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Kooky Korbat Games

by mreilynne


Korbat Day is around the corner, so what are you going to do to celebrate with your own Korbat? You can give your Korbat some new wearables (the Gothic Korbat Nail Varnish is rather spiffy and in season right now), or even sport Korbat avatars on the Neoboards, but we all know that Korbats especially love to play game with their owners! There are numerous Korbat themed toys around Neopia, and equally as many games you can play with them! Here is a list of toys and games you can play with your Korbat on their special day; read this article and pick out some of your favorites to try!

1. Bouncy Korbat Ball – Four Korners

Who wouldn't want to play with a nice, bouncy ball – especially when it has a Korbat printed on it? If you bring home this ball, you can play a fun game called Four Korners. You or one of your other pets sit in the middle of the room with the ball, and bounce it into one of the four corners of the room. Your Korbat will have to fly to the corner and bounce it back to you. Your Korbat will have to keep the ball from hitting the corner for as long as possible. It's the perfect amount of healthy competition, and serves as a solid way to bond within your family.

2. Don't Splat the Korbat!

This is a Korbat themed board game that you can play with all of your pets! Take turns rolling dice to move your Korbat game piece around the board. The object of the game is to keep your Korbat piece from landing on a splat-shaped space – otherwise you'll get sent back to the home space! You can land on special spaces to get power ups. Some can help you avoid splatting the Korbat, while others can make your opponents hit the splat spaces! The first player to make it around the board wins!

3. KorBat and Ball Set – Korball and Dizzy Korbats

You can get a game of Korball going with this set, where players take turns hitting the ball and running around bases. It's a fun game to play as a family, because you will need all of your pets to play along too. Another great game to play with this set is called Dizzy Korbats. Your pets take turns putting their nose on the tip of the bat and running around in circles. Then, they each have to try and balance the ball on their nose. Whoever can hold it up there the longest wins! While it does seem like a silly game, it will provide tons of fun for everyone!

4. Korbat on a String

While Korbats aren't particularly scary creatures, they can catch others off guard, especially if they aren't expecting a Korbat run-in. You and your Korbat can use this silly toy to play pranks on your other Neopets. Just as one walks around the corner, you can fling the little Korbat out in front of them, scaring them and providing lots of laughs for all! You can hid the curious critter in different parts of your neohome – oh the shenanigans you can get into!

5. Korbat Sticky Hand

Sticky hands may be incredibly useful in the Battledome, but they also can be epic toys to play with! Fling them against windows to see them make funny Korbat shaped prints, and flop them on your pets' faces to get a funny reaction from them! Some of these hands are even sticky enough to take items away from others, when they're least expecting it! They are super silly, and will have you and your Korbat giggling all day long.

6. Pink Korbat Puppet

Put on a puppet show, and your Korbat will be able to play itself with this cute little puppet! It's made from soft fabric with adorable button eyes. And look! The wings flap around when you move your fingers! Whether it's finding buried treasure on Krawk Island, or running into the great Fyora in Faerieland, this toy will bring you and your Korbat endless storytelling possibilities.

7. Purple Korbat Kite

All Korbats love to fly, so take them out with this kite on a nice day. They can peacefully soar alongside it, or rapidly race against it through the sky; it all depends on their mood! Your other pets can even take turns flying the kite, or you can buy multiples and all fly together! With the sun on their wings and the breeze in their face, your Korbat will be reminded of just how special they are to you.

8. Striped Korbat Flying Disc

A perfect toy to pair with the Purple Korbat Kite! When the weather outside is nice and breezy, take all of your pets out to throw around this fabulous flying disc. The little Korbat picture on top glides effortlessly through the air, bouncing between pets. They can all take turns tossing it to each other, and your Korbat will feel like a star if they have a disc that looks and flies just like them!

9. Wooden Korbat Bat and Ball Game

This is a pretty common game, but still a fun one! AND it even has a cute little Korbat face printed on it – just in time for Korbat Day! Use the paddle to bounce the ball up and down, but don't it fall off! Once your Korbat masters the art of bouncing the ball, this toy will be able to amuse them for hours on end.

There are so many Korbat themed toys around Neopia – and they aren't just for Korbats to play with! Pick out a bunch of your favorite games and toys, and you will be able to have an awesome time with all of your pets. By playing with any of these amazing toys, you are especially sure to give your Korbat a wonderful day of fun that they won't forget. It is their day to celebrate, after all. Happy Korbat Day!

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