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Neopia's Most Underappreciated Faeries

by painted_dreams87


The wonderful world of Neopia is full of a wide variety of unique and enchanting faeries. Faeries are beloved by nearly every single Neopian, but that kind of appreciation isn't given in return to every deserving faerie. Sure, we all love and adore Fyora. After all, she's the Queen of all the faeries. We all have a huge appreciation for Marina, the Healing Springs faerie. Whenever our pets are in need of medical attention, she's the first one we visit. And who doesn't know and love Naia, the Fountain Faerie? The rare opportunity to paint your pet nearly any color is certainly something to be celebrated. But what about the other, less appreciated faeries? It's easy to overlook some of Neopia's most underrated faeries, as they may not shine in the same way that Fyora, Marina, and Naia do. That doesn't make them any less deserving of our adoration and appreciation, and reading this article will help you see why that is.

9. The Space Faerie

While The Space Faerie isn't as overlooked as some of the other faeries on this list, she still comes in as the ninth most underappreciated faerie. She single-handedly promotes the Neopets Premium service. One might even go as far as to say that she's like a floating billboard, sharing the wonderful aspects of Premium with everyone she encounters. She believes in the service so strongly that she's willing to allow The Neopets Team to use her as the "face" of Premium. She even gives a special avatar featuring herself to anyone who subscribes. Besides her love of Premium, The Space Faerie is a fierce battledome opponent. Besting her requires hours of intense training and practice. If your pet does manage to defeat her, she will award you with yet another avatar featuring herself so that you can show it off to all of your friends. If that isn't enough reason to give her your appreciation, she's also responsible for keeping Neopia safe. She has dedicated her life to keeping track of Dr. Sloth, something we can all be thankful for.

8. Kari, The Negg Faerie

While Kari, The Negg Faerie is pretty well known, she's not always given the attention or appreciation she deserves, making her come in eighth place on this list of underappreciated faeries. It's a fact - all Neopians love neggs. They are beautiful and collectible on top of being edible and even having fun effects, such as lab ray type pet changes and stats for your pet. The next time you enjoy a negg, perhaps you'll stop and think of where it originated from - The Neggery. And who runs The Neggery? That's right - Kari, the Negg Faerie. On top of being single-handedly responsible for the neggs we've all come to enjoy so much, Kari hosts the amazing Festival of Neggs every year, giving us a chance for fun, excitement, prizes, and that's right - more neggs. If that's enough for you, she's also featured on two avatars, celebrating The Festival of Neggs in years 12 and 13.

7. Taelia, The Snow Faerie

Most Neopians recognize Taelia, the Snow Faerie but that doesn't mean we appreciate her in the way she deserves, which is why is the seventh most underappreciated faerie. Not only does she allow us to run errands in return for random prizes, but we unlock an avatar for completing such a quest. Who doesn't love avatars?

6. Aethia, The Battle Faerie

It is likely that every Neopian has at least heard of the Battle Faerie, but how many recognize her by name? Aethia, The Battle Faerie, comes in sixth place on this list of underappreciated faeries. If you have ever dived into the world of training and battling, you should have a strong appreciation of the fierce warrior, Aethia. When defeating her in the 1-player battledome, you have the chance of randomly unlocking an avatar featuring hers truly. It's a win-win in my book.

5. The Tooth Faerie

Each time a Neopian loses a tooth somewhere in Neopia, The Tooth Faerie is on the job, ready to collect the tooth in exchange for neopoints and even possibly a random avatar featuring her. You might ask, why does she come in fifth place on this list of underappreciated faeries? Well, does she even have a name? What do we really know about her? We love it when she pays us a visit, but we clearly don't appreciate her as much as we should.

4. Jhuidah

Jhuidah, the faerie famous for her skills at the Island Cooking Pot in Mystery Island, is the fourth most underappreciated faerie. Items featuring her cost quite a bit less than those of other faeries. She doesn't even have her own Neopedia article like most of the other faeries do. Do we even stop by the Island Cooking Pot to visit her often? Probably not. Yet Jhuidah is worthy of our appreciation. Besides being a wonderfully unique faerie, she's also featured on one of the most coveted avatars in all of Neopia, the retired avatar that was awarded to those who freed her during the Volcano Mystery site event years ago.

3. The Grey Faerie

Just because The Grey Faerie has lost her magical powers and can't fly doesn't mean she doesn't deserve our admiration. The beautifully tragic Grey Faerie comes in third place on this list of underappreciated faeries. Why should we appreciate her? For starters, there's only one Grey Faerie known to exist, making her incredibly unique. On top of that, you can also unlock an avatar featuring her by visiting her Neopedia article. That's enough to turn any frown upside down.

2. Bree

If you are not familiar with Key Quest, you may not have come across Bree before, making her the second most underappreciated faerie. Responsible for the only key to the Key Quest prize vaults, Bree takes her job very seriously. Every time someone has a key to turn in, she's there to open the prize vault and reward the prize. The next time you play a game of Key Quest, take a moment to appreciate that kind of dedication.

1. The Library Faerie

Last but not least, The Library Faerie is the most underappreciated faerie in all of Neopia. She doesn't have a faerie doll or floating faerie doll, and she doesn't have a Neopedia article. She's not even featured on the Neopets faerie page. She does have an avatar featuring herself that can be earned by completing a Faerie Crossword, but as Neopia's shining example of knowledge, she deserves more of our attention and appreciation.

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