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10 Neopoint Alternatives to Wintry Neocash Items

by star138


Also by silly_mistake

Everyone loves Neocash items from the NC Mall to customize their pets. But not everyone has the real money to spend on these fab virtual items. This article shows ten Neopoint alternative to some fun NC wearable items for winter.

Neocash Item 1: New Years in Terror Mountain Background

Why we like it: New Years in Terror Mountain Background is fabulous for so many reasons, the light lit sky, the cute little town and all the ice and snow!

Neopoint Alternative: Scenic Mountain Top Background

Why it works: The Scenic Mountain Top Background has the same look and feel as the New Years in Terror Mountain Background. It shares the same beautiful light lit sky and ice ground. While Scenic Mountain Top Background is missing the cute little town, does have darker colored ice and it's a lot easier to work more foregrounds and background items in.

Neocash Item 2: Dark Winter Wig and Beanie

Why we like it: Dark Winter Wig and Beanie is a great wig if you want your pet to be ready for the outdoors. Hats, after all, are very important to keep warm in the cold. This one is especially fun because the beanie is even flecked with snow. However, since it is an NC item and retired besides, it might not be the easiest to find.

Neopoint Alternative: Dark Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig

Why it works: The Dark Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig is a great alternative. It still has the dark hair and hat look that will translate well in a winter customization. Dark Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig was a sponsored site event Prize and can be found by searching on the Trading Post. There is also a Light Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig although we don't think it works quite as nicely in winter looks.

Neocash Item 3: Knitted Grey Caplet

Why we like it: A lot of customizations with snowy backgrounds demand some kind of outerwear for your pet. But with so many pretty dresses and gowns, who wants to cover up with a bulky coat all the time? Caplets (sometimes called Capelets) from the NC Mall are a great option since they cover the neck and shoulders but still show off most of a pet's dress. The Knitted Grey Caplet is especially nice for winter with its soft grey color and snowflake accent.

Neopoint Alternative : Simple Snowflake Cape

Why it works: Did you know that if you visit the Advent Calendar every day in the Month of Giving (December) you can receive a variety of item prizes? This is a great way to get fun things like Neopoint Wearables and even some avatars. The Simple Snowflake Cape is one of our favorite neopoint wearables. It looks warm and cozy, has a neutral color and it features a fun snowflake just like its Neocash counterpart. Because Simple Snowflake Cape was a recent Advent Calendar Prize it can also be found for a reasonable price on the Shop Wizard!

Neocash Item 4: Winter Thermal Shirt and Vest

Why we like it: If you enjoy putting fun skirts and shoes (or trousers and shoes!) on your pet, this thermal shirt and vest is a nice choice for their upper half. It has bright colors and it works with lots of different customization ideas.

Neopoint Alternative: Hansos Thief Jacket

Why it works: Now we know what you're thinking. Hansos Thief Jacket doesn't look very much like the Winter Thermal Shirt and Vest. But we still think it's a great NP alternative. Although the colors and sleeves are different, this jacket still gives a layered look. It still works with a variety of themes. While your pet might need a long-sleeved shirt underneath (or some gloves) this jacket can go a lot farther than just helping your pet dress up as everyone's favorite reformed thief. This jacket was originally a prize from The Faerie's Ruin Plot/Site Event and can be found at the Trading Post.

Neocash Item 5: Candy Cane Tights and Tutu

Why we like it: Everyone loves a flouncy tutu! With red and white striped tights and a full skirt this combination can dress up any holiday customization.

Neopoint Alternative: Holiday Tutu

Why it works: This is another Advent Calendar prize that is easy on the Neopian Bank Account. Holiday Tutu has a beautiful red skirt with white snowflake accents and white ruffles. While it does not include tights, it is almost identical to the Neocash Candy Cane Tights and Tutu in every other way.

Neocash Item 6: Blue Snowflake Skirt

Why we like it: This a ruffly skirt in a dark color that makes it appropriate for multiple looks. Since it is blue it also works well if you want a wintry customization that isn't too Christmasy.

Neopoint Alternative : Snowflake Skirt

Why it works: Really, you can't find two items that are more similar. Snowflake Skirt is a lighter, aqua color but it will still work in any situation where you find yourself pining for a Blue Snowflake Skirt. Snowflake Skirt is another Advent Calendar prize that's easy to find on the Shop Wizard. Bonus: It has a matching shirt called Snowflake Shirt.

Neocash Item 7: Dashing Gothic Jacket

Why we like it: Of course, there are lots of ways to customize a pet for winter that have nothing to do with snow or the holiday season. If you just want a coat to keep your Neopet warm (and looking dashing) you could do worse than the Dashing Gothic Jacket from the NC Mall

Neopoint Alternative: Fancy Frock Coat

Why it works: Yet another Advent calendar prize, this is one of our favorite Neopian coats. It has a nice bright red color and fancy trim on the edges. Because it is a frock coat it also has sweeping appearance and long length of the Dashing Gothic Jacket. Gold epaulettes and trim adds a nice touch to make sure your Neopet looks fancy (and dare we say just a little bit dashing?).

Neocash Item 8: Terror Mountain Frame

Why we like it: Terror Mountain Frame is super lovely. One of the nicest frames from the NC Mall Mystery Capsule Adventure. The light blue color and crystals make it perfect for winter.

Neopoint Alternative: Ice Formation Frame

Why it works: While Terror Mountain Frame is a lighter shade of blue and has clearer crystals and Ice Formation Frame is darker, and has more smooth edged crystals, they are both really similar in shape. While one maybe easier to find than the other, you be the judge on which one is more worth the find!

Neocash Item 9: Terror Mountain Team Scarf

Why we like it: Everybody loves the Altador Cup, but not everyone joins Team Terror Mountain, so you probably didn't get the Terror Mountain Team Scarf from back in 2012. The scarf is super lovely in color and has that long warm look everyone loves.

Neopoint Alternative: Warm Winter Scarf

Why it works: Warm Winter Scarf has the same length, same stripes pattern and almost the exact same look that the Terror Mountain Team Scarf has, but it has different shades of blues. Warm Winter Scarf was a beautiful gift given from the Advent Calendar in 2012 and will truly keep you warm all winter long.

Neocash Item 10: Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape

Why we like it: Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape is perfect for winter customization or a mysterious look. The long cloak gives a fuller and more covered look to most pets.

Neopoint Alternative: Thieves Hood

Why it works: Thieves Hood has the exact same feel as Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape, but that could be because Kanrik is a member of the Thieves Guild! While the Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape has the fuller look, the Thieves Hood allows for more clothing to be visible and may arguably be easier to work with.

Whether you can afford NC items or not, these items are some great options for your next winter customization.

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