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The Arguments For And Against Changing Names

by indulgences


I was discussing the possibility of changing pet names with a few people on the Neoboard when I realized how many people were diametrically opposed to each other. Each person was fiercely for, or fiercely against, the possibility of changing our pets' names. The issue was so controversial that I was inspired to write this article, delineating the arguments for and against the ability to change pets' names!

TNT has stated several times in the Neopian Times Editorial that if changing names ever becames possible, it would be a paid service utilizing Neocash. However, TNT also stated that we shouldn't hold our breath, because the logistics of changing pets' names is too insanely complicated.

So without further ado, here are the arguments for and against name changing!

Cosmetic Reasons

Many people, myself included, would like to rename our precious pets because their current names are atrocious, full of numbers and underscores. I personally am keeping a notebook full of available pet names, in case I ever get the chance to rename my terribly named, but incredibly beautiful, unconverted Faerie Pteri. Though people have offered me lots and lots of well-named unconverted pets in exchange for my Pteri, I refuse to trade. I'll feel so happy when I'm finally able to change his name!

Trading Value

Some people are miffed about making pet name changes possible, because they think it gives people with Neocash an unfair advantage. I'm not sure where I stand on this issue! On the one hand, changing pet names seems like improving any other stat, such as Strength or Endurance or Level. Not a big deal, right?

On the other hand, it does give people who spend 5000 NC every month a better advantage when it comes to pet trading. Some people predict that it will become a perk included in a trade, such as the pet having a Beauty Contest trophy on her lookup or something.

What do you think? Should it be possible for a person to advertise a name change on any pet, the way people advertise custom Pirate Draik Eggs and custom Fountain Faerie colors? Would that be considered an unfair advantage?

Petpage Disarray

This must be one of the logistical nightmares that TNT is afraid of. If changing pets' names was possible, what would happen to their petpages and pet lookups? Would we have the option to transfer petpages, warned by a popup that if we change our pets' names, their petpages will be lost forever?

More Disarray?

If we could change our pets' names, what are some of the terrible things to expect? Would we have to un-equip our weapons, and re-equip them after the name change has occurred? Do we have to remove their clothes and other wearables, then put them back on after the change? It's kind of spooky that we don't really understand the ramifications of changing our pets' names.

One sharp user noted that there are definitely logistical reasons for TNT to not implement name changes. This user argued against name changes because there must be some reason TNT hasn't already implemented it. For instance, there must be some reason why TNT forbids duplicate names, in addition to being against name changes.

Another user agreed, believing that allowing pets to be renamed would involve changing the way all the pets are tracked through TNT's various databases. I had to nod and agree!

Another user claimed that on her petpages, she uses the code for images that update automatically whenever the customisation of the pet is changed. The URL includes the name of the pet. If name changes occurred, that code wouldn't work any more! Food for thought!

Invalidating Past Trades

Many people were against name changes because its implementation would mean their old trades were bad choices. For instance, someone with the pet "Love" trading their pet for an unconverted Royalgirl Cybunny. If we could change our pets' names at will, were all of our old trades invalid? Since single-word names were so rare that they used to trade for unconverted pets?

Contributing To TNT

Several people claimed that they support TNT no matter what, and that if name changes become possible, they'll spend whatever amount of Neocash TNT wants. They consider it to be a donation towards TNT staff. I thought that was a really sweet idea! And yes, if name changes became possible, I'd clap my hands for joy, then spend all the NC that TNT desires (as long as it's less than 2500 NC).

Curious about peoples' opinions, I wanted to know: what's the maximum you'd be willing to pay for the chance to change your pets' names? The most popular answer, hands down, was 2000 NC. That seems quite affordable! I was expecting some exhorbitant sum like 5000 NC, since everyone is so addicted to Neopets, but apparently they have their limits!

Limits To Renaming Pets

Some people proposed that the ability to rename a pet should be once per year. That way, the Pound Neoboard won't be overrun with pets with shiny well-named pets. This limit would keep pets valuable and rare.

Others thought that people shouldn't be able to rename unconverted pets, only converted pets. They thought that the values of well-named unconverted pets would be astronomical, and impossible to trade up towards.


Many people stated that even if changing pets' names wasn't allowed, they would love it for nicknames to show up on their pet lookups instead of their pets' full names. I thought that was a clever idea!

The controversy over changing our pets' names has been raging for years and years, despite the fact that TNT has claimed that they're not working on it, and to not expect such a thing to occur. The encouraging aspect of this is that TNT regularly answers our questions in the Neopian Times Editorial. Their stance went from "it will never occur," to "it might occur someday, but don't hold your breath." I find that to be pretty awesome, and I'm not disappointed at all! I'll just cross my fingers and hope the best!

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians, and thanks so much for your input! Enjoy your week, and good luck with everything you do!

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