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Grooming Your Usul

by insane000illusions


With Usul Day swiftly approaching, I thought everyone might need a few pointers on taming the fluffy tail of our favorite little tree dwelling friends! Here are a few things that you'll need and some tips on how to use them to make your Usul look fabulous, not only on Usul Day, but all year round!

Groom Me NOW Usul

To start off with, I recommend using a Groom Me NOW Usul toy. At first this toy may look a little intimidating, and let's face it, downright demanding; however, when you start off by using the Groom Me NOW Usul toy, you get in some much needed practice. You don't want to accidently make a mistake and pull your Usul's tail hair, do you? The toy is a simulation of how it will be to care for and groom your very own Usul. Instructions for use are included with the toy. Don't have your very own Usul but still want to follow along with me and learn about Usul grooming? Well, then the Groom Me NOW Usul toy is for you and reasonably priced at only 600 neopoints.

Usul Exfoliating Brick

The next step in grooming your Usul requires the Usul Exfoliating Brick. Start off by soaking your Usul's feet in warm water. After about ten minutes of soaking gently rub the Usul Exfoliating Brick on each of your Usul's feet for at least five minutes, or until they are super smooth. Then rinse your Usul's feet thoroughly. Pay special attention not to tickle your Usul's feet too much when using the Exfoliating Brick; you might accidently get kicked in the face. The Usul Exfoliating Brick can be purchased for as low as 120 neopoints.

Pink Usul Soap

Next move on to the Pink Usul Soap. I know what you're thinking, but Pink Usul Soap is not just for pink Usuls (and it will not turn your Usul pink either; that requires a Pink Paint Brush and a trip to the Rainbow Fountain). Take the Pink Usul Soap and rub it vigorously between your hands, creating a thick lather. Then take the pretty pink lather and work it deep into your Usul's coat. Make sure you rinse all the Pink Usul Soap away. Also make sure to avoid contact with your Usul's eyes or they may end up at the Neopian Hospital with a bad case of Watery Eyes. Get your Usul this amazing Pink Usul Soap for simple 250 neopoints.

Usul Tail Shampoo

Now we'll move on to what might be the most important step to grooming your Usul. The first thing that most people notice about a Usul is the fluffiness of their tail. Now you can make certain that you Usul has the fluffiest fluffiness of all! Use this cherry scented Usul tail Shampoo just like you would the Pink Usul Soap, only this time pay special attention to your Usul's tail only. Make sure you work the shampoo deep into your Usul's tail and create a thick foamy lather. Rinse your Usul's tail until no more shampoo comes out, and repeat if desired. Usul Tail Shampoo is on sale now for just 225 neopoints.

Island Usul Bubble Bath

You're done with the hard part and now comes a little relaxation for your Usul. This Island Usul Bubble Bath will take away any stress your Usul might have and puts them on their own little relaxation Island (Will not make your Usul Island color, that requires an Island Paint Brush and a trip to the Rainbow Fountain). Add two caps full into a nice warm bath. Let your Usul relax until they decide to get out, or until their feet get pruney. You can get the Island Usul Bubble Bath for only 2995 neopoints (and nothing says you can't take a couple of caps full of relaxation yourself!).

Yellow Usul Hair Brush

Once your Usul is all done with their relaxation vacation in the bath, it's time to start the hard part. Use the Yellow Usul Hair brush to brush out and style your Usul's hair. Make sure to pay special attention to your Usul's tail. It's time to work on that fluffiness. Start at the base of your Usul's tail and work your way up. Make sure you move slowly and don't pull to hard against any tangles that you might find. Then it's time to add that signature Usul tail bow! Yellow Usul Hair Brushes are currently going for 8.5k.

Pink Usul Nail Varnish

Now that you've got the fluffiness of your Usul's tail up to par it's time to put on some finishing touches. Take a moment to apply the Pink Usul Nail Varnish to your Usul's nails. Make sure that your Usul holds very still while you apply the varnish. It may take one to two minutes to dry. A second coat of varnish might be needed in order to make the color brighter. You can get Pink Usul Nail Varnish in the marketplace for only 250 neopoints.

Cloud Usul Perfume

Now that you have your Usul looking fabulous, why not having them smelling fabulous as well? You can take this Cloud Usul Perfume and lightly spray in the air. Have your Usul walk into the scented cloud in order to lightly cover their coat. Then no matter where your Usul goes they will leave the delicious scent in their trail. Buy your Usul the Cloud Usul Perfume for 4.7k.

Now that your Usul is clean, relaxed, and looking (and smelling) awesome it's time to talk about an important part of Usul grooming. No Usul wants to disappoint the Tooth Faerie. How do you help your Usul keep from disappointing the Tooth Faerie? Well, you make sure your Usul uses the Tooth Faerie Toothbrush twice a day. The magical Tooth Faerie tooth brush will last forever and only costs 5k! When paired with Tooth Faerie Mouth Wash (also 5k) your Usul will have the best breath in town and make the Tooth Faerie proud!

If you follow everything here, your Usul will be happy and healthy. You can walk around Neopia with your fluffy tailed friend catching everyone's eye. I hope you and your Usul have a very happy Usul Day!

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