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How to Spend Your Halloween

by _pittypat13_


Costumes and candy and monsters, oh my! September flew by and now my favorite month is here: October! And what's the first thing you think of when you hear of October? No, not fall. Well, ok yes. It's fall now, but what else? HALLOWEEN! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. There are so many fun costume ideas and cool decorations to put up. What's not to love? There's so many things to do on Halloween, and maybe you're a bit frazzled as to what to do first. Or maybe you need help picking something. Well, I'm here to help. I have made a list of a bunch of SPOOKtacular (See what I did there?) things for you to do to celebrate this Halloween.

10. Pumpkin Carving

If you've never carved a pumpkin for Halloween, you haven't lived. Carving pumpkins is a fun activity you can do with your neofriends or family. It's not only a festive pastime, but a great way to decorate your house for the holidays. I always see carved pumpkins lit up with candles in front of neohomes and stores. It's such a pretty sight to see the rows of pumpkins glowing on Halloween night.

The great thing about carving pumpkins is you can get as creative as you want. Instead of just doing a boring old pumpkin face, you can carve a Meowclops or a witch into your pumpkin. There are so many possibilities for your pumpkin. Use your imagination! Get really creative with your pumpkin, and you'll have the best decorations on the block. Just remember that they will begin to rot, so make sure you carve your pumpkins close to Halloween!

9. Apple Bobbing

Another amusing and traditional Halloween pastime is apple bobbing! There's nothing better than dipping your head into a bucket of water in search for juicy, plump apples… Right? Well, regardless of getting your hair wet, you will have a great time splashing around in the water with your friends. Make it a competition to see who can get the most apples in a certain time limit. Then, afterwards, you can gobble down all the apples. It's a game and a snack all in one!

You don't have to stop at just apple bobbing. Get a bunch of your closest friends over for a night of Halloween themed games. Make sure to include apple bobbing, as it's a fun and easy to set up game. Next, you can play a game of candy toss. Gets a bucket and bags of candy and take turns tossing the candy into the empty buckets. At the end, whoever gets the most candy in the bucket gets to take the pile of candy in the bucket home! Maybe you can play a round of pin the tail on the Halloween Chomby? Create your own games as well. Whatever you do, your friends will have a blast. Don't forget to get prizes to hand out to your winners!

8. Costume Making

Halloween is all about the costumes. If you don't have a good costume, what fun would Halloween be? Just like pumpkin carving, there are so many possibilities and ways to get creative with your disguise. You can dress up as your favorite hero or faerie, or maybe even your favorite food. Whatever you pick, you need to design a costume that will wow everybody. Use lights, glitter, sequins, fabric, accessories… anything you can find will work. You can even use things just found around your Neohome! Take a red sheet and cut out holes for arms, legs, and your head and be a devil! You can do anything you want.

But what if you're scared someone might have the same costume as you? Trust me, it's happened to me before, and let me tell you, it's not fun. Especially at parties. So if you want to be original, think of things that no one will would come up with. You could be a dinner table complete with food and plates. You could be your favorite paint brush. How cool would it be to walk around as a giant Maraquan Paint Brush? There are endless ideas you could come up with. Anybody could do it!

7. Decorate

Decorating is an essential to any holiday. You don't want to be that Neohome with absolutely nothing decorating your home. No one would want to go trick-or-treating there. Stringing purple and orange lights everywhere would really light up the place. (Well, duh.) You can put out your carved pumpkins. If you don't have a lot of Neopoints, you can always just make your own decorations as well. You can turn anything you want into a resourceful decoration and still have an awesome Halloween.

If you want to go all out, you can even turn your whole house into something. I've seen a lot of people do giant cemeteries in their front yard. You can make your own headstones and put mutant Meepits outside to make it look like they are walking through your graveyards. Or you can turn your whole house into a haunted walkthrough. Cover the whole thing in Spyder webs and creepy plushies. Don't forget to scare your trick-or-treaters! What's a little treat without the scare?

6. Visit A Haunted Place

This is probably my favorite thing about Halloween: the haunted houses! I love those scary walkthroughs, and I love when people try to scare me. Errr… that sounds a little weird. Let me rephrase that. I like when people ATTEMPT to scare me because it doesn't work! I'm not easily scared, but if you are, I wouldn't suggest this.

If you and you're friends are up for it, go to a spooky place, like the Haunted Woods, and see who can last the longest. You can venture in and see who will turn around running. Whoever lasts the longest, congratulations! You are the bravest of them all. You can make a little bet with your friends and all contribute something for the bet. Then, whoever lasts the scary adventure, gets to keep the wager!


One of the greatest things about holidays is the different foods! You can get really creative with this as well. You can make a graveyard cake, little pumpkin cupcakes, or bat cookies. There are so many things you can make. If you have a lot of friends you can invite over, you can make a huge buffet of spooky foods. Get people to bring different foods! Have someone bring the Ghostkersandwiches, Candy Corn, and Eye Candy! If enough people bring stuff, you can have a giant potluck meal that everyone will be DYING to try.

