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A Complex Guide To The Wheel of Knowledge

by hydro_thunder001


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already read the last few articles in this series (which is basically are the articles before this one) you would be able to know what I would put here. So if you do or not, here we go. Everything in this article (meaning rarity of spaces to land on, highest worth of an item on a space, and some other stuff) are based on my PERSONAL OPINION from spinning this Wheel multiple times and your results may vary.

Hello! Wheels are always unique as in location, Wheelmaster, prizes, cost, and what icons are on the wheel... well, sometimes though. Today we cover one of the two one-spin-a-day Wheels, and the one in this article to be discussed (if you didn't actually read the title first) is the Wheel of Knowledge on Brightvale! Just like all the other articles, we discuss the Neopedia article about the Wheel, and then we discuss the Wheel in depth with discussing the icons on the Wheel. So without further ado, let's discuss...

What We Know From The Neopedia Article!

(You see what I did there?)

All of the other "Wheel" Neopedia articles explain the wheel except for Misfortune, but this one is like the Misfortune article. It tells a story of a Draik scholar named Miles that tells King Hagan that he has made a "device" that "will help educate and enlighten any would-be scholar in Neopia, for the low price of 400 NP!"

The reason why Miles needs the King's help, however, is that he needs some words of wisdom for the Wheel and the King does it for "400 NP per spin."

And so the Wheel has inspired many scholars ever since. Now, it's time to discuss...

What You Can Get From The Wheel!

But, before we do that, let's get a picture of the Wheel up...

Surprise! It's the old version of the Wheel of Knowledge!

Okay fine, I'll put the new version of the Wheel up...

There we go. And from those two pictures, the wheel has never changed a lot, but a little bit.

And to discuss the four icon categories on the Wheel!

Icon Category #1: NP Spaces

Actually, for this Wheel, there are basically no spaces that award (or lose more) NP. But don't be discouraged about that, though. Probably the closest thing you can get that is technically a "NP space" is the "Free Spin" space in the 4th Icon Category. It could be probably the Brightvalians focus more on knowledge than NP (and I totally understand that).

But then that means that there is another "Grand Prize" on this Wheel. Hmm... might as well keep going with the article.

Icon Category #2: Items

Icons in this category: The Tangella space, the book space, the window space, the scroll space, the Brightvale Guard space, the star space, the Mote space, the Usul space, the shield space, and the Job Coupon space (and this actually takes up more than half of the Wheel itself)

How often you will land on these spaces: Uncommon to Near Impossible (Take a guess which space with THAT rarity is (Oh, and also the rarities are depending on what you landed on))

Win or lose: A random Brightvale Fruit, a random book, a random Brightvale Window, a random Brightvale Scroll, the Brightvale Guard Plushie, the avatar (Good Luck), a random Brightvale Mote, the Brightvale Usuki Doll, a random shield, and a random Brightvale Job Coupon (That's basically a lot of prizes right there)

Highest worth of an item from this icon category: 430,000 NP

Description: If you have landed on any of these spaces, congrats! You have won items on whatever space you have landed on.

About the icons: From this point on to the end of the next sentence, bear with me. The Tangella space gets you a Brightvale Fruit (some examples are Shishkafruit, Florange, and Carved King Hagan Echtooh Melon), the book space gives you a book (examples: Exotic Ingredients of Shenkuu, Kiko Food, and The Big Blue Blumaroo Book), the window space gets you a Brightvale Window (such as Spooky Shutter, Hissi Stained Glass Window, and Abysmal Window), the scroll space is awarded with a scroll (such as the Scroll of Dark Nova and the Scroll of the Seas), landing on the Brightvale Guard earns you a Brightvale Guard Plushie, the star space awards you with the avatar (good luck), the mote space is rewarded with a mote (such as the Water Mote, Salt Mote, and the Fire Mote), the Usul has a Brightvale Usuki Doll bonus added into your Inventory, the purple shield earns you a shield (some of them are the Basic Shield of Flight and the Heavy Round Shield), and finally the Job Coupon space gives you a Job Coupon (I only got the Silver one). Got it? Good.

Icon Category #3: Health Related (And again, there is only one icon!)

Icons in this category: The Water Faerie icon

How often you will land on this space: Between Common and Uncommon

Win or lose: Get all of your active pet's HP back (See Description)

Description: If you landed on this space, congrats! If the HP of your active pet is not complete (50/50 HP is complete, but 27/50 HP is NOT complete), the Water Faerie will heal him/her back to health (to its complete HP number)! If they already have full HP, this space does nothing.

Description: Do you REALLY want me to copy and paste the what the icon does in here? Well, it's too late now; you're already reading this, and I couldn't do that and break the fourth wall at the same time.

Icon Category #4: Miscellaneous

Icons in this category: The two King Hagan icons (The happy and mad ones), the light bulb icon, the question mark icon, and the icon with the arrow on it

Win or lose: Raise (or lower) intelligence, earn a free spin, and earn wisdom!

How often you will land on these spaces: Between Common and Rare (Depending on what you land on)

Description: If you have landed on these spaces, it kinda depends what reaction you get, since these spaces have a mix of positive and negative effects.

About the icons: The angry King Hagan lowers the intelligence of your active pet (which is legitimately the "bad" prize of this wheel), but the light bulb space increases intelligence (which is sort of fitting enough). The question mark gives you a random fact (like how you are supposed to do with Draik Eggs if you want a Draik), the icon with the arrow gives you a free spin (FUN FACT: In the old version of the Wheel, you get your NP back and your spin for the day is counted. In THIS version of the Wheel however, you get another spin as long as you don't land on the arrow space again.) (because if you do, you spin it again, and so on.)) And last of all, landing on the laughing (or smiling?) King Hagan space, you earn the "grand prize" which is "wisdom from the King himself!" But technically, this icon does...

*dramatic pause*

...nothing. But still, wisdom can be still considered a grand prize to few who believe in it. And that, my friends, is true wisdom. ;)

Anyways, that is the end of the article! We hope you are still trying to get the avatar (because I am) and stick around for the next (and last article in the series *cries a little*) as we discuss the last Wheel in existence!

And no, I am not saying it (but you probably know it by now). Anyways, thanks for reading the article and I hope you look forward to the next one. :)

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