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How Do YOU Prepare For New Site Events?

by indulgences


I was playing a game for the Daily Dare one day when I realized how neurotically organized I am when it comes to Neopets. My browser customarily has three bookmark folders at the top -- "Neoboards" (which contains links to my five favorite Neoboards), "Dailies" (which contains my favorite daily links), and "Reference" (which contains such useful links as the Neolodge and the Healing Springs).

However, during site events such as plots, game events and wars, I become even MORE neurotic! I create a brand new folder, containing both the page of the actual event and the brand new Neoboard (the famous Neoboard 7) that pops up during new site events. Also bookmarked are the Sunnyneo and Jellyneo websites, which always set up new pages especially for tracking the progress of new site events as well as offering hints and tips for completing the latest step of the event. These websites are invaluable! In the past, there have been so many times I was flummoxed and lost, not understanding the current plot. If I'd only known Sunnyneo and Jellyneo existed, I would have garnered so many more plot points!

Curious about how my fellow Neopians prepare for new site events, I decided to ask the Neoboards for their opinions. Here are some of their most popular ways to prepare!

The most popular way for people to prepare for new site events was to resume training their pets. A lot of times, these battle pets remain dormant, taking up space on a main account just in case a plot happens. Once a new plot or war occurs, out come the Codestones and Dubloons from peoples' Safety Deposit Boxes! And then the training commences!

Many people hoard Healing Potions in the hopes that their values will skyrocket during a plot or war. They earn a lot of Neopoints by selling them! I admire their patience... It could be weeks, months, even years before a new plot or war happens again!

Another essential way for people to prepare for a new site event is to read that event's FAQ. It will often clarify the procedures required to complete the steps of the site event. They then go to the site event's Neoboard (Neoboard 7), where their fellow users have posted all the hints and tips necessary to complete the challenge, as well as posting any possible glitches or misunderstandings that might happen by not doing the steps properly.

There are a handful of users who anticipate new site events because they can write about them. For instance, writing guides for the Daily Dare, or writing poetry about the Altador Cup. These site-event-themed gems of literature are quickly snapped up by the Neopian Times as well as other writing contests, and the writers proudly display new trophies on their user lookups!

There are also some users who only restock during site events! Because everyone else is so intent on completing the latest games and plot steps, restocking becomes slightly easier for those of us who choose to restock. I consider myself to be only a mediocre restocker, but the slight edge that comes from less competition is enough to earn me an extra 50k a day!

And the final way that people prepare for site events? They don't! They find much more enjoyment in discovering the site event for themselves. They refuse to read about the event in advance by visiting Sunnyneo and Jellyneo. They would much rather discover the steps on their own, even if it takes longer to figure out the site event that way.

As for doing things in real life? Well, one crucial thing that I simply have to do is clean my computer keyboard and mouse! Gone are the sticky soda stains and clumps of dust. In their place is a duo of sleek, sensitive devices that make playing Neopets so much more enjoyable!

I also make sure to wake up early, before I head to work, and figure out the steps of the latest site event. For instance, right now, I load the Daily Dare page and check out the newest challenge. I estimate how many minutes it'll take me to beat the challenge, so I come home early that evening and start practicing my gaming skills, hopefully beating the challenge before nightfall!

I also eat a light dinner, as a heavy one leaves me sluggish and makes me pass out at 10 pm. When a site event is happening, such as a war, I'll fight opponents with my battle pet over and over again, trying to rack up prize points, finally collapsing in bed at 1 or 2 am. I also like the cool trophy that comes with having fought numerous times. Though my battle pet isn't one of the uber-powerful pets one might find on the Battledome Neoboard, I was still able to get the top trophy with him for the Obelisk War. I was so happy, as well as shocked!

What do other users do in real life? Well, one common answer was that they blast their favorite music! Some listen to classical music to calm them down, while others listen to rock music to pump them up. I thought that was a great idea! It never occurred to me to dial down Neopets' music on my computer while pumping up the rock music on my radio. I think I'll do that from now on!

And when the site event is over and done, what then? What comes of all the preparation? Hopefully the site event was more enjoyable, as well as easier to solve! Being a busy adult in real life, I think it's pretty cool that the site events here on Neopets only take a few minutes out of your day... but being organized shaves minutes off, saving you hours and hours per week!

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians! It was a true delight to talk to you on the Neoboards. I learned a lot about your habits and thoughts, and it was fun to see how many people prepared for site events the same way!

May you enjoy all the events that this site has to offer, and good luck!

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