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9 Most Popular Xweetok Colours

by katie_kitkabug


With Xweetok Day coming up, one of Neopia's most popular pets is being given quite a bit of attention. No one can deny that Xweetoks are adorable with their long, soft fur and beautiful eyes. Of course, let's not forget about their lovely fur colours and patterns. However, that note brings up one of the most common debates in Neopia: what colour is best? Some are graceful, a few frightening, some simple, and many cute. All are wonderful in their own ways. This question made me curious; what was generally considered the best Xweetok colour? To celebrate this adorable Neopet's pet day, I went off to conduct a poll.

I found that almost every colour was favored by someone. The are so many options that the numbers were very close, and many tied and I could not place them in a definite order. As a compromise of sorts, I have ranked them in places fourth to first, with fourth having the most. Please note that within each group the colours are in no particular order.

On to the results!

Fourth Place


Our first Xweetok is the White Xwee. She has a very simple design, just white fur with a couple thin black stripes on her back. Simple, of course, does not mean boring. Like most White pets, she is easy to customise due to nothing clashing with her fur colour. The only spot of colour is her light blue eyes. Fans of the White Xwee complemented these eyes, saying that they are striking and stand out well against her fur. Simple but elegant, she can be anything from a common pet to a princess.

Basic Colours

This probably comes as a surprise, but the basic colours received a fair amount of support. Due to the similarity of these colours, I decided they should be counted together. Their designs are also simple, but not bland. Each one has brown fur and a coloured stripe on their back. A few complemented their eyes as well, especially the Red Xwee. Many basic pets are a bit plain or solid-coloured. The Xweetoks, however, have a lovely forest look even without a paint brush.


Here we have a fairly new colour, Elderly. Many of the Elderly pets were not received well. Not the Elderlygirl Xweetok, though. With an elegant hair style and a cute polka-dot dress, she was an immediate favorite. Her fans called her cute and realistic. Everyone loves a paint brush that comes with its own outfit. She looks best in a home setting, and the right customization can make her look just like your favorite grandma, ready to hug you and give you cookies. You can also get the "get off my lawn!" look that the paint brush was named for with her, if that's more your style.


Next up is the lovely Desert Xwee. Like most of the Desert pets, her fur is a nice sand color. Her eyes, especially the markings around them, are the favorite aspect of this colour for many people. The gold jewelry the colour comes with are also a favorite. Many are fond of using this colour as part of a cross-paint. Of course, she looks stunning when left as painted Desert, with the fur colour matching many outdoor themes and the eyes and jewelry matching more elegant outfits.


The final Xweetok in fourth place, but by far not least, is the Chocolate Xwee. She comes with a beautiful dark brown coat, and that fluffy whipped cream people love Chocolate pets for. She manages to look tasty while still keeping her long, soft fur. This colour is liked for being fairly detailed but not too busy. The colours on her tail go well together and the sprinkles help add some cuteness and detail to the whipped cream. Many customizations with this one focus on the edible aspect, though that dark brown fur goes well with fancy evening wear.

Third Place


Here we have the opposite of the Elderly pet, the lovable Baby Xwee. The lilac and cream colours on her fur work well together, and her big baby doll eyes are irresistible. Top that off with the tiny blue bow and the innocent baby look is complete the minute you paint your Xwee. The only downside to this cutie is the restriction on customization, though with the right background you don't really need a fancy customization for her. If you do want clothes for her, the NC Mall has released many adorable outfits and accessories over the years that look wonderful.


And here is the complete opposite of the Baby Xwee's cuteness; the Mutant Xwee. That is not to say that the Mutant Xwee does not have his charms of course. Mutant pets have quite a following that can be surprising the first time you meet a Mutant fan. The primary complement for this one is the "demented rat look," as one fan said. And you must agree that such a look is strong with him. With his chewed ears, squished nose, rat tail, big teeth and squinted eyes, many would run from this pet. The people who choose to get close to this guy discover that behind the crazy expression is a perfectly normal Xweetok. For customization, that crazed look can be combined with cave or laboratory backgrounds for dramatic effects. Like the Baby Xwee, this guy has a clothing limitation. The NC Mall again comes to the rescue of those who must have clothes for their pets.

Second Place


In second place, we have the ever popular Pirate Xwee. His base look consists of some wonderful shades of grey and a hair style that all his fans adore. Add the shirt, earring and markings to that and he truly looks like he belongs on a ship. He is one of the few Pirate pets that managed to hang on to all of his paws. His fans complemented him as looking rough and ready for adventure. This is another colour that is popular with cross-painters, though many prefer the Pirate colour by itself for that hair and smirk. He also has the advantage of clothes not clashing with his grey fur. Depending on the customization, he can look like anything from a hardened criminal to an adventurer to a civilized lord.

First Place


Finally, there is the Faerie Xwee. The most popular by a landslide, the Faerie Xwee sports lovely shades of teal and brown fur, beautiful fur patterns, cute wings and antennae. Her UC pose is adored for the playful, graceful, ethereal look. Like all UCs, she suffers an inability to wear clothes, but with a cloud, Faerieland, or castle themed background, you don't need any. Her converted pose is wonderful in its own way. Although more normal looking than the UC, the colours and wings still speak for themselves. She offers endless customizations. The antennae poke through wigs, allowing almost any hair style to go with a forest sprite look. Cute, playful looks work out very well, suggesting a nymph or pixie. An elegant dress, in the right colour, looks amazing and makes her more stunning than a Royal pet. The darks of the teal fur and brown markings work with darker themes as well. Faerie Xwees can wear just about anything well.

This concludes the top nine most popular Xweetok colours. Every colour is beautiful in some way. What others adore may be your least favorite; do not be ashamed of that. Any colour that comes out after this will probably be gorgeous as well. One note I feel I must share is that a few people expressed a desire for a Water Xweetok. The one issue with the species appears to be the lack of a water-themed colour. Hopefully, this will be remedied sometime soon, and I am sure that that Xweetok would join this list, making it a top ten. So go out, admire a few Xweetoks, maybe get one if you don't own one, and enjoy your Xweetok Day.

Author's note: Thank you to everyone on the Help Chat who responded to my polls and made this article possible! =)

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