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Greatest Autumn-looking Items: Part 3

by sosunub


Also by omgitspuppeh

I have been an autumn lover since I can remember. Whenever I talk to friends or people randomly ask me why I love this season so much, I just do not what to say exactly. Not sure if the range of autumn things the site itself offers is what makes me love it so much, but that could be one of the valid reasons. I have pretty much dedicated everything to this season, from collecting items to trying to come up with the perfect outfits. I even love making graphics featuring those beautiful backgrounds. In some words, Autumn lasts 365 days for me both inside and outside Neopets and this is just a way I could dedicate a little more to it.

I have been meaning to write down this article in which I made a list of the top 5 items of each category with a description as to why I believe they are the greatest autumn-looking items ever made. I don't ask you to 100% agree with what I say but these are just the reasons I believe that make me love each and all these items. If you are ready, please sit back and grab a cup of tea, get comfy and enjoy this article to the fullest!


Looking to add more to your autumn collection? These five autumn-looking grooming items are must have items to make your collection everything you have always wanted! First, the Autumn Hair Brush so neatly crafted that your collection would definitely be missing something if it didn't have this added to it. Secondly, the Autumn Hair Comb is an item of mystery and brilliance that is beyond the definition of magnificent. If added to your collection, it will immediately become one of your most treasured items. Third and fourth, I have listed the Colourful Autumn Face Paint and the Autumn Leaf Face Paint. Both of these items have such different characteristics that you are sure to find one of these to be perfect for you. Last, the Earth Faerie Hair Clip is an item to show the world. It's delicate qualities prove how a beautiful single flower can make such an impact and difference to any look.

1. Autumn Hair Brush

This autumn hair brush would be a perfect addition to your autumn collection. Its smooth autumn finish is quite incredible. Two light green vines wrap around the handle and sprouting from it are two beautiful autumn leaves. The soft bamboo bristles symbolize the brush because of how collected and well done each one is individually crafted. What makes it so wonderful is that everything stays in place. This is definitely an item that will last you beyond the years expected. This is a strong, well crafted, and detailed brush with shades of amber, carrot orange, and many shades of green. The dark orange brush highlights all of its elements to bring this item all together and make it that perfect autumn brush you have been looking for.

2. Autumn Hair Comb

The autumn hair comb would be another great addition to your autumn collection because it is truly one of a kind. It takes so much time and effort to make one of these combs; some wonder how it is even possible. The creator of this comb is a mystery; however the details of it are magnificent. This comb is crafted so delicately. Each bristle is spaced precisely the perfect amount and held together perfectly by what feels like soft plastic. However, what makes this comb such a collector's item is the leaf handle. This isn't any ordinary leaf handle. It is an actual leaf! A strong, light, flexible leaf that feels as real as the ones falling from your trees outside. What is magical is how the comb and handle combine and create this perfect autumn collector's item that is sure to complete your collection.

3. Colourful Fall Face Paint

Have a fun autumn festival coming up? Still trying to decide what to wear? Or what accessories would really show your love for autumn? Well look no further because Colourful Fall Face Paint is sure to do the trick! The beauty of this painting is beyond words. The detail is beyond the piece itself, it is in each and every individually drawn leaf. A beautiful chestnut colored tree branch starts at your cheek and curls around your eye as leaves of different shades of cinnamon, Cornell red, and daffodil lay gently. The beauty of this piece is how realistic each branch and leaf is done. This is a piece to capture and hold dear forever as one of the greatest autumn face paints you could ever receive.

4. Autumn Leaf Face Paint

Speaking of face paints, here is another that is sure to catch your attention. As with most things, it is always great to have choices. With this piece, it is all in the visual picture and sassy design. The deep brown branches curl from all ends as they lay on your cheek. Three individual leaves of fading shades of light green and light pink fan out along the branches. And then the focal point of this piece is the center leaf. What makes this leaf so beautiful is that it is sprawled out to give you that full autumn feel, as it looks just like the ones you saw lying on the ground on the way to the festival. Just when you think the piece is finished, wonderful dots of chestnut brown are added around the curls of the leaves to give it even more design and beauty. With this Autumn Leaf Face Paint, you are ensuring that your day is to be filled with fun and laughter.

5. Earth Faerie Hair Clip

Last but surely not least is this last must have item. The Earth Faerie Hair Clip is a piece filled with class, beauty, and delicacy. Ladies, just when you thought your hair couldn't possibly look any better – this clip will prove you wrong! Two full sizes forest green leaves lay gently on the sides of this clip while the green vines curl around the leaves and around the clip, adding more appeal to the fun and beautiful look of this clip. But the best and most focal point of this clip is its absolutely stunning white and pink daffodil that is in the center of the two immense leaves. Its pedals open widely and signify brightness and happiness as you lay it on top of your perfect hair style. You are sure to finish your look perfectly wearing this.

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