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Autumn Attire

by ladyailsa


A Customizer's Guide to Autumn

It's that time of year to make a change from the camisoles and shorts to wooly jumpers and scarfs. Summer is over, there is a chill in the air, it's time to embrace the approach of Autumn. Fashionistas, don't be disheartened; although summer is over, it's now a whole new season, which means a whole new wardrobe too! In this guide I will be choosing my top 15 must haves for Autumn.

1. Beautiful Autumn Leaves Foreground

It's debatable that Autumn is the most beautiful time of year when the leaves change colour from green through to yellow, orange, red and brown and now all neopets can frolic in the falling foliage with the Beautiful Autumn Leaves Foreground. Anyone can own this neopoint item for the modest price of 20k or less and it is perfect for the season.

2. Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background

Ah.. is there anything more relaxing than cosying up round the fire watching the Autumn leaves dance in the wind? Well, customizers with access to NC can use the Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background to give their pet a beautiful Autumn home that's decorated for the season; don't forget your rakes, though! :)

3. Seasonal Autumn Rake

And here it is! The must have rake of the season. This is a designer NC Mall decorated for Autumn and a must have for Neopets who like to impress but worry not because there are neopoint alternatives! If you do not have access to the NC Mall, then you can pick up a Simple Wooden Rake or a Wooden Rake for less than 5k and they do the job just as well as the seasonal Autumn Rake.

4. Warm Autumn Coat

With the cold weather approaching, it's time to get out the fluffy coats and the Warm Autumn Coat is a must have for the season. It has a warm orange colour keeping in with the season and features a delicate leaf design. Not only will this coat protect your pet against the elements but it is fashionable as well!

5 Windy Autumn Fence

This is my favourite Autumn themed foreground featuring a simple wooden picket fence draped in autumn leaves brought in by the strong winds. It's simple, but sometimes simple is best and it goes well with all Autumn backgrounds. This is definitely a customizers must have but may be hard to find because it's becoming more popular and in season.

6. Flight Scarf

This scarf was not actually released for Autumn but during the Altador Cup. In any case I think it still deserves to be on this list because it fits with the season. It's starting to get colder and windy out and the flight scarf depicts this perfectly as it's animated and looks like it's blowing in the wind. The scarf being red in colour also makes it fit in nicely with an Autumn customization. For people without access to NC, a nice alternative is the Brown Winter Scarf, since brown is still in keeping with the colours of Autumn.

7. Long Brown Autumn Wig

Wigs are a customizer's best friend; you can never have too many. My favourite Autumn wig is the Long Brown Autumn Wig because it has a simple accessory – a leaf headband. I feel a lot of wigs are ruined by strange or huge accessories in the hair, but this one is perfect especially for the season and a closet must have.

8. Autumn Guitar

I love the Autumn Guitar because it's very pretty and different from the norm for an Autumn handheld item. Now your music can travel on the Autumn breeze! This item used to expensive but not anymore. It's also a neopoint item so it's free for everyone to enjoy!

9. Autumn Country Road Background

This background is beautiful, yet simple and perfect for an Autumn theme customization, especially for those without access to NC, because this is another neopoint item! It's a little more expensive than the other Autumn neopoint items, but you can still pick one up for less than 50K, but act fast! As we get further into Autumn, expect the price to rise slightly.

10. Gentle Autumn Tree

A closet must have for Customizers because again it's simple but very beautiful and striking, and a bonus is this item occupies the "background item" space. As far as I know is the only Autumn item that does this, which means it can add just that little bit extra to your Autumn customizations. This is an NC item and fairly easy to obtain.

11. Autumn Bouquet

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you can't have flowers! This pretty bouquet is made up of roses but also has fall leaves and berries mixed in, which are synonymous with the season. This is another NC item and is fairly common.

12. Autumn Umbrella

With the cold weather brings wind and rain, but don't fear! Your pets can protect themselves from the elements with the NC item, Autumn Umbrella. It keeps in theme with the season with a burnt orange colour and leaf design and is a little bit different from typical handhelds you'd expect for Autumn. This is an NC item and is fairly popular, so it might take some time if you plan on getting one.

13. Pumpkin String Lights

These cute lights are perfect for decorating the front of your home; although released for Halloween, they are not at all spooky. This is an NC item and it occupies the "background item" zone, which for me is a huge bonus because you can still use a higher foreground item on top of it and it makes for a good Autumn OR Halloween customization.

14. Colourful Fall Face Paint

I love this face paint! It's cheerful, sparkly and features a leaf design in bright Autumn colours. This is an NC item but again is quite common and should be easy to obtain.

15. Autumn Wheelbarrow Trinket

This simple wooden wheelbarrow is filled with leaves, pumpkins and a little scarecrow and is perfect to fit in with an Autumn customization and is also handy for bringing in the Autumn Harvest too! ;)

And that's the end of my top 15 items - Autumn Attire. Hope you all enjoy the autumn festivities and happy customizing!

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