two shades of blue come together to make the presentation of this scallop shell incredibly impressive. As the item description suggests, it is unusual for such a variety of colours to be seen on one shell. If you are miraculously able to find this shell in the rolling waves of Krawk Island, how could you resist taking a closer look?

Tiny Golden Shell

Less has never been more, and the smallest shell of all is just so precious. Despite the size of this very special sea shell, it's well worth its weight in gold! This is perhaps due to how difficult it is to spot one nestled under the sand. However, if you are thinking of obtaining one, you should certainly be cautious when handling a Tiny Golden Shell, as they are so very fragile and ever susceptible to shattering when not regarded with the proper care. I strongly suggest that you cushion its designated place in your stamp album with a soft piece of NeoCotton.

Rainbow Coloured Shell

A shell all the colours of the rainbow! It's truly remarkable how the vividness of this shell seems to spring to life. The Rainbow Coloured shell is highly sought after, perhaps due to the rumour that it has the potential of brightening the day of any Neopian who should find one on the beach. Luckily, they are as common as they are popular, so I would suggest that you take your Neopet with you for a day trip down to the sand so that you may stake your claim on one of these fabulous shells.

Matching Pastel Shells

Honestly, it would be a wonder if you have not come across this shell already - but if you haven't, then I strongly suggest taking another look! Fortunately for those who prefer to collect their own sea shells rather than purchasing them, Matching Pastel Shells are commonly found on all beaches in Neopia, with the most dense proliferation being none other than Roo Island. This makes it a good item for new collectors to seek out with considerable ease. The colouring in these shells strikes a uniquely delicate balance between the oft-powerful colour combination of yellow and purple.

Green Clam Shell

Swirls, swirls, swirls. Surely an esteemed Neopian such as yourself must have a fine eye for composition, so it isn't difficult to appreciate this beautiful sea shell, hm? Mysteriously, the Green Clam Shell can be famously found in the surrounding waters of Lutari Island despite its constantly changing location. /Important/: Before setting this sea shell in your album, make certain that there is not a pearl enclosed! While it is quite rare, there have been occasions where glinting green pearls have chanced to come from this type of clam shell, and if you aren't interested in keeping the pearl, it may sell for a pretty penny in the local market.

Well, then, have you had some insight into the habits of some of Neopia's most beautiful shells? I hope that this article has: A) inspired you to begin assembling a collection of your own, B) been able to spare you some new knowledge, and C) served as a great addition to your weekly Neopian Times experience!

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