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Tantalising Teas and Choice Coffee, Bonus: Cakes!

by jmerrill


Neopian beverages range from the docile to the bizarre; however, it can be universally agreed that coffee and tea are amongst its best-loved drinks. If you've ever thought about some of the diverse flavours offered by Neopia's invigorating, aromatic selection of teas and coffees, read on!

Autumn Herbal Tea

This rich, soothing cup of Autumn Herbal Tea is just the thing for a cold morning in any season. It is especially popular for artists dwelling in the Catacombs, where it can become chilly. There are subtle but pleasantly stirring hints of almonds, gingerbread, calming spices, cinnamon, and chocolate. As for its fragrance, it is reminiscent of fragrant fall flowers in a meadow rich with falling leaves.

Azzle Coffee

Azzle Coffee hails from the temperate tropics of Mystery Island, but it's immensely popular all over Neopia due to its unique flavour and outstanding revitalisation properties. On its own, the Azzle is a very fragrant fruit whose appearance is reminiscent to that of an ordinary apple. However, they are far sweeter than apples, which makes the Azzle an ideal accompaniment for such a strongly flavoured cup of coffee. Given its origin, you can probably assume that it's more popular in warmer climates. Quite cheap, too!

Banango Bubble Tea

The taste of Banango is very similar to the taste of Lutango – and if you've never had one of Lutari Island's most beloved fruits, you're about to taste it in its finest form yet! Like the Lutango, the Banango adds a bit of refreshing tang to any food or, in this case, beverage. Little tapioca pearls dwell at the bottom of this refreshing and flavourful tea! Banango Bubble Tea is recommended for balmy summer days, but it's notably pleasant in any sort of weather or season. Drink this by the poolside, or better yet: the seaside!

Faerie Aisha Tea

Faerie Aishas are known to all of Neopia as one of the most graceful Neopets one may come across, so one mustn't be too surprised that a tea has been crafted in their name and honour. Faerie Aisha Tea has a distinct strawberry flavour tempered by a touch of mint. The tea is incredibly sweet (though not the sweetest, as you will find), but also very relaxing, and just the thing before a morning walk in Faerieland! If you still happen to be craving something extra sugary by the time you've finished this drink, you can break off the candy wings that accent the glass and have a bite of those!

Herbal Coffee

Most of us are only familiar with herbal tea, which can cause some wariness, but I can assure you that Herbal Coffee carries on its counterpart's tradition of being extremely relaxing and refreshing, not to mention excellent to taste. Only the most sweet-smelling of leaves were used to accompany the smooth, pure flavour of the coffee itself. Herbal Coffee also has restorative potential, so if you are feeling under the weather, it is encouraged that you give it a taste!

Iced Clover Cream Coffee

According to many experienced coffee connoisseurs down at the Deep Catacombs of Neopia's Art Centre, this may very well be the finest coffee of the Month of Running due to the presence of a certain small plant. The perched clover adds a welcome element of earthiness to draw you out the muck of a busy day of playing games, and as for the cream coffee itself, it is indubitably smooth and comforting to drink. Iced Clover Cream Coffee is also topped with real cream!

Lavender Mint Tea

Lavender Mint Tea is a sweet yet soft drink that has become a fast favourite in Neopia in recent years. The blend of lavender and mint strikes just the right balance between fragrance and flavour, being that lavender is known for being aromatic and mint compliments its delicacy with a welcome hint of sharpness. This tea goes especially well with bubble baths!

Illusen Tea

This happy cup of Illusen's Tea has been infused with the revitalising spirit of her Glade. Its exact ingredients are unknown, but it is obvious that there was nutmeg involved. This special tea is only available to those kind Neopians and Neopets who are invited to the Glade for a tea party. Better get to questing, and good luck netting yourself an invitation! ;)

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee is yet another autumn favourite. A rich smattering of pumpkin pie has been spiced into the coffee, giving it a delicious flavour as well as a creamy texture. While ideally for the colder months, this coffee will add some snap to any day.

Strawberry Butter Tea

The aroma emanating from Strawberry Butter Tea is utterly delightful. With its brilliant combination of freshness and spring berries with creamy goodness, this is certainly the sweetest of any tea you are likely to find in Neopia, and the chocolate sticks certainly add to its reputation.

Bonus Items: Cakes with Teas and Coffees

Chai Tea Cake

Goes Best With: Banango Bubble Tea, Illusen Tea, Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Autumn Herbal Tea, Azzle Coffee, Lavender Mint Tea

The Chai Tea Cake is mild but flavourful, and it is a popular treat on a day with chilly weather. It is made with only the most premium of chai tea bags. A delightful, delicate snack cake.

Snowberry Delight

Goes Best With: Azzle Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Iced Clover Cream Coffee, Strawberry Butter Tea, Herbal Coffee, Autumn Herbal Tea

The Snowberry Delight is another blissful sponge cake. It is beset with a mountain of berries with heavy creaminess.

Ultranova Sponge Cake

Goes Best With: Faerie Aisha Tea, Lavender Mint Tea, Strawberry Butter Tea

This is the sweetest cake around! With its richness, incredible texture, and refined taste, only the most graceful of teas will do.

Thank you for reading this article! :) I wish you the best of luck as you begin your taste testing journey. Please feel free to neomail me with your own drink suggestions so that I may write a possible sequel! Also, I give TNT my sincerest thanks for reviewing this.

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