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First Day in Shenkuu

by laughingcrook


"Mark, sweetie, wake up! It's almost dinner!"

      The yellow Bori lifted his head tiredly, waking from his nap. He rolled out of bed, dragging the blankets with him. He lay there on the floor for a moment, then he finally pulled himself up off the ground.

      "Are you okay?"

      He looked up. His petpet, a Yullie named Sam, sat on his dresser. "Yeah, fine..."

      Sam skittered over to the curtains, and opened them. She peered outside, a look of sadness on her face. "I still can't believe we're in Shenkuu! Not nearly as comfortable as Terror Mountain, but at least all the wind makes it colder." She sighed.

      Mark tried not to think about home as he rummaged through his dresser. He and his mom used to live on Terror Mountain, but a fierce blizzard had destroyed their home. Soon after, mom had lost her job because she couldn't think straight with all the stress of trying to find a new home. So she decided that they should leave and go somewhere new, and Shenkuu seemed like the best choice.

      Sam turned around, walked over to Mark, and peered into the drawer he was looking through. "You should wear that one!" she said, pointing to an orange sweater to the right of his hand.

      Mark picked it up, looking at the design. There was a lightning bolt on the front. "Sammy, I don't know..."

      "Look, you've gotta fit in for your first day here! And this sweater is the only thing in the drawer that doesn't scream Christmas!" she argued.

      Mark sighed, "You're right..." He pulled the sweater over his head, and stuck his arms into the sleeves. He pulled the rest down, mumbling, "She's always right..."

      Sam chuckled, jumping onto his shoulder. "Let's go!"

      Mark opened up his door, looking around. He could hear mom in the kitchen. He sniffed the air, and was surprised at what he found. He smelled his favorite food, Ice negg! He quickly went down the few stairs, and turned towards the kitchen doorway.


      She looked over at him, and smiled. "Good morning, Mark! I have something special for you!"

      Mark walked over to his mom. He looked at what she was making. "Where did you get all the ice neggs, Mom? They don't have them here! And their rare!"

      Mom smiled. "Our neighbor said that he got them in a bet, and has no use for them!"

      Mark just stared at it in amazement. "When will you finish making the negg soup?" he asked.

      "It should be done in about a half an hour. You should go outside and explore with Samantha while you're waiting."

      Sam rolled her eyes, not liking her full name.

      Mark nodded. "Okay." He turned around, walking outside. He looked worriedly at the old bridge in front of him, swaying in the calm wind. He hesitantly stepped onto it. He slowly walked farther across it. He didn't like it one bit, but you couldn't blame him. He was a Bori, and most Bori prefer the opposite of this, tunneling underground, instead of precariously walking along a bridge that looked like it could snap and fall at any moment.

      As he slugged along the bridge, he heard a laugh from the right. He turned, seeing a yellow-haired Xweetok. She looked at him. She smiled, and jumped to the start of the bridge.

      Mark watched worriedly as the smug Xweetok approached him.

      "Are you a Bori?" she asked, head tilting to the side.

      Mark nodded hesitantly, "Y-yeah..."

      The strange Xweetok nodded. She looked at Sam. "You have a Yullie. I'm assuming you came from Terror Mountain?"

      Mark nodded again. Sam looked at her. "How did you know?" she asked.

      "Because, both Boris and Yullies come from Terror Mountain. Not to mention, your wearing a sweater. Sweaters aren't very common here," she said, laughing.

      Sam grumbled. Mark sighed. He looked down, and remembered that he was still on the bridge. He squeaked, turning around and going to the other side of the bridge. The Xweetok followed, laughing her head off.

      Mark turned around, looking at her, annoyed. "When are you gonna leave?" he grumbled.

      She just continued laughing. "Why should I, punk?" She sneered.

      Mark sighed. He hadn't expected Shenkuu to be like this at all.

      Sam hopped up onto Mark's head, and glared at the Xweetok. "What's your name?" she asked.

      "My name? My name is Volt Springcrest!" she exclaimed.

      "More like Volt Snobcrest..." Mark mumbled, walking away.

      Volt looked at him. She quickly dashed in front of him. "Hey, hey, buddy. I don't like insults. Since you're new to Shenkuu, I'll show you around if you take it back," she said, annoyed.

      Mark sighed. "I take it back..." he said glumly. Volt cheerfully grabbed him, and began to run towards the shops. "Great!" she said, dragging a stunned Mark.

      She stopped at some food shops. "Here's where most of the people eat around here, since these mountains don't have enough room for us to grow our own," she said.

      She looked around, and pointed to a building across another bridge. "That's Remarkable Restoratives. It's like the pharmacy here," she said.

      She pointed to one of the lowest mountain tops. "Down there is where anyone into the game can play Kou-jong. It's a confusing game," she said.

      She pointed to a large building on the highest mountaintop. "There's where we check the lunar charts. It's a really cool place, but I don't get why it needs to be so big..." she said.

      She dragged Mark over to another side of the top. She pointed to another far off building. "There's our petpet shop. I'd get you one, but you seem to already have one." She said. "Any questions?" she asked.

      Mark shook his head.

      "Great!" Volt exclaimed. She hopped down a path, soon disappearing from sight.

      Mark looked around, then looked at Sam, who was perched on his shoulder again. "I think that the negg soup is ready by now!" he said. He turned, heading towards the bridge leading to his home. He looked at the bridge in the same way as before, but this time, he just sighed and crossed it.

      "I'm home!" he called as he stepped into the warm house. Mom leaned her head out of the kitchen.

      "You're just in time!" she said, leaning back into the kitchen. Mark walked over to the dining room table.

      Mom came out holding a large pot. She set it down on the table, and sat down next to him. Sam hopped off of his shoulder and sat on the table across from mom.

      "Now that we're all settled in... Let us eat!" Mom said.


      Mike lay on his bed, full. Sam had already fallen asleep, and was snoring cutely. Mark sighed, staring out the window. Suddenly, he jolted backwards, falling off the bed, seeing something pop up. He got to his knees and peered over his covers. He saw something none other than the smug face of Volt.

      "Hey! Get out here! I have something to show you!" She laughed, before disappearing again.

      Mark stepped outside, confused. He looked around for Volt. He turned to the left, hearing her familiar giggle.

      "Come on!" she whispered. She dashed to the right, Mark following. "W-wait for me!"

      He caught up with her. She was digging around in some bushes. "Ah, here it is!" She turned, holding a blue box. "It's a welcome gift! It's not very often that someone my age moves here, so take it!"

      Volt handed it to him, and ran off, disappearing once again. Mark sighed, going back inside. He sat on his bed, and opened the box up. Inside was 1000 NP, and a sleeping Gikerot. It woke up, and looked at him.

      "Nice to meet you," it said. Mark looked at it.

      "I'm assuming that you're my new owner?" it asked. Mark nodded.

      "Well, give me a name!" it said.

      Mark thought for a moment. "Uh... How does Ice sound?"

      The Gikerot nodded. "It's nice and original. I'll take it."

      Ice was asleep on Mark's dresser, while Mark was still sleepless on his bed. This had turned out to be the best day ever since the snowstorm on Terror Mountain. He had made two new friends, and got his favorite dinner. He closed his eyes and smiled as he drifted to sleep.

The End

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