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Still More Of The Things We're Looking Forward To!

by indulgences


The Neopets website is a fun, exciting, creative place where people converge over their shared love of virtual pets, interesting games, and the ever-popular Neoboards. Yet, although we are all addicted to this site, there are always some things that we're still looking forward to that haven't been invented yet!

So here is an article all about the things we're looking forward to, things we're hoping TNT implements in the future!

The first thing that comes to mind is the ability to remove (and possibly discard) Paint Brush clothes from our Closets. Right now, I'm a steady supplier of Paint Brush clothes to other users, because I zap only one lab rat and have accumulated a ton of clothes over the past 6 years that I can't use because my lab rat is always changing species. I would LOVE for TNT to enable the deletion of Paint Brush clothes from our Closets! I mean, who really wants four basic Elephante hats?

People are also anticipating a safe way to trade Neocash items, much like the Safe Transfer option that we have at the Neopian Pound. I have to agree with them. Although I have a ton of NC items, I'm too scared to attempt trading them. Please, TNT, give us a Safe Transfer option for NC items!

Something that people refuse to give up on is the possible reinstatement of older, retired avatars that were part of real-life promotions. For instance, the "Plushie Nova" avatar that was part of a McDonald's promotion. I would love that! I live right next to a McDonald's and I would eat there every day if it meant I'd get free virtual items with my meals. I would also love to have the opportunity to earn the "Coco Roll" avatar, since I now have a cell phone and can play the Coco Roll game.

Many people are crossing their fingers that their most beloved items become wearables. A popular idea is to enable the weapons (that our pets are equipped with) become part of our pets' customizations. So, the Thyora's Tear would show up as an actual necklace around a pet's neck. Or, a Ghostkerbomb could be held in one hand, ready to be flung at an opposing foe. I think that would be a great idea!

A classic wish that's been around for years and years is the creation of Grundo's Gym or Neopets School. I wonder what such places would be like? And yes, I wholeheartedly support the creation of such places. Anything that expands Neopia is a great thing, in my book! When Shenkuu and Moltara were discovered, I was dancing with excitement for days!

The Battledomers were eager to talk to me, claiming that they want a real war, not just the Battleground Of The Obelisk. I felt bad for them. They have such amazing battle pets, some of them over level 500, and no one to fight!

Something clever that someone came up with was the creation of a new Faerie! Since I believe the current Faeries already encompass all the basic elements (such as Fire and Earth), I don't know what element a new Faerie would represent. Metal? Crystal? Hm, food for thought!

Many people proposed a new Neoboard for people who need, and want to give, coding advice. Here, techies and newbies alike could converge to exchange ideas and advice. I've been wanting the same thing for so many years now! TNT must have some really good reasons for not implementing such a good idea. I wish I knew what they were!

One girl piped up, saying that there are no ring wearables except for the Kyrii Guru Ring and Elegant Flotsam Ring. My eyes widened at this revelation. Why not create more wearable rings, TNT? We're dying for something new!

In the past, Neopets users have guffawed and clapped at some of the pranks TNT has pulled. For instance, on Gnorbu Day (also known as Gnorbu Shearing Day), people are treated to the hilarious sight of their Gnorbus sheared to expose their bare pink skins. People also love to visit Neopets on April Fool's Day to see the latest antics that TNT wants to regale us with. Everyone is looking forward to TNT's funny hijinks!

One interesting thing that someone posted was the deflation of Morphing Potions and Transmogrification Potions. She was looking forward to the deflation of more and more pet species! When she posted, I couldn't help but agree! I love Poogles, Ogrins, Kyrii, and Koi, and their Morphing Potions are extremely cheap now. The cheapest is only 1,700 Neopoints! What a wonderful development!

Another person posted something that made me slap my forehead for not thinking of it myself. Whatever is going to happen to the Lutari Paint Brush? Will it ever become usable? I would LOVE to own a Lutari Lutari! Haha!

One rather bizarre hope, posted by one lone user, was to have a page where we could view all of the warnings and suspensions we've received over the years. Though the proposal sounds a bit depressing, I wholeheartedly agree! I never kept track of my warnings and now I'm super careful with my account, unsure of what my track record is.

Finally, I realized that there are a lot of people waiting for accounts and pets to be purged. Purging happens when users don't log onto their accounts for several years, and TNT deletes their accounts. Right now, people are stalking account names and pet names every day, eager to jump on the opportunity to create accounts and pets with awesome purged names. I personally am stalking the pet name "Venuquin," because I have a Site Spotlight idea that features this beautiful and legendary Peophin of Neopian lore.

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians, and thank you for your input on the Neoboards! This was a really fun article to write. It was truly interesting to learn your various viewpoints, and I look forward to doing it again for another article in the future.

Enjoy your week, and may all the things you're wishing for come to pass!

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