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Eyrie Excerpts

by mreilynne


Eyrie owners everywhere have their own ways of celebrating Eyrie Day with their pets. Some sport Eyrie avatars on the Neoboards, while others dress their pets in Eyrie-themed wearables to show their pride for this species. However, not many Neopians know that they can also read numerous books about Eyries to all of their pets! There are, in fact, ten Eyrie-specific books floating around Neopia, each with a unique story. To celebrate all Eyries on their special day, I've compiled excerpts from my favorite Eyrie Neopian novels. You're "bound" to find at least one that appeals to you!

An Eyrie Evening

"Eyrik ventured deeper and deeper into the Haunted Woods. He felt uncomfortable being alone, and wanted to get out as quickly as possible, but he wasn't sure which direction he needed to go. Suddenly, he heard some leaves rustle. He stopped dead in his tracks. His heart pounded through his chest and his feathers stood on end. A glimmer of moonlight caught something small, scurrying across the ground. A small meepit revealed itself in a clearing in the woods, and Eyrik breathed a sigh of relief. The meepit still made him feel a bit uneasy, but it could have been something far worse. 'Are you lost too, little guy?' The meepit jerked its head to the side, its eyes widened and, with a flash, transformed into the vile Hubrid Nox..."

Caring for Eyries

"Now that you've become acquainted with your new friend, you need to make him/her feel like they belong! Eyries are comforted by a plethora of foods (Eyrie Gumbo and Plain Eyrie Souffle make the best first meals), clothes (the Eyrie Sleeping Cap will ensure they get a good night's sleep), and toys (the Eyrie Goodie Bag is always fun to open). All of these items will make your new Eyrie feel like part of the family!"

Everything Eyrie

"Did you know? Eyries do not have claws. Instead of elongating claws to intimidate an enemy, Eyries extend their wings to their full wingspan. This makes them appear larger than they are, which will keep threats away. Furthermore, they do not need to rely on claws while in battle because they have such strong limbs. They have no trouble using pure strength to overpower an opponent, so it is in your best interest to train your Eyrie's strength as much as you possibly can."

Skyward: An Eyrie's Guide to Flying

"I remember my first flight like it was yesterday. It was a crisp Autumn day, and the sky was perfect – all clear with a slight breeze. The leaves on the trees were vibrant golds and reds, shining in the sunlight. As soon as I felt the warmth of the sun's rays on my wings, I knew it was time to fly. I spread my wings and kicked off the ground, catching the air perfectly and gliding further and further into the sky. From up there, I felt like nobody could bring me down. Not all first flights are as smooth as mine, but with time you will be able to fly freely and become a master of the sky."

The Eyrie Guard

"With Meridell under attack, the double agent Eyrie Guard acted swiftly. He had devised this plan while Kass plotted his attack, and now it was time to put in into action. He rounded up the villagers of Meridell, concealing them in underground safe houses so that Lord Kass and his men could not find them. They were skeptical of his orders, but he reassured them that he was truly on their side. Once he knew they were out of harm's way, the Eyrie Guard set out to face the waves of beasts Kass sent. He vanquished Giant Spyder after Giant Spyder, fighting for the fearful citizens, fighting for freedom, and fighting against Kass. His heart was strong and hopeful, for he knew that his actions were right."

My Eyrie Friend

"The worst day ever was when the Pant Devil stole my Faerie Queen Doll. I had worked so hard to get her, and he just ripped her out of my hands. I didn't know what to do, but my Eyrie friend was right there for me. She put me on her back and whisked me away to Mystery Island, where we spent the day playing in the sand and admiring the island's beauty. She was able to cheer me up so much that I forgot completely about my doll. Then, as she dropped me off at the end of the day, she handed me a small box. It was wrapped in shiny purple paper with a blue bow on top. I opened the gift to find a Faerie Queen Doll perched on colored paper, smiling up at me. The excited Eyrie beamed and hugged me. I knew she would always be my best friend."

Flying for Eyries

"Flying does not come easily to winged Neopets, and Eyries are no exception. There are quite a few things you need to do before you can soar. In order to fly, you must first get used to being up high. Many Eyries fail at flying for the first time because they have never been in the sky before. Get ready for this by going up to a high place and looking down, so you get a feel for what it will look like when you are flying high. Once you've done this, you can try to get in the air. Angle your wings, wait for a good breeze, and then kick up off the ground. Your wings will catch on the winds, and you will begin to glide higher and higher."

Some of these stories are informative, some thrilling and scary, while others just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. I hope at least one of them has intrigued you enough to read further. Regardless of which book you choose to explore, keep in mind that they are all terrific tales inspired by Eyries. So, grab a piping hot cup of Borovan, pick up your favorite narrative, and have a happy Eyrie Day!

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