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Math Based Tyranu Evavu Guide

by mazaii_3


Somewhere in Tyrannia, Uggsul, Jarbjarb and Oogaroo are your prehistorical hosts while playing the card game Tyranu Evavu. In this game, many people struggle really hard to get the avatar or even understand how the game mechanics work. Tired of trying Tyranu Evavu every single day and not being rewarded proportionally to your effort? Want a brand new trophy for your profile? That avatar is being tough? Check below how to improve your logical skills and how to beat all obstacles in this tricky game.


Tyranu Evavu is an extremely simple Tyrannian card game. It consists in guessing correctly if the face down card is "Tyranu" (higher) or "Evavu" (lower) than the face up card. In order to play with cards that show some (adorable) Neopian characters, you will have to pay 30 neopoints.


Based on a 52-deck, you have a total of 13 kinds of cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and the Ace) distributed in 4 different suits. The strategy is minimalist: above 8, guess "Evavu", below 8, guess "Tyranu", equal to 8, think about the remaining cards. Guessing "Tyranu" in below-8 cards is wiser because there will be a higher number of cards between the 13 that has a higher value than the one you have face up (exemplifying, if you pick a 3, only the 2 can make your answer wrong, all the other cards are going to make your guess correct) . The same applies while guessing "Evavu" in above-8 cards (exemplifying, if you pick a J, only the Q, the K and the Ace can make your answer wrong, all the other cards are going to make your guess correct). Finally, you really have to think when the card you have gotten is an 8. Because it is exactly in the middle of the values, 6 cards below, six above. So, you must pay attention in the cards already used during the game: if you have gotten many 2s, 3s, 4s, it's much more probable that the cards you are going to guess are high values. Check the next topic to see, in details, the math involved in Tyranu Evavu.


Trusting the odds is your main tool while playing Tyranu Evavu. Luckily, if you can understand some math and apply that knowledge during the game, it's done: no more premature losing. Using a real example, let's suppose that your first card to guess is a 4. If you choose "Tyranu", the best logical choice, your winning probability is exactly 83,3%. Didn't get it? Follow the reasoning: the favorable cards are anything higher than 4 (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and the Ace); this way there are 10 cards repeated 4 times each of them due to the suits, what gives you a total of 40 favorable cards. In this case, the universe of cards are 48. You read it right, 48, not 52. Why? Because you (obviously) can't pick the same card that is face up, plus the fact that in Tyranu Evavu draw is impossible. This means that if the card you can see is a 4 Diamonds, the card you must guess has a 0% chance of being a 4 from any other suits (Spades, Hearts and Clubs). So, 40 favorable cards in a universe of 48, gives you 5/6 or 83,3% of winning rate. The same math can be applied to any card of any suit, you just have to worry about the order: is it the first card you're guessing? The fifth? For example, if the third card that Jarbjarb want you to guess is a 7 Spades, should you choose "Tyranu" or "Evavu"? Whether you had kept notes about the previous cards of the round, you can determine precisely your winning probabilities. Let's say it was a 10 Diamonds and a Q Clubs. Choosing "Evavu" leave you with 20 favorable cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 repeated 4 times each value) in a universe of 46 (52 cards from the original deck, less the 7s from each suit, less the 2 cards you already guessed and that are out of the game). That's a 20/46 or 43,47% of winning rate. Also, keep in mind that suits have no influence in the game dynamics. In the other side, choosing "Tyranu" leave you with 26 favorable cards (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and the Ace repeated 4 times each one, less the 2 cards you already guessed) in a universe of 46 (52 cards from the original deck, less the 7s from each suit, less the 2 cards you already guessed and that are out of the game). That's a 26/46 or a 56,53% of winning rate. You may have noticed that paying attention to the previous cards only have a decisive influence in the game after the 10th card or a bit later (the result of the example above would be "Tyranu" even without considering the previous cards factor ). Finally, you can use this method with any card, just consider its position in the calculation to discover accurately how odds are going to work for you.


Be patient and don't give up! Tyranu Evavu is 70% about luck and 30% about strategy!

Tyranu Evavu is definitely not a rentable game. You pay 30 neopoints each time you play and, in most cases, you lose in the first cards. In fact, it will kind of impoverish you.

The Tyrannian pets may try to trick you! Yeah! Randomly they change the "Tyranu" and "Evavu" buttons positions!

The avatar is not so difficult. You have to guess correctly a certain number of cards in the same round.

If you're looking for trophies, I suggest trying Tyranu Evavu every day, especially due to the luck factor.

There's a limit when playing Tyranu Evavu. If you lose many rounds, the Tyrannian pets will tell you to come back later.

2s and Aces are lifesavers! If you get them, be happy. The answers are always "Tyranu" and "Evavu", respectively.

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