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10 Items to Spruce Up Your Ghostly Themed Halloween

by dogs_can_bark


Frightful critters that lurk the night and haunt the living, known to sometimes leave behind gooey ectoplasm and say "BOO!" a lot whilst floating effortlessly through solid objects. That's right, I'm of course speaking of GHOSTS! If you're one of those many Neopians that likes to go all out on your Halloween theme, but just can't decide what direction to go this year, then maybe it's time to bring back an old classic. With the aid of some more unique and original items that Neopia has to offer, you can spruce up the ghostly theme and make it work for you this Halloween. Below I've collated a list of ghost themed items that I'm sure the Ghost Lupe himself would approve of, along with some tips to make sure your Halloween theme is a hit with all your guests.

1. Cup of Ghostly Borovan

Warm everyone up with a nice cup of Borovan and still keep to the ghost theme. The Cup of Ghostly Borovan is sure to be a winner with everyone this Halloween, and since it's made with the ghosts of Borovans past the taste is sure to have everyone reminiscing of the good old days. Another plus is that if you find yourself in a scary, cold and slightly hazardous situation, just take a sip and you'll be transported to a much happier and warmer place. At least in spirit, that is... You may also want to consider running and/or screaming, especially if meepits are involved.

2. Ghost Chia Gnome

These little guys make great decorations for your front yard and are sure to evoke that haunted feeling you've been hoping for. They're perfect if you're expecting a lot of candy collectors to come knocking on your door screaming "trick-or-treat!" as they set the mood with their glowing bodies and red eyes. I would suggest buying more than one gnome as an army of scary gnomes is definitely more frightening than simply one lonesome yet creepy gnome.

3. Ghost Burger

Finally, a way to offer your guests food, without fear of ever running out. That means no last minute runs to the shops and no need to overstock on food you'll be having for leftovers the next week or so after Halloween. The trick to Ghost Burgers is that when guests try to bite them, their teeth just sink right through.

4. Ghost Meepit Dance Party Ultra Remix

Don't forget the music! The best way to make your theme a hit with everyone is to make sure you target all their senses. This mix is fun and spooky and you can leave the cover out because it goes with the ghostly theme. With classics that everyone knows and loves, it's sure to be a Halloween favourite.

5. Ghost Techo Lolly

You'll need treats to keep those candy enthusiasts at bay, so stock up on some of these. What makes the Ghost Techo Lolly so perfect (apart from suiting the theme) is that they taste a bit like rotten water, so you won't be expecting any greedy Neopians trying to get more than their share with repeat visits.

6. Ghostly Apple

With Halloween being such a big day for sweets, you're sure to get a little talk of healthy options. It's best to keep a healthy option on hand so you can appease the health buffs and continue with your well thought out themed occasion. Ghostly Apples, though a bit vengeful, are indeed still a healthy treat.

7. Ghostly Bori Perfume

A couple of sprays and you'll have that eerie ghost smell. Don't worry, if you've planned out the night properly your guests should all be too entranced with the effort you put into your ghost theme to realise that the ghost smell probably isn't the most pleasant of smells. One thing about it, it does keep you focused on the theme and shows real dedication.

8. Wind Up Ghost

Buy a few of these, wind them up and let them work their magic. They'll not only float around, but also make moaning sounds, just like authentic ghosts. A warning, though; they can be a bit hard to keep track of and you'll have to be a bit fit in order to race round and rewind them all when required.

9. Wings of a Ghost

Not everyone is the partying, candy collecting, Neopian scaring type, even if it is Halloween. Offering an alternative to the usual haunting activities, such as a good book to read is a thoughtful gesture that's sure to earn you points as a theme King/Queen. Wings of a Ghost is informative, spooky and ghost themed, it's really a no-brainer.

10. Ghostly Greeble Punching Bag

Halloween brings out some of the tougher looking Neopian inhabitants, and it pays to keep them occupied. A punching bag keeps those more destructive guests distracted and allows the night to roll on smoothly.

Halloween has come a long way since it's early days, and themes are a good way to really get yourself involved with this spooky celebration that comes only once a year. The ghost theme is a great concept and easy to incorporate, with little need for lighting and limited colour scheme it makes putting everything together that little bit easier. If you want to really excite your guests this Halloween then this truly is a theme worthwhile attempting and a lot more interesting than hovering around the Money Tree trying to catch a glimpse of ghosts donating your stolen neopoints.

Remember that there are plenty more Ghost themed items out there that can also help you make this concept really pop. From Deep Fried Ghosts to Ghost Hissi Plushie's there are plenty of little extra trinkets you can add. If you want to make this theme absolutely authentic then why not try out a Ghost Paint Brush at the Rainbow Pool? This brush will give you an instantly ghostly appearance and you'll look perfect for Halloween, it's sure to give your guests a real fright! Beware, though; you may also feel a sudden urge to haunt Neopians, make moaning noises or suffer from loss of appetite upon using this paint brush.

Happy Halloween!

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