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Mote Magic

by iara_purity


Circa 15th the month of Relaxing, Y2

Motes are undoubtedly one of the newest discoveries in the Neopets Battledome. When motes are around, the possibilities are endless in their application as you can chose to control elements like fire, water, ice and rock. Or even mundane things like dust, mud or plain salt to attack your opponent. But before even thinking about using a mote for battle (or any other thing you might have in mind, as motes are really versatile), you need to know what motes are. The following is an excerpt from "Know Your Motes", a book where you can read in great depth and detail on the study of this magical anomaly.

"Motes are, what some would consider, a failure. They are leftover magic from several spells (mostly the ones used by faeries) that possessed other materials that can be found in nature. Theoretically, there could be many different kinds of motes than the ones already known by the Neopians: Light, darkness, biscuit, Uni, newspaper. Anything could be possessed by a mote, in theory; but even the highest ranked scientists in Neopia can't tell what factors make leftover magic possess items to create motes hence why we only have a limited number of motes available."

So, this definition indicates that motes are leftover magic we can use for several aspects in NeoLife. Not all of those uses are directly related to battling, and some don't involve battles at all because motes are really versatile. The first step is to acquire an already existent mote, as not even the greatest Neopian scientists know exactly how motes are created. Despite this, it shouldn't be too hard on grounds that several motes have appeared over the past months in Neopia, and they are being sold by several shops at really affordable prices by reason of how common they are. The following chapter will analyse the best possible uses for motes in the life of an average Neopet.

Making the Most of your Motes

(This chapter will specialize on the best uses for the mentioned motes, which are considered the most popular among Neopians nowadays. Additional info about their formation, behaviour and more can be found in the book Know Your Motes by The Neopian Science Guild)

Water Mote

Formed when leftover magic possesses H2O molecules. The result is a (possibly) sentient floating water blob. Water motes are known for the ability of regeneration and healing. In the market each costs roughly 700 Neopoints. Money well spent if you plan ahead how to use it efficiently.

As weapons, motes are what can be considered as a "fragile" weapon due to the fact that they are leftover magic, which explains their fragility and weakness. The Water Mote is not an exception of this. After attacks, it is evident how motes get considerably weaker, even disappearing permanently. In battle the Water mote will use aqua-element attacks against the opponent you might facing. Unfortunately, these offensive tactics are feeble at best. If you are in dire need of water attacks, the best offensive options in the market currently are bubble beams, frost cannons, water faerie magic accessories, snowballs or if your budget is higher than the average Neopian, the legendary Trident of Poseidon and Trident of Common Power.

Battling, however, isn't the fort of the Water Mote. It is essential in travels, where two or more Water Motes can make the difference between survival and doom. Water Motes can act as seemingly perpetual water supplies if managed properly.

Lava Mote

Formed when leftover magic comes in contact with lava from the volcanoes far away in the rocky and unexplored regions of Neopia. Lava motes can be really dangerous due to their hot nature, so it is advised to only use them in battle.

Surprisingly enough, a Lava Mote won't try to attack its opponent but instead will work as a shield, blocking every water or ice attacks the enemy might throw. However as comparison with most motes its accuracy is not the best so it might fail to defend sometimes. It also gets weaker when defending or trying to block attacks and will banish permanently like the other motes.

Bubble Mote

Bubble Motes are often referred as lesser water motes though that is not the case: Bubble Motes are completely different from the water ones and have unique skills no other mote is endowed with.

First, Bubble Motes can grant temporal invisibility to their users which is a skill that comes in handy not only for battling, but also in a plethora of activities. But Bubble Motes are really difficult to control and fragile too.

In battle, much like Lava Motes, Bubble Motes will act as shields effectively protecting you from every fire attack sometimes. Being made of a bubble though makes them more fragile than other motes.

Ice Mote

Cousin of the Water Mote, Ice Mote can be used as an ordinary ice cube. Furthermore it can also be used as a decent defensive mote in the Battledome: It can freeze the opponent giving you the chance to strike or flee yet you have to keep in mind that once this mote freezes someone for a period of time, it will disappear permanently and you will need to acquire another.

Frost Mote

Frost Mote is a really mysterious mote. It seems to hail from the snowy regions of Neopia. They are easy to befriend and will follow their owners until they disappear. However, their battling and overall skills could be much more formidable as it only stops a fraction of incoming attacks. So, this particular mote is more suit to be a companion than a tool.

Salt Mote

Salt. Most people at first will think that this mote is useless but under those grains it hides higher offensive power and skills than the other motes around, at a really cheaper price too. Keep in mind though that they are as delicate as the other motes.

Not only can the salt mote inflict damage on opponents but it can also be used on cuisine. Several chefs seem to use "Salt Mote's Salt" in their dishes which seems to be tastier than regular salt, or so diners say.

We will further discuss the other motes possible functions in the following chapters... ... ... ...


Author notes: The first work of my series "Neopian books". Every week I will write articles or make comics based on the several thousands of Neopian Books that are out there! Wish me luck on future endeavours! Neomail iara_purity if you wish to request a Neopian book article! Anyone who has read this: Please, excuse the mistakes. English is not my first language.

(Thanks to Hannah and Vausten, both of them don't play Neopets) for all the support on this.

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