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Guide to Job Snatching

by fireworks_kitty


FAERIELAND - A city resting on a large, enormous cloud floating in the skies of Neopia. As home of the Faeries, Fyora's Palace lays in the heart of the big fluffy floating thing. Anyways, Faerieland is also a great vacation spot with no Mumbo Pango like in Mystery Island. You're just whizzing your money away until you're down to your last hundreds.

And this is exactly where the Faerieland Employment Agency comes in, or the FEA. Of course, you can play games or restock, but I find the Faerieland Employment Agency more fun. Of course, there is a daily limit... and this article is all about the famous FEA.

1. What is the Faerieland Employment Agency?

You don't know? o.o I better tell you then. The Faerieland Employment Agency lies in the Faerie City. Every ten minutes, expect Neopets to come rushing in at full speed with clouds of smoke, and snatch a job with their paws (or claws) and if they're fast and lucky enough they might get a job. Then, they have to do the job, which is mainly getting items and then give it to the FEA, which will then reward the Neopet with Neopoints, sometimes a bonus for getting the job done quickly. And yes, there is a time limit.

2. Does my pet has any stats increased while doing the job?

Yes and no. Your pet's fighting and intelligence stats will stay the same, but it might get a rank raised from doing jobs from the FEA.

3. Does the FEA always have good jobs?

Not always. If you look at Borgarigmus the Lupe's tale in front, you'll see he says, "Why, once I bought four Rubber Ducks for 30 NP each and was paid 550 NP in return!" And he also said, "Dangit, I bought four Grass Pies for 8,000 NP and was only paid 2,500 NP!"

So you see, it's up to you and your Neopian skills to find a good job that will raise your Neopoints, not lower them!

4. I don't have a Job Coupon!

Not to worry. You still can do the basic jobs, which come every ten minutes. I like to lie in wait when it's the next 10 minutes on the page, and refresh quickly. You will have to be lucky to get a job though, as many people snatches them. You'll learn that in the next paragraphs :)

The Job Snatching

Now that we've finished with the basics (if you need more FAQ don't be shy Neomail me) let's go on to why this article was really written, and published (if you're reading this). Now, every time I go, I can't get a job. One refresh, and they disappear. Soon, I got used to this and learned to rapidly snatch a good job. I hope this part helps you!


1. Check that you aren't on a Faerie Quest.

2. Open another window with the Shop Wizard on.

3. Prepare to not bang on the computer if you don't get a job - you will sure be grounded.

4. When it is nearly to 0:19:00 go to the Faerie Employment Agency Basic Job page.

5. If you're doing other things, have 3 windows, the last window for whatever activity (play games, chatting to guild members (if you haven't got a guild join mine! XD) etc.) and keep an eye on the clock.

Now for the methods...drum roll please, and don't skip a WORD!

Random Snatch

Quite common. An random snatch is when you click on any job without taking a look. I often have to do this when jobs are running out. You might also want an fast computer and not a old mouse that goes; move up, stuck for 1 second. Move up, stuck for 1 second. Finally get to the job, the computer froze. That'll be disappointing and definitely weird. Now, you wait a while and scroll to the bottom (just do it!) and click on any job rapidly. Then, when you go to the page, if you see that this job is taken, force yourself and click back, refresh and go to another job. This often gets you a job if you have practiced at it.


You might ask, and hide in fear. Well, it does improve your skills. If you (hopefully) want to practice a Random Snatch, just wait on a page of jobs and then when you think the time is right and all the jobs are taken, try to click one quickly. Of course it will say that the job is taken, and use back to go back to the page. When you're satisfied with your speed, go for real. You can also practice if you are loading a page to go to another link and you know exactly where it is, try click on it fast when the page immediately loads. Practice, practice, practice! Practice or no job.

A Little Slower

Be patient young grasshopper. Actually, don't. These two methods are quite similar. In this method, you don't click like wild like the Random Snatch. Quickly read the job, and hopefully you have studied and know almost every item in Neopia and how much it costs. If you actually did that, I think you want ever go losing Neopoints. Scroll to the bottom, and fine, I shall tell you why. When you refresh, you are sent to the top list of the jobs. So does the other people who are waiting. They'd probably snatch from there, meaning LESS people are at the bottom, so there's a better chance at getting a job there. Quickly scroll your eyes very fast, but able to read and just click at that big profit - making job, if you're lucky you get it, and quickly go to the window and search for it in the Shop Wizard.

Hints and Tips

I'm ready! No you aren't. You choose a method. But I also want to give you some tips to maybe improve your skills. Read on...

1. I probably repeated this a lot, but I do want to remind you. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. It will give you a better chance of snatching a job rather then the paws above you. Your page refreshes at the TOP, and all does the other people, so they would try to snatch jobs they see on the screen first, leaving more less people getting the bottom jobs.

2. Refresh often. Not that often, though. Usually when I see the job I am aiming for taken, I press back on my browser, and I REFRESH. New jobs would appear, and sometimes if you forget to do this, the old ones stay on your list and you'd be click every one of them which would be taken. Get fresh jobs!

3. Name spelling. This happens to me sometimes. I think you would rather miss a bonus, would be quite nice if you went flipping through your dictionary you prepared, only to find out that word was actually a Neopian word and didn't exist in the big book of words. If you can't spell the word properly, rather then having a hundred attempt at the Shop Wizard, just copy and paste. Easy.

That's probably it. What are you waiting for? Get to Faerie City, wait for the rush and get a job! Raise your 100 Neopoints to 5000 Neopoints! And most importantly, good luck, and have fun!

(Author's Comment: If you are reading this, it's my first time in the Neopian Times! I'd like to thank Snowflake (for publishing this article) and ME (for earning a shiny first place Neopian Time trophy for my lookup!)

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