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Greatest Autumn-looking Items - Part 2

by sosunub


Also by omgitspuppeh

I have been an autumn lover since I can remember. Whenever I talk to friends, or people randomly ask me why I love this season so much, I just do not what to say exactly. Not sure if the range of autumn things the site itself offers is what makes me love it so much, but that could be one of the valid reasons. I have pretty much dedicated everything to this season, from collecting items to even trying to come up with the perfect outfits. I even love making graphics featuring those beautiful backgrounds. In some words, Autumn lasts 365 days for me both inside and outside Neopets and this is just a way I could dedicate a little more to it.

I have been meaning to write down this article in which I made a list of the top 5 items of each category with a description as to why I believe they are the greatest autumn-looking items ever made. I don't ask you to 100% agree with what I say, but these are just the reasons I believe that make me love each and all these items. If you are ready, please sit back and grab a cup of tea, get comfy and enjoy this article to the fullest!

2) Backgrounds

Autumn is such a beautiful season that is loved by so many. And one thing that is certain; once you find a wonderful autumn location to visit, it is sometimes hard to leave. I have chosen five spectacular autumn-looking locations to talk with you about. First is the Autumn Country Road, a relaxing and very calm location to go when you're looking for a peaceful place to visit. Second, the Autumn Bridge is always a great location to meet up with friends for a nice picnic or just to catch up. Third, the Cosy Autumn Front Porch is a wonderful location for snapping those beautiful pictures of your family that you have wanted to take for some time. Fourth, the Autumn Leaves Background will ensure that you and your pet will feel at ease after a long day. And lastly, the Pumpkin Patch is the perfect place to go if you are looking for that perfect pumpkin to add to your holiday decoration collection. These five incredible autumn-looking backgrounds will leave you with so many great choices of where to go and what to do.

1. Autumn Country Road

Ever just want to find that perfect quiet spot to unwind, read a book, and enjoy the cool autumn breeze? Well, you should go visit the Autumn Country Road. So many autumn lovers will tell you that this is the place to go. You can always take a long stroll down the peaceful road and look at the beautiful scenery. The bright green grass is always cut to absolute perfection. The beautiful trees surround you with colors of alloy orange, amber, rich rose red, and light shades of brown. The autumn country road is a known for its autumn beauty. Another amazing thing about it is that you can often see little snowbunnies hopping around with friends and find weewoos sitting in trees. Many Neopians have also noticed that the beautiful trees in the Autumn Country Road never seem to run out of leaves. This is a place that you can't just go once. It is a place you grow fond of because it is a perfect getaway. This background ensures that your pet will always feel peaceful, joyous, and in bliss enjoying beautiful autumn weather all year long.

2. Cosy Autumn Tree

The wait for a new autumn background was so worth it after seeing this beautiful background in the Future Fashions. I have no words to describe how wonderful it looks, from the arrangement of autumn leaves you see around the tree to the way the branches were made. It's just stunning and outstanding. When I first saw this background, I automatically thought of the perfect autumn scene and this would suit any kind of scene to the fullest. The colour scheme is just wonderful and I do believe any pet would look wonderful with it. That sunlight that intercepts the leaves creates a warm orange colour that when it is reflected on the leaves, they look even prettier. This is a background every single autumn lover/collector should own.

3. Autumn Bridge

The Autumn Bridge is known to be the perfect place to meet your friends. Enjoy a nice conversation, leaning against the grey bricked bridge, and glancing at the crystal blue flowing water. Beautiful shades of carrot orange and chrome yellow surround you, giving you that endless autumn feeling that we all know and love. Enjoy listening to the chirping whoots as they try to make conversation with you. If you really want an interesting story to tell your family, try singing to them and see what happens. Around the bridge is beautiful light green brushes and smoothly molded rocks. Around them you can sometimes find that these rocks are homes to little mootixes. Many Neopians, after a visit, have given their little neopets a mootix so their petpets can have a pet of their own. Usually after that point, neopets just can't get enough of this beautiful autumn bridge. It is a great place to enjoy with friends or have a picnic with your neopets. The Autumn Bridge is a fun place to come spend the day and spread your autumn-loving cheer!

4. Cosy Autumn Front Porch

This beautiful autumn porch symbolizes the beauty of autumn and all of its incredible colors. Have you been searching for that perfect location to take a beautiful family photo with your neopet? Well, look no further! This Cosy Autumn Front Porch is the place to bring your whole family to take those wonderful close ups. Autumn lovers from around Neopia come to this single location just to take pictures of their neopets standing on this porch. The lights shine bright upon the porch, putting that perfect spotlight on your pet and their petpet. The leaves surround them at their feet and they are sure to fill your heart with joy. There is always a light brown broom on the porch so that you can position the leaves any way you'd like or sweep them off completely. The colors of amber, orange, peach, and light red give that perfect palette of color to make anyone melt. The leaf covered reef on the door often makes Neopians and their pets feel at home and very comfortable quite quickly. It is such a peaceful place to be. So next time you are looking for that perfect location to take photos with your family, be sure to come check out the Cosy Autumn Front Porch where happiness is instantly felt by all.

5. Pumpkin Patch

Have you ever been so excited about the holidays but unsure where to find the perfect pumpkin for your holiday decoration collection? The Pumpkin Patch is the place to go! These pumpkins are grown to perfection and they are the freshest ones you can find in all of Neopia! They always have such a wide selection of pumpkins ranging in all different shapes and sizes. They come in a variation of colors such as carrot orange, melon, apricot, and peach. There is also a store nearby where you can also get other important essentials needed for your carving needs. Many families have even just came to this location to talk about holidays, exchange recipes, meet new people, and make new friends. Besides the wonderful selection of pumpkins, the sight alone is something to come for. The grass is always fresh and the sky is always bright blue, where you can often find clouds that look as soft as cotton candy. It is such a wonderful environment and a great place to visit and find all of your pumpkin needs.

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