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The 10 Most Useful Gifts

by sky_lady


Also by realidade

December is undeniably the month of celebrating and everyone decides it's time to send some gifts. People usually send gifts to neofriends, but there are also some random gifters who like to surprise everyone with something that always can get a smile!

If you have some trouble finding a nice thing to give, this is the right guide for you! Here are some tips that will help you pick the perfect and the cheapest gift:

10. Plushies

Nothing can go wrong if you send a plushie! Plushies are adorable and absolutely cute! Every person will like to receive one. Also there are some really cheap plushies, but there are also plushies that can't be afforded by every Neopian. This means you just have to decide which one you want to offer; You can pick a pink plushie, a character plushie, a weird plushie, or even a carrot plushie. There are a lot of them available for you to give! Well, even if the person isn't that... erm... *girly* you can always choose a mutant or evil plushie to give. *pokes MSP plushie with an evil smile*

NOTE: Neopia is a strange world where magic comes from the most unexpected places. Look out for those magical plushies and be very careful! Those can change your pet species and color while your pet plays with them. It might be a cool gift or not; it depends on the person.

9. Scratchcards

If you don't have much imagination to choose gifts of any kind, you can always send a scratchcard and provide moments of fun and expectation! There are three different kind of scratchcards kiosks: one in Terror Mountain, another at the Deserted Fairground and the last one is located in Sakhmet. So you choose which type of scratchcard you want to give. Also, there are many different scratchcards, some can give small prizes but others may award the jackpot! Woo-oh! It might seem a simple gift, but it can also be really exciting to scratch and see what's hidden in those tiny spots. Your gift will be welcome and it won't root into the Safety Deposit Box. So let's go scratch them!... er... GIVE them!

8. Neggs

Even though it's not Easter, a negg is always appreciated! And lucky you! There is a large variety of neggs you can choose. Since Kari is a good faerie, she created neggs for all the occasions and seasons: did you ever notice the Christmas Pattern Negg and the Christmas Tree Negg? They look great! (I was going to say "...and not edible at all!" but then I almost confused this last negg with a watermelon so... nevermind!) But, a negg is always a pretty gift because they are beautiful and they can be really useful as there are neggs that can cheer up your pet and others can increase stats, which is amazing for battledomers. So hurry up and go visit Kari before she decides to go on vacation!

7. Codestones and Dubloons

This is always a good gift to send, either to neofriends or via random gifts. A lot of people like to train their pets, so they always ask for codestones or dubloons in their wishlists. Oh wait, you're saying this person doesn't train pets? Don't worry, it will be a great gift anyway, because what really matters is the Christmas spirit and every gift is always appreciated. Plus, the person can always sell the gift (what an ugly thing to do...) and it will help for sure!

Another thing you should know, is that dubloons can be used to buy items at the Smugglers Cove. If you are unsure about the codestones, then maybe you can give a few dubloons.

6. Discovered Treasure Chest

Who doesn't like the excitement of opening a treasure chest?! We believe that the very best part of receiving a gift is to discover what is inside that beautiful box underneath the Christmas tree. Sometimes we can guess what it's inside the box by just taking a look to its shape, weight or even shaking it! But when the gift is a Discovered Treasure Chest, there are so many possibilities! What's inside it? Will it be a (fingers crossed!) Pirate Paint Brush? Oh well, even if it was just some piece of junk, don't worry! We are pretty sure that it will be really fun to open the chest that it will make the gift worth it.

5. Wearables

It seems to be the most wanted gift from all the wishlists I have seen. Everyone has at least one wearable they want to customise their pets with. And you have a lot to choose from: backgrounds, wigs, wings, garlands, foregrounds... Again, this is a good time to check a wishlist before getting any wearable, but if the person doesn't have any wishlist you can look over the pets and try to choose a wearable that will fit their customisation. You can get cheap wearables searching the Shop Wizard, but don't forget that there are some expensive wearables that can only be found at the Trading Post!

4. Stamps

This can be an awesome gift for stamp collectors! If the person you want to send a gift to collects stamps, it will be pretty easy to choose one to give. All you have to do is to look over the stamp album and see which stamps the person is missing. So here you have two options: if the person doesn't have many stamps, you can always pick the cheap ones and offer lots of it, or, if the person already has the cheapest stamps, you can look over the trading post in order to offer them a rare stamp. It might be expensive, but for a stamp collector there isn't a better gift than this one! Unless you send a stamp that the person already has, that would be a disaster. So be careful choosing and make sure it's unique.

3. Avatar Items

There is a special gift for everyone and it shouldn't be different about avatar collectors. Please keep in mind that you can't help anyone getting avatars related to games! But, if the person is looking for the Icy Snowflake avatar, why not send it as a gift? ;) The item is not *THAT* expensive either, so it can be a good option for you. But there are many other avatar items you can give, for example, the Faerie Queen Doll or even a Super Attack Pea (only if you're super rich, though!). You might be broke after buying the gift, but you will make someone really happy and I'm sure you will be happy too!

2. Paint Brushes

Who doesn't like to receive free paint brushes? Everyone does, especially people who have specific dream pets and they're willing to paint their pet right away. Well, a good thing you can do, is to always check their dream pets list (if they have one) and offer a paint brush. Along with the paint brush you can also send a morphing potion in case the person needs a specie change. Or, the third possibility is: you can pick a morphing potion that includes the color and specie wanted. This might be one of the greatest gifts but it may also be quite expensive, so you better check all the prices first.

1. NC Items

This is probably one of the most desired gifts! Everyone has at least one NC item they would kill to own, but as we know, sometimes it's not easy to buy NC as it relates to real money. So, if you're into the giving spirit and you have a few duplicate items in your Closet and a lost box somewhere, feel free to make someone really, really happy by sending a background or even a wig. If you can't decide which NC item you want to offer, you can give something like a Wonderclaw Widget and hope your friend gets lucky playing the game. Or you can also gift a Faerie Quest Cookie - who knows if your friend will get a Fountain Faerie Quest and then get their dream color?! Either way, any NC item will make everyone smile for sure!

NOTE: Like we said above, NC items relate to real money, so you don't really have to feel forced to give them. Neither you can trade them for neopoint items. So, if you're not feeling confident about these, maybe you can decide to give another kind of item.

Note: what really matters is your intention and no one will be upset if your gift isn't expensive! Creativity is also important and sometimes it has more meaning than something expensive and useless. Giving is supposed to be a nice action and you don't have to feel forced to give anyone. Have fun giving and happy holidays!

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