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Pippin Poogle's Pitiful Poogle Day Parade: An Interview

by hottendott


Also by titian_starfire

"Hello, folks, and welcome to Poogles on Parade Day. I'm Rene Reporter here with Pippin Poogle to talk about his adventures on this lovely day. So Pippin, have you had a good Poogle Parade today?"

Pippin Poogle: "Well, I've tried to follow the ten rules outlined in the "Pamphlet of Paradise on Poogle Parade Day.

"Step 1 says to be creative. So I tried to do some role playing. I built this giant robotic Poogle suit but it fell apart on me and the role players... needless to say I was asked to leave after having reduced the room to nothing but rubble. So then I tried to write an article for Poogle Day to submit to the Neopian Times, only I remembered I don't have any hands. Similar activities such as the poetry contest, caption contest and beauty contest were also out. Paws are just not suitable for writing and drawing, folks."

Rene Reporter: "Oh dear, that doesn't sound very pleasant. What about Step 2: Wearing a Poogle avatar and font? Did that go any better?"

Pippin Poogle: "One would think so. However, I thought I had changed my avatar to the MSPP one, but it seems I misplaced my spectacles and instead wound up with a Usul avatar. No wonder why so many people asked me about my hair bow collection all day."

Rene Reporter: "But you must have been able to manage Step 3: Customizing your Poogle(s)."

Pippin Poogle: "Indeed I did manage to customize myself... but there was a glitch and I was invisible so no one was able to see my spiffy outfit. Step 4: Discover the Gift of Giving, didn't go as planned either. See I bought a whole bunch of Poogle items to give out. Some were expensive and others not so much. I made a Poogle cake too. But I forgot the timer and it was badly burnt. However, I did give that to Coltzan's Shrine, I heard it sometimes gives out burnt foods."

Rene Reporter: "Well, at least one needy pet will have a lovely burnt Poogle cake to enjoy. How did Step 5: Spoil your Poogle go?"

Pippin Poogle: "For Step 5 I planned to invite all my Poogle pals out for a day of pampering. We planned to have our claws painted and go shopping. I wanted to buy some new books and lovely clothing. I also wanted to get myself to the pet store and pick up a matching petpet and petpetpet. Later I planned to buy some gourmet food from the auctions or trading post, got to keep up my lovely round figure after all, but the Bug Brothers jumped out and collected my money to give to the Money Tree—So no lovely sugary confections for me."

Rene Reporter: "Where you able to Create or Paint a Poogle as suggested in Step 6?"

Pippin Poogle: "Well, since we are limited edition, I waited until Poogles were available to create, but when I found a name I liked the Poogles were gone. I'm scared of the lab ray so I'm not going to sit under it and be zapped. Who knows what could happen! I mean, what if it singes my lovely fur? Did you know Poogle fur is so soft that Krawks have been known to try to steal it from us at night? -shudders-

"Er, I'm digressing, aren't I? Well, since I wouldn't go through with zapping, I tried painting myself a new color today; however, my paint brush was stolen by the Grundo Leader. I think it was part of Doctor Sloth's plan to make me wait for a Fountain Faerie Quest—draw her out and start his evil plot or something like that. Anyway, I checked the pound for a Poogle to adopt but I got bored after an hour of looking. There are lovely morphing potions, though, so this is an idea; however I've decided to keep that in my safety deposit box until my luck changes. You see, I don't feel particularly lucky today for some reason."

Rene Reporter: "So I'm guessing you are not going to try to trade for a Poogle seeing how everything else has gone today and I am also having a guess that Step 7: Play Poogle races didn't go as planned either?"

Pippin Poogle: "Poogle Races might just be the cutest game ever, since it features the best neopet ever. -coughs- This game has been around for the longest time and is super cheap at only 300 neopoints a game. Seriously how much can you get for 300 neopoints these days. Every fifteen minutes there is a race. Once you have chosen your Poogle, maybe even fed it some fruit or other goodies from your inventory, you are ready to wait for your race to start! It's a lot of fun to see these little cuties race each other. Don't forget to click cheer for your Poogle, clicking repeatedly on the 'cheer for' button on your screen. Pay the 300 neopoints ..."

Rene Reporter: "Pippin, are you being paid to promote this game?"

Pippin Poogle: "No..." –kicks sack of neopoints behind his foot- "Anyway, the Poogle I picked to race tripped over the untied laces on his sneakers. When he finally got back up, the race was finished. And yes, before you ask, Step 8: Free training didn't work either. You see I'm level 41 and the stinking Pirates at Krawk Island will not let me train anymore... err, I mean wonderful Pirates... yes, great pirates who are not staring at me shaking their fists..."

Rene Reporter: "Yes, um, moving right along now... So what about Step 9: Endlessly refreshing, waiting for the news to show up?"

Pippin Poogle: "Yes, I did refresh endlessly the night before in hopes of seeing what colors and spiffy clothing items will be released, however, the down for maintenance Pteri had other plans and I wound up going to bed without seeing the new news."

Rene Reporter: "So did you have fun at all as Step 10 suggests?"

Pippin Poogle: "Ironically, yes. My best friend Salem the Skeith came over and we ate some food and sat in the back garden watching the sun go down. But I'm ready for bed now."

Rene Reporter: "Yes, indeed and it is a good thing for you Poogle Parade is only once a year. This is Rene Reporter saying to all Poogles out there have a happy and safe Poogle Parade."

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