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In the Spotlight! (From a Kadoatie's Perspective)

by kitty_power_2298


Hey there! I am the ever so famous Kitty. After hearing stories from my brother, Puppy, I am more than thrilled to finally meet you. In case you do not know, I am a pretty pink kadoatie. My brother is just a plain old puppyblew. I don't see what is so great about him. The last time, it was Puppy meeting you. This time, it is my turn to be in the spotlight!

     We are currently residing in a cozy neohome in Faerieland with our neopet, Emma the Blumaroo. At that time, she moved here because of her new job at the Faerieland. She takes extremely good care of us and always makes sure that we are both clean and well fed.

     Emma would occasionally enter me to the petpet spotlight. She grooms me very well. She is the best owner ever, if I do say so myself.

     To be fair to Puppy, she takes him for walks during the weekends. According to them, they enjoy seeing the clouds all around Faerieland. Puppy say it's the different shapes and sizes that intrigue him. He enjoy imagining the clouds as something else. For some odd reason, they find clouds so interesting. I, on the other hand, find it boring. To makes matters worse, Puppy loves being dirty and rolling all around the floor. Each time Puppy comes back from a walk, it looked as if he had been living rough. Smudges of dirt rimmed his face and his blue fur was in a wild disarray. I usually miss out on such walks as such things never took my interest. I would prefer spending my precious time combing my fur. After all, it has to be purr-fect. I would rather look at my own reflection in the mirror than play with Puppy. He is just so boring, words cannot describe it. I tell you, Puppy can put coffee to sleep. Geez!

     To clarify myself, I did try to talk to Puppy. I am most definitely not as cold as Taelia the snow faerie who makes Neopians work for her and do quests. I would talk to him about the latest petpet spotlight or what the latest trend in Uni's clothing shop was but he just never seems to understand. His lifeless reaction purely annoys me.

     The familiar sound of keys jingled at the door once again. It must be Emma bringing dinner home! I greeted her at the door as always but lately she has been looking dreadfully weary. As her loyal petpet, I do worry for her. She laid out our food and called out to us. After feeling peckish all day, I am yearning for a lovely dinner. But to my horror, when I saw my food, it was just normal canned food. What happened to luxurious delights she used to give us? I used to be able to sniff out the aroma of the good food before. It seems to have changed.

     Before, Puppy would pick out stories for Emma to read to us. She would always keep us company before bed. Now, Emma has been out of sorts. She explained to us that work was piling up at the Faerie Employment Agency. To make matters worse, her sister has been sick so travelling to and fro between Faerieland and Neopia Central to take care of her sister. I could see Emma was worn out from fatigue. This kept up for a while now making Puppy and me very worried.

      One day, my owner told us that she would be moving in with her sister all the way back in Neopia Central. I was more than thrilled! Living in a brand new home with new shops! But wait, something was wrong. I could see the heart wrenching pain in Emma's eyes. She slowly explained and she would not be able to bring us. The news came crashing down just like when Xandra had Faerieland destroyed. I was utterly appalled. How could she! Was she abandoning us? She reasoned to us that she was moving in with her sister where she couldn't take petpets. Furthermore, she was worried we wouldn't be able to take the long distance journey. But Emma always loved us. She wouldn't want us to starve and go hungry. She decided to put us for adoption. Emma was against selling us because to her we were priceless. Putting up for adoption seemed like the better choice she had. She decided to have advertisements put up in the Neopian times to see if both puppy and I would get adopted to other pets.

     Puppy and my eyes met. I was almost positive both of us had the same fear and worry. I had never imagined that such a day would come. What would happen to the both of us? Leaving this house? Leaving Emma? This problem had me bogged down all day. I could not eat, I could not sleep. Lack of food and sleep isn't good for a pretty kadoatie like me. I had been with Emma since day one. On the other hand, puppy was being found lost and hungry along the clouds one day while going home. Emma was always with us. Not having her meant everything would change. No one would be there for us.

