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The Ten Best Peophin Colours

by nadira_cute


We've seen them all: their elegant, flowing, manes, their swishing tails, their beautiful posture, their enchanting eyes... Well, this list could go on forever, but hey, you've probably guessed what I'm talking about by now, eh? Peophins! People tend to look past their beauty and into the eyes of higher-tiered species, but I digress! They are one of the prettiest Neopets, don't you agree? In my opinion, every Neopian needs to own at least one. Why, you ask? Well, They're amazing pets to customize, nice to look at, and fun to make stories about. What more could you ask for?

So, without further ado, in case you ever think of adopting a Peophin,I'll now present to you ten colors this Neopet looks absolutely fabulous in. (Not that Peophins don't look amazing in pretty much everything, actually... But that's beyond the point)

And... Ta-da! *melodramatic drumroll*

10. Woodland Peophin

They do quite resemble trees, don't they? I love their woody bodies and leafy manes! I'd very much like one to keep in my Neohome as a decoration, hee hee. But I do sometimes wonder how they manage to swim? It must be very hard, with their stiff wooden limbs. Or do they just bob along in the water? Hmm...

Overall Rating: 6/10

9. Pirate Peophin

Yarr! This is one feisty Peophin. Often found sailing the seas, this Neopet never forgets to finish off her look with a feathered hat. I find it a very clever choice of clothes! One look at this pirate, and she makes sure you don't forget: "I look fragile, but messing with me will earn you a visit to the Neopian Hospital." You don't wanna anger this one.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

8. Water Peophin

They look so delicate and pretty, almost as if like glass. But keep in mind: don't judge a book by its cover. These Peophins may be shy, but can be just as snappy as a Pirate. Although you may be tempted to, do not, by all means, try to stick your fingers through their watery bodies. They might get angry and try to bite your fingers off. An angry Peophin is never pleasant to be around with!

Overall Rating: 7/10

7. Faerie Peophin

Ahhh my Fyora! Look at those glorious wings! With their brilliant white manes and lavender bodies, I cannot think of a more brilliant color scheme that shouts out 'Faerie Peophin'. It gives this adorable creature a calm, relaxed and soothing look-perfect for customizing. Plus, their wings also add a playful tinge to them, whilst keeping it simple. It's a nice breath of fresh air from the other complicatedly decorated pets in Neopia. TNT did brilliantly on this one!

Overall Rating: 7/10

6. Baby Peophin

This little creature looks too adorable for words! Firstly, look at that sweet smile. Who could say no to that? And those gigantic eyes! With that smile and those eyes combined, this Neopet would have the power to take over the world if it wanted to, don't you think? But if that's still not enough for you-have you seen the tiny, cute tail a Baby Peophin wiggles behind it as it swims? Every little thing about this creature just shouts the word 'adorable' at you!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

5. Eventide Peophin

Holy Kau! How gorgeous are these Peos! Don't they remind you of sunsets and rainbows? These Peophins are rather careful with their appearance. They take extra care in making sure that they go out everyday looking breathtaking, and they don't fail to do so. The sight of their blinding body colors could make even Fyora faint!

Overall Rating: 8/10

4. Desert Peophin

These Peophins hold their head high with pride, and who says they don't deserve to? My favourite thing about Desert Peophins are their braided manes. It gives them a sense of exoticness, and definitely makes them seem all the more desert-like. Besides that, I'm in love with their outfits! With a color scheme that seems to shine, Desert Peophins very much seem to resemble desert princesses. Elegant and extravagant-aren't they glorious? In fact, in my opinion, I think Desert Peophins are one of the most unique Neopets in Neopia.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

3. Chocolate Peophin

We're now entering the Top 3's! The third on the list is going to the Chocolate Peophin. Mm, they look absolutely delicious and sweet(literally!), with whipped cream and cherry on top to finish off the chocolatey-look. Add chocolate sprinkles and a million-watt smile, and this Peophin looks utterly yummy! Careful, though. No matter how tempted, make sure you don't take a bite. I doubt they like being eaten.

Overall Rating: 9/10

2. Plushie Peophin

Aww, look how lovable and squishy this stuffed plushie looks! Casting one glance at it will definitely impulse you to give it a long, hard hug. Well, that's what I felt like when I saw it! I mean, who doesn't love it's colorful scheme? Plus, look at those fiery red ropes of hair. Boy, I want one! Maybe I should start saving up for a Plushie Paint Brush? I do need a Neopet to cuddle at night. These will fit the role perfectly!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Before I present to you my favourite Peophin color, let's do a quick overview of what we've gone over so far. Have you seen something that catches your eye yet?

10.. Woodland Peophin (You could mistake them for trees if you aren't careful.)

9. Pirate Peophin (This is one feisty pirate. Make sure she doesn't steal any of your loot!)

8. Water Peophin (How stunning are these delicate little creatures?)

7. Faerie Peophin (Simple, yet elegant. A flying Peophin? Now that's something you don't see everyday.)

6. Baby Peophin (Awww, aren't they adorable! How could anyone dislike such a cutie?)

5. Eventide Peophin (Three letters: W-O-W. The very sight of them makes me cower!)

4. Desert Peophin (Exotically beautiful, these Peophins look like creatures lost in time.)

3. Chocolate Peophin (Yum! Those sure do look sweet. Chocolate and a Peophin-two of my favorites combined together.)

2. Plushie Peophin (Eurrrghhh, I want to squeeze one so bad. They sure do look pretty nice to hug!)

Don't see your favorite Peo here? Well, if you haven't fallen in love with one yet, Peo number one is sure to make the cut! Try and make a guess what the Peophin placed 1st.

Now, for the Grand Finale, dan-dan-dan! *dim the lights!*

1. Royalgirl Peophin

Yup, you heard me right! From head to tail, these Royalgirl Peophins definitely deserve to place 1st! Where should I start? Well, it has a color scheme as brilliant and soothing as a Faerie Peophin. But that's not all! At the very same time, it has clothes as exotic as a Desert Peophin's, if not silkier. Just look at those beautiful blushing cheeks, it doesn't handle compliments very well. How can one not want a Royalgirl Peophin? This Peo seems to be very shy and prim, though, so take extra care in talking to her. You wouldn't want to upset a princess, would you?

Overall Rating: 10/10

Well, that's it for Neopia's Adorable's Peophins, folks! Made up your mind to go and get yourself a pretty Peo yet? I hope so. Though these colors may be quite pricey, they'll be very much worth the costs, I promise. Good luck, fellow Neopians, and til next time!

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