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Mad About Meepits

by jockylocky


Mad About Meepits

HAUNTED WOODS - The wind shrieks past your ears as you tighten your tattered jacket against your skin. The slithering shadows of the forest seemingly pull you deeper and deeper into the woods; the eyes of the trees watching your every move. You make your way to a magnificent oak tree and see seven silver circles shining in the moonlight. You stop and ponder what this marvel is all abou-


You feel something grabbing on your jacket. You look down and gasp in amazement: it's a ghost Meepit! You, being a huge fan of Meepits, squeal out in joy and pick up the little creature. You've always had a certain aura that petpets simply flocked to. The Meepit jumps down from your hands, and leads you to a specific tree. The Meepit does a secret knock you can't quite understand and the trunk makes a low growling sound. The wood splits apart and reveals a secret stash of treasures. The small petpet gently lifts up a few items and puts a few items in your hands to look at.

Though naturally, because you are a huge Meepit fan, you have certainly seen some of these Meepit-related items, yes? Well if you haven't, take a closer look and let your passion for the small, non-world dominating, peaceful Meepits grow in abundance!

Ghost Meepit Dance Party Ultra Remix

Every Meepit needs to have their own jams, of course! They somehow, not suspiciously, acquired some device from Virtupets to play it. When not discussing certain plans with Ilere of the Woods or hunting down food, Meepits are always dancing away to their favorite tunes. With popular tracks such as Juice Juice Juicy Juice, Domination is Near and Your Eyes, Your Eyes, it's nearly impossible not to be addicted to this Ultra Remix. Play this at your next Meepit Appreciation Party to get your guests dancing up a storm.

Meepit Bean Bag

After all that dancing, you are sure to need a break and sit down for a little while. Luckily the next item the friendly ghost Meepit hands you is a Meepit Bean Bag! You'll notice right away that this bean bag doesn't have any teeth. The original prototype did and it didn't go well with anyone. Apparently it was deemed "too painful" to sit on and there was a sight of a few toothless Meepits running around which caused a gigantic scene from the PPL. The second prototype settled much better for everyone involved and now Meepits can use their teeth for more important, completely harmless and safe activities.

These inexpensive bean bags are perfect for any social gathering, plotting or napping. There have been some reports of hearing strange voices while in the chair, but everything's alright. Anyone who's sat in this chair has always emerged a bigger and better Meepit advocate. And Neopia sure could use some of those, wouldn't you say? You should get one.

Mad Meepit Mocha

After a rest on your Meepit Bean Bag and coming up with better ways as to how to advocate for Meepits, as any good and faithful serva-er, follower, should, you find yourself particularly parched. In addition it is rather chilly out here in the Haunted Woods and that tattered jacket of yours isn't not exactly keeping the warmth in. The ghost Meepit sees this and hands you a delicious Mad Meepit Mocha.

Despite the name, Mad Meepit Mochas do not turn you mad or insane. Well, it's not clinically proven anyhow. You may want to check out the Meepit Oaks Sanatorium for more details on the tests or if you have any other questions. Questions such as how you can advertise these mocha's more. But I digress. Nevertheless these mochas are terrific for warming up your body, quenching thirst and giving you a spike of energy to keep the thought processers running. Who doesn't want a nice hot drink while you gab with your best friend?

Meepit vs Feepit Action Figure Play Ring

Now that you've had a rest, it's time to start focusing again. This is an item of major use! See, Meepits have a main rival: those festering and filthy Feepits! Nobody in Neopia likes them, and they target the beloved Meepits that everybody adores so much. Naturally the Meepits have to defend themselves, and with such an army they could use anyone they can. This is an excellent tool to help to train your defences and study how the Feepits attack so you can be well prepared for the next battle. After all, being a devoted Meepit fan, it would be an absolute honor to defend them, would it not? To be fighting side by side with the Meepits for the greater good... there is no better way to serve.

How to Serve Meepits

I should begin to clarify that the Meepits like to, uh, joke. Why yes! They joke a lot. The whole "crown" and acting like kings is all a fa├žade. If for whatever reason they do hypothetically take over Neopia - what a joke that is! - they won't make you their servant and be treated like kings! But in this book you will learn interesting facts things like how Meepits like their tea, very important when you have them over for social gatherings. Also included are tidbits such as when they like to go to bed and be woken up, when they will have their daily bath and its temperature, what days they will have their eggs scrambled or fried (never poached), and how cooked they want their Blumaroo Steak. You're not a Blumaroo, are you? If you are, that's just another joke! If you're not, it's medium well.

Meepit Carols

As soon as Halloween ends, it's time to prepare for the Holiday festivities. And what better way than to go around your neighborhood singing lovely carols from this book collection? Your neighbours will love and appreciate your kindness and perhaps will even give you some Mad Meepit Mocha's or Meepit Cookies to keep you warm and spirits up. Share your joy with your neighborhood and I'm sure the Meepits will be proud of your dedication to your community.

Meepit Totem

The ghost Meepit hands you his last item, a Meepit Totem. If you're too poor to buy a Meepit petpet of your own, I'm sure this totem will be good enough in the meantime for you to save. Precisely the same height and weight of the average Meepit, this lil guy will always be your friend. Although there has been rumours of these coming alive in the dead of night, those same rumours also say that they terrorize their owners and the owner is never seen again. Preposterous! That's all a bunch of hogwash. Meepits love their masters, and I'm sure they would love for you to have this totem.

The Meepit gives you a big toothy grin in thanks for your spending time with him and accepting his gifts. With your arms full, he leads you out of the deep woods and finds you a path going out of the Haunted Woods. With a small little dance that makes your heart melt with joy, he rushes off back into the shadows of the night. What an adorable little fella.

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