     Unfortunately, the clock doesn't stop ticking. Just like any other day, the Blumaroo went to work at the Agency in the early morning. I saw Puppy lying down whimpering away. He probably did not get much sleep too. He must be just as sad as I am.

     Later that day, a Maraquan Draik came by to our house. Emma said he was her colleague at work. He was a kind hearted Neopian who was willing to adopt a petpet after hearing Emma's story. I could never imagine being with him. We loved Emma and Emma only. What's more being with a Maraquan Draik would wet my fur. Does it mean we have to go to Maraqua? I shuddered at the thought. Puppy liked being dirty and rolling on the floor. He seemed hostile to that draik. The Draik came to see us and a while later bid farewell.

      The next day, there was a knock on the door. It turned out to be a brown Xweetok. He claimed to have seen the advertisement at the job agency after his soccer game. He love sports and he seemed fond of Puppy. The two of them got along great. But I hated him. I hated sports and walks at the park. I could see the happiness in Puppy despite the short time they spent together.

     Hours later, there was another knock on the door, a red Xweetok walked in. She said she wanted to see the petpets too. She seems.. nice. Fairly well groomed too. As much as I hate to say it, I'll admit I like the fabulous scarf she was wearing. After spending sometime with her, I realized she wasn't half bad but still, she was not Emma.

     Unfortunately for the both of us, time was running out. Emma had to attend to her ill sister and she planned to leave next week.

     There was another knock on the door. It came to point that I was getting tired of various Neopians coming to see Puppy and me. As much as I enjoyed the spotlight, this felt horrible. The same brown Xweetok decided to adopt a petpet.

     Oh well. At least Puppy is even going to a home, I thought. To my shock, he was adopting me. What?! I was completely stunned. Why was he adopting me instead of Puppy? Great, just great. Now I have to have this for an owner, I thought.

     Emma gave him my things and instructed him on my feeding times. The Xweetok introduced himself as Daniel. He brought me home to his room. When I entered, one word came to my mind. Messy. How was I suppose to be in this room. There was a soccer ball on the floor, books strewn sporadically on the table and the bed was simply untidy. However, the brown Xweetok shocked me. He put a ribbon around my neck.

     Well, that was the least he could do as a welcome present, I thought.

     I was in my new owner's room all day. I saw him practicing his dribbling and doing exercises. I started to feel very bored. That night, Daniel brought me downstairs for my dinner. I saw the living room was filled with balloons and streamers. I was not used to this. Back at my old home, the 3 of us would have a quiet dinner. But wait.. what was that smell? My nose picked up a familiar scent. I turned around and saw Puppy!

     I greeted him with an unconfined joy. Despite our differences, it was always welcoming to see a familiar face. I suppose unknowingly, I already treated Puppy as my brother. Puppy would not be puppy if he did not have usual lifeless reactions or rolling around and being dirty. Behind Puppy was the same red Xweetok. Both Puppy and I were exchanged and before I knew it, I was in the hands of the little red Xweetok. The brown Xweetok explained to me that today was their birthday. He had planned to adopt me for his twin sister. Unknowingly, his sister adopted Puppy for him too.

     "So much for twin telepathy!" laughed the red Xweetok. "Hi Kitty! My name is Danielle and I am your new owner. I hope we can be good friends," she smiled warmly. I jumped into her arms swiftly. Puppy was very happy being with Daniel.

     That night I slept with Danielle in her bed with silk sheets. It definitely beats being in Daniel's messy room but I was almost certain Puppy would enjoy it. She even brushed me before bed! Oh! How I loved the attention she was giving me. I lay in bed silently and looked at my new owner who was already fast asleep. I knew she was not Emma but I like Danielle. I know Emma had her difficulties but I also know I am in good hands. I loved Emma and will always love Emma but for now, I am ready to be in Danielle's spotlight.

The End

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