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Nimmos Pond Guide to Earning the Avatar

by hungriest


NIMMO'S POND: You're the Nimmo. Your world is the pond. You're nestled on a lily pad (let's pretend it's a gold-plated cruise ship to make things exciting), which just happens to be your comfort zone and the barrier keeping you away from the enemy. The objective of the game is to protect yourself by shooting out ammo until you break the lilies drifting towards you down into nothing; if you're hit, your health goes down. If you've played this game before, you know it can be very time-consuming and unpredictable, usually ending just a few points away from snagging up that lovely avatar. What most people don't know is that it is a very simple game. If you know the tricks and strategies, you will be able to earn that avatar in no time - or even one of three trophies!

Game play:

The lily pad that your character is positioned on is able to be controlled to move about the screen. This is done using the up, down, left and right arrow keys. Although moving around the pond is an option, if you want to at least pass level one I recommend staying where you are throughout the entire game and only using the left and right arrow keys to spin your Nimmo. Trust me, I have earned the avatar/trophy which was easy-as-pie but if I were to move around the pond I would fail the game in about ten seconds. However, if there is a powerup close by for the breaks, I usually tend to move the up arrow key so that I am completely in the centre and get the powerup, so I stop in the centre. This helps you have more room between you and the bottom of the screen so you won't be surprised from an attack from behind you and not have enough room or time to respond to it.

You shoot by pressing the space bar; it's all pretty simple. You also begin with 3 bombs, you can use these by pressing the 'B' key at any time. If I were you, try to save these bombs for as long as you can unless the lily pads start off too close to you to shoot them in time. If you do use them, retrieve them as soon as you can via powerups they are very useful.

Powerups can be obtained pressing the 'V' key which sticks out your Nimmos tongue to collect them, considering they are close enough to you. Like I said, do not move around the pond. If there is a powerup you need, wait for it to come to you. If you are in need of health, shoot all of the lilies except maybe a few tiny ones so you have time to wait for the powerups you need to come towards you before advancing onto the next level.

You have a 'health bar' and a 'paddle power' bar at the bottom of your screen. Try to keep your health up to the top for as long as you can. If you're on level two and you're almost out of the game you should just restart. Your paddle power decreases when you move, even when you're spinning. Don't go crazy and spin as if you're trying to make yourself dizzy because if it runs out your game will end. If it is low, stop and don't move and wait for it to go back up, or you can collect the paddle power powerup (wow that's a mouth-full!).

Power ups:

There are seven powerups you can obtain during the game.

Health- this will increase your health by a little bit, even if you have only been hit once I suggest collecting the health to try to keep it full at all times.

Paddle power- increases your paddle power, however remaining still will increase your power also.

Bomb- you can only hold 3 bombs at a time, so if you are missing any collecting this powerup will give you 1 bomb.

Green ammo- this is the default weapon you begin with, I wouldn't get these unless you've just started the game and there aren't any other powerups and you need to make your ammo stronger.

Multiple shot (yellow ammo)- Get these. This is the key to winning. This allows you to shoot more than one bullet at once, you are unstoppable if you have this. If you collect the powerup and another yellow ammo powerup comes by, get it. You can collect up to 5 of any ammo but this will increase your range and lilies can slip through and get you. I recommend upgrading to shot level 3 or 4, if the lilies are going through the gaps just wiggle around to get them.

Super bullets (orange single ammo)- These are useless, do not get them at all. They only fire in a certain range as a single shot and it is just absolutely useless in my opinion.

Breaks (speed reset)- This stops your Nimmo from moving, you won't need this, unless you're accidently moving or you want to position yourself centre of screen and the powerup is there to grab.


1. Keep your health points full at all times, don't wait until you're about to fail the game to grab some health powerups, even if you're hit once and there is a health powerup floating by, get it.

2. STAY STILL. You don't stand a chance if you're moving around the screen, stay still and only spin to shoot the lilies.

3. Only collect the powerups when they are in your range, don't move after them.

4. Collect about 3 or 4 of the yellow ammo powerups, this is the key to that snazzy avatar.

5. Use your bombs if the lilies start off too close for you to shoot before they hit you.

6. Aim for the lilies that are heading towards you to shoot first, yes there may be a lily the size of half the screen but if it's headed the other way and there's a small lily about to hit you, shoot the small one first.

7. When you get past levels 20+ in the game, lilies tend to float towards you at break-neck speed, when the screen is counting down the next level start shooting at different directions, this helps in case there is one about to come for you when it starts.

You need 4,000+ points to earn the avatar, which is usually around level 27. Make sure your score is past that before ending the game to send your score. Through these simple steps and a bit of practice, you will earn that avatar in no time!

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