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'Tis the Season to Be Meepit

by anthropologicalworld


Disclaimer: I hereby swear that I have abided by the laws set forth in the 1996 Feepit Convention, and that this article was not designed to increase the prevalence of Meepit items in Neopian homes so that Meepits can achieve global domination.

As the holidays approach and a festive cheer fills the air, Neopians across the lands are preparing their bank accounts for the season of giving. Presents of all shapes and sizes will be purchased, wrapped, and then generously given away to surprised friends. This is a time of appreciation, where we thank each other for the positive moments spent, and where we warm our own hearts through the act of kindness towards others.

Yet there is one little petpet that is left out of all of this holiday cheer. A petpet just like any other, differing in no way other than reputation. A petpet so misunderstood that they have been shunned from society, cast out as a tyrannical force bent on taking over all of Neopia. But you see, my dear friends- this is simply not the case.

Meepits are not evil. Sure, they may have tried taking over the minds of every Neopet in existence, and occasionally they try to destroy the Feepit Empire. And sure, if you stare into their eyes long enough, you suddenly lose yourself and you start babbling about Jelly World and other such nonsensical conspiracies that everyone knows are rubbish. But this is very different than trying to achieve global domination, my friends. Because you see, if Meepits were set on global domination, they also would have attempted to take over the minds of every petpet in Neopia as well. Yet they didn't, and so I must ask, don't you think we should give them a chance?

At the very least, let us show our support by including Meepits in this year's holiday festivities. Now I'm not suggesting we buy each other Meepits- after all, who has two million neopoints just sitting around? What I am suggesting, rather, is that we find other, cost effective ways to be Meepit inclusive. And in the process, we may just inspire some of the more, er, temperamental Meepits to change for the better.

Here are some of the ways you can show your Meepit Support this holiday season:

1. Meepit Cookie Toss

Who doesn't love a delicious buttery Meepit Cookie? These sugary treats make the perfect gift, and are especially fun to toss at your friends. Buy a few batches, toss them in the direction of those you'd like to treat, and make on-looking Meepits feel good about themselves in the process. The best parts of these snacks are that they are healthy, lemony, and definitely not infused with Meepit Mind Control Cream.

2. Meepit Literature Appreciation

I know many Neopets whose favorite part of the holidays is curling up by the fire and listening to a nice story. So this year, when you read to your Neopet, read them the classic How to Serve Meepits. This fascinating and affordable book will surely entertain your pet, while also teaching them a valuable life lesson. Just don't get too caught up on what that lesson actually is.

3. Make Your Own Meepit Mansion

I know what you're thinking- how is making a mansion for yourself an act of kindness? Well, you see my friend, it is very important to be kind to everyone around the holidays, including yourself! Not to mention, your Neopets will also feel cozy and warm in a completely re-designed neohome! They can relax on a soft Meepit Chair, fall asleep atop a Meepit Bean Bag, and bask in the glow of a Meepit Lamp.

4. Give Your Neopet a Meepit Companion

Just because you don't have 2.4 million neopoints to spend doesn't mean you can't give your neopet a Meepit companion! Give them a Happy Meepit Plushie to play with, or redefine pet rocks by getting them a Meepit Painted Rock! If you're feeling especially generous, you might include in their customization a Hungry Hungry Meepit! By doing this, you will guarantee that their Meepit Companion is with them... always.

5. Send a Meepit-Themed NeoGreeting

Want to show a friend you care? Send them a Meepit-Themed NeoGreeting! There are plenty to choose from, including ones that say "You're the Best," "Very Berry Birthday" and "Just Thought I'd Say Hi." My personal favorite is the "I've Been Watching You" NeoGreeting. Nothing makes a friend feel more appreciated than knowing that you've been watching their every move, right?

6. Meepit Makeover

Do you know what every Neopet secretly aspires to be...? You guessed it: a Meepit. Help them achieve this goal by giving them a Meepit Makeover! Adorn their head with the fashionable and ill-named Creepy Meepit Hat, or go more all out with a Meepit Costume Headpiece! Thanks to the other wearables available, your pet will soon look identical to the endearing petpet. Once your neopet's Meepit Makeover is complete, groom them with Dramatic Meepit Eyeshadow, and allow them to admire their new look in a Meepit Mirror. I'm sure the minion- er, I mean, pet- with thank you for your kindness.

7. Random Acts of Meepit

Have some leftover Meepit items in your inventory? Donate them to the Money Tree! See a stranger on the Neoboards who's being particularly nice to everyone? Send them a Lucky Green Meepit Gnome! Feel like giving someone a compliment? Tell them they look like a Meepit! The possibilities are endless!


As I wrap up this article, I would like to remind you all once more that this is definitely not part of any elaborate evil plot. Rather, it is merely an attempt to spread kindness through the holidays while also including Meepits in all of the festivities. They deserve a nine-hundredth-and-seventy-second chance, just as any petpet would. So let go of your fears, get others on board, and commit some Random Acts of Meepit! In the process, help spread some holiday cheer, and be sure to thank those who give you Meepit-themed gifts. I'm sure that by following the advice of this article, you will have an absolutely wonderful holiday! Enjoy, my friends, as you discover the delight a Meepit can bring you.

*Thanks to the Jellyneo Item Database for making this article possible

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