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Top 10 Treats for any Zombie Neopet

by prada_prince


Hello there! It seems like you are interested to know how exactly to reward your Zombie Neopet after a good deed? Sure, you can buy them more toys and clothes or go on infinite rounds on the Merry-Go-Round, but there is absolutely no better way to treat your Zombie Neopets than to feed him/her! Satisfy their cravings with a good piece of brain. Yes, I said it... BRAINS! Zombies love brains. I thought you would have known that. :O Anyway, now onto our Top 10 Treats then:

Brain Ice Cream

Ewww... This can't really be made of brains... Can it??

Now who doesn't love Ice Cream? I'm sure the majority of us loves it! For our dearest zombie pets, perhaps this alternative would be just the thing you would prefer. A dip in the waters of Terror Mountain and you've got an icy cool Brain Ice Cream, but the surprise is actually in the center portion of the ice cream! Behold, Zombie Neopets, for when you bite into it... be prepared for a yummy good warm feeling that explodes in your mouth! Now isn't this just an amazing dessert treat!

Brain Hot Dog

Who knows if this will make your Neopet smarter or just sick, do you want to risk it?

A Brain Hot Dog is simply just a squished elongated brain in between Hot Dog bread. It's got no ketchup, chili, mustard or whatsoever sauce on it! Why so? It is simply because brains taste good on its own. Mix them with such condiments and you might end up with a really nasty mix of flavors! Some things are just better left tasted raw and on their own!

A disclaimer: There has been no scientific evidence that a Brain Hot Dog makes your Neopets smarter.

Brain Muffin

For a calculated attack this muffin might be just the thing... One Use.

You may be wondering what this Muffin is doing on this Top 10 Food List when it's a Battledome item. Well, some Battledome items are actually made out of real food and it's as good for your tummy as it is for battles. This Brain Muffin will definitely give flavourful punches to your taste buds. However, we do encourage Zombie Neopets to swallow down this muffin whole as far as possible. It may explode, so eat with caution! Then again, what harm can it do to a Zombie Neopet since it's technically dead?

Brain Kebab

A gooey, foul tasting treat that's a real hit with GarthaanXI.

Our Neopet Records have no idea who GarthaanXI is so let us not mind that bit of the description. Anyway, the Brain Kebab is definitely a hit-or-miss for Zombie Neopets. This is because the Brain Kebab is packed with layers of hot and interesting spices. This would definitely be a good filling meal for Zombie Neopets who really dislike anything bland and cold like Brain Ice Creams. It's three portions of delicious chunky brain bits served on a stick. Enjoy!

Brain Burger

Eww now that is just nasty! The way it jiggles is quite alarming!

Well, nasty is GOOD! And nasty is most certainly DELICIOUS! This is exactly how our Brain Burgers taste. Served fresh and hot on a plate, this Burger packs a thick 1 inch brain patty nestled in between two light crispy bread pieces. The brain patty is definitely something that can even fill up a Grarrl's stomach when starving! It serves a generous portion and will leave absolutely no Neopet hungry afterwards. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Brain Stew

A nice hot bowl of brain stew is wonderful on a cold day.

Are you feeling sick? Or perhaps a little blue and down lately? Well, a hot bowl of Brain Stew might just do the trick. The stew is made from natural ingredients from Shenkuu Mountains and they pack a lot of good nutrients and vitamins for just about any Neopet! The brain bits in the stew basically just entice Zombie Neopets to want to take a slurp. If you were to ask me, it's a good trick to get your Zombie Neopets fit and healthy! We've also added in sprinkles of bone bits for some added CRUNCH!

Brains and Dumplings

Mmmm, these dumplings and brains are quite the delicacy.

Another recipe that was inspired but the lands of Shenkuu, this Brains and Dumplings are traditionally served to high royalty members of Zombie Neopets only back in the old days. This dish holds an exquisite blend of traditional dumpling bits with harsh nasty chunks of brain and can only be crafted by the most skillful of all Master Chefs! However, these Brains and Dumplings dish can now be purchased easily at Spooky Foods.

Squishy Brain Wrap

Edna claims this will make you smarter if you eat it... I doubt that!

Another dish served for the Zombie Neopets who prefer their brain foods bland and not seasoned. A simple dough of the brain has been carefully arranged on a piece of crispy wrap. Once again, this dish is ketchup/chili/mustard-free. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these Wraps, perhaps you could drop by Edna's Tower. I hear she loves giving out Squishy Brain Wraps. However, you will probably have to complete one of her quests before she hands a Brain Wrap over to you.

Spaghetti and Brains

This messy dish has chunks of brain mixed in with the pasta.

For those Zombie Neopets who might not be into Soupy or Bread dishes, this Spaghetti and Brains dish might just do it or you! A thick creamy sauce glaze on high chunks of brains of pasta. While your usual pasta might be yellow in color, pasta in this dish is served in an interesting shade of blue. Certainly something different and unique for your Zombie pets to taste. We can guarantee the blue pasta tastes exactly just like any other pasta, so no need to be alarmed!

Pulsating Brain Custard

It is believed that heat trapped inside the custard is what makes it pulse, but no one really knows...

Let's leave the last treat to be something super sweet and wonder that will leave even the darkest Zombie Neopets dreaming of rainbows and unicorns. The Pulsating Brain Custard is incredibly sweet and creamy. We would like to caution pets who have sweet teeth to eat this dessert in EXTREME MODERATION! It can be extremely addictive. So Zombie Neopet owners, while this last dish may be an absolute delicious treat for your Zombie Neopets, you might definitely not want to serve it too often. Consuming desserts with high sugar on regular basis content may not be a wise thing for Zombie Neopets.

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