Another idea is to use foods as creepy items and trick people with them. Set up a huge table in a big room, enough to fit all of your invitees. Make sure to leave the lights off. Put cold mashed potatoes in a bowl. Put black eyed peas in another. Line up a bunch of skinny rocks on a tray and pour juice over them. Now, when you guests come, direct them into the room. Have them line up along the table and have them take turns dipping their hands or touching the objects in front of them. Tell them the mashed potatoes are Zombie Kacheek brains, the black eyed peas are Yurble eyes, and the sticky rocks are bones of an Aisha. If you can think of any more ways to gross out your friends, then put them out on the table as well! Your neofriends will be grossed out, until you turn the light on and show them what it really is. It would be a nice little trick to play on your friends.

4. Scaring Your Neighbors

Or scare anyone you can find! That's what Halloweens all about: getting scared. It wouldn't be Halloween if you weren't creeped out at least once. Dress up in a terrifying costume, hide behind bushes and jump out at people… do whatever you have to. Okay, don't scare the trousers off someone, but give them enough of a scare that you guys will laugh about it. But beware: if you're scaring people, there's someone bound to get revenge on you!

If you want to scare a lot of people, you could turn your Neohome into a giant haunted house. Just like when I was talking about decorations, you can theme up your house into a giant walkthrough that will have Neopets shaking in their boots! Then after they walk through your terrifying attraction, you can give them a treat. A trick for a treat, right?

3. Telling Scary Stories

Like I said, what's Halloween without a little scare? Telling scary stories is one of my favorite things to do. You and your neofriends can take turns creeping each other out with your ghostly stories. Go to your local book shop and grab a copy of Scary Peophin Tales or One Scary Night and scare away! If you want to make it extra frightening then turn off all the lights and read them using a flashlight.

Another really good idea for telling your bloodcurdling stories is to go camping. Camping has always been one of my favorite summertime activities, but let's make it a little more Halloween-y, shall we? Instead of just bringing your tents and lanterns, only bring your sleeping bags and jack-o-laterns. When it gets late, set up your campfire, light your pumpkins, and scare away. There's nothing like telling terrifying stories in the middle of the woods. Afterwards, you'll have to sleep outside under the stars. It will make it extra spooky!

2. Trick-Or-Treating

Well, duh. Everyone knows this one, but still, it's an important part of Halloween. Getting dressed up in your favorite costume and going around for candy with your friends will never NOT be fun. My favorite part is all the candy you get afterwards. Yummy. Of course, if you're not into the whole Trick-Or-Treating thing, you can just give out candy at your Neohome. That can be just as fun as going out for candy. You get to see everyone's costumes and maybe even get some scares while you're at it. If you're going to be giving out candy, make sure your house is all decorated up. No one will want to come to your house if it's boring!

If you do go Trick-Or-Treating with your friends or family, you can make a game out of it. Split up into groups and take on a different area to go Trick-Or-Treating. Set a time limit as well. Then, take off with your group and go to as many houses as possible within the time limit. Once your time is up, meet up with the other groups and see who got the most candy. (Don't forget to set up a meeting place to catch up with each other at.) But if you don't have enough people, you can always just go, get some candy, and trade with each other. That's what I always do!

1. Costume Party

AND WE'RE FINALLY TO NUMBER ONE, YAY! I saved this one for last because it's the funnest one you can do! Yes, I just said funnest. To prepare for your Halloween party, make some really decorative invites to send out to all of your friends and family. Don't forget to mention that costumes are a MUST! Speaking of costumes, you need to get or make a good one for yourself. As the host, you need a really imaginative costume. Decorations are a must as well. How can you have a Halloween party without decorations? Make it as spooky as possible and turn your house into a haunted attraction. It will terrify your friends! Last thing you need to do is prepare the food. Your guests will get hungry and they can't just fill up on candy. Prepare lots of spooky and delicious food to satisfy their hunger. Maybe even get some goodie bags as a nice take home treat! That's it; I think you're ready for your Halloween party!

Now, for your costume party, you need to do everything I just said above. Pumpkin carving together would be really fun, but you can also come up with other crafts like making Spyder web necklaces. Once you have your crafts done, you can move along to games like apple bobbing. Next, tell your creepy stories. You should give out awards to the people who tell the scariest story and to the people who didn't get scared at all. That would make your story telling rewarding! Another thing you should do is turn off all the lights and try to scare each other. Play hide-and-go-scare would be entertaining too! Play it just like hide-and-go-seek except try to scare the person who is trying to find everyone. You should probably wait until it gets dark outside for this or just play is your haunted house! Don't forget to plan a time to eat all the delicious spooky food you made for your party guests. Your party needs a good way to end, so you guys can all go Trick-Or-Treating and play the group game I suggested. That would be an end to a perfect Halloween night.

I hope this list helps you to have a great Halloween. Try out the games and ideas. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun! Tell your friends about them and come up with your own games and ideas as well. October will probably fly by, so be sure to have all the fun you can while Halloween is still here. Eat lots of candy, stay safe, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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