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The Top Faerie Abilities

by _mariokart_


With The New Battledome, the entire Faerie Ability system has been re-introduced! It can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out which ability in each tier is best to have active for battle. Since the introduction of the abilities on February 20, 2013, I have put together a list of the best ones you should use. Your pet is allowed to keep one ability active from each Level Tier so lets start at the beginning:

Level 1:

Static Cling: 3 Light Icons

Hit your opponent with a blast of light damage. Aethia's Ability Academy is not responsible for any resulting electrical charge.

Review: This is the best ability in this tier since you are getting 3 constant icons each round (without any cool down time). It may just be the little you need to one up your opponent.

Level 5:

Shade: Blocks certain amount of icons based off opponents defense of 3 random icons. (Cool Down: 4 Rounds)

Use this ability to slip into the shadows and protect yourself.

Review: This is the best ability to have in this tier. Since the amount of icons blocked goes off your opponents defense, this will be great for those pets with lower defenses. Keep in mind of the cool down period; however, this is the one you should keep active.

Special Notes: At the moment this ability does not seem to be blocking dark icons.

Level 10:

Positive Thinking: 5% of current HP after damage is received - Small % chance to Multi-Heal (Once per Battle)

The power of positive thinking grants you a bonus to healing.

Review: Being able to heal 5% can be helpful if you have a high HP pet or for certain lower league battles. With this being once per battle, it really limits the power. 5% is such a low rate (Ex: You need 2000 HP to heal 100 HP). Overall, this may be your best option to have in this tier as none of them are extremely useful. It never hurts to have a spare healing ability though.

Level 25:

An Icicle: 6 Water Icons

Frozen water can be quite devastating in battle.

Review: This ability is like a mini third constant. Being able to use your weapons with an additional 6 icons may be the push you need to defeat your opponent (especially water icons). What shines in this ability is the multi-use capability. Overall this is probably the best option to have in this tier.

Level 50:

Lens Flare: Disables your opponents weapons & abilities (Once per Battle).

Blind your opponent with this lens flare and they won't be able to see their weapons.

Review: One of the best abilities available for your pets. The only weapons that are capable of doing this are Thyoras Tear (worth many millions) and Thick Smoke Bomb (Single Use). Make sure you add this to your list!

Special Note: When opponent uses a OPB weapon into a lens flare (IE: Ghostkerbomb), the weapon is not consumed and they will be able to use it later in the fight.

Level 100:

Burrow: Blocks 100% of any Three Random Icons (excluding physical) (Once per Battle)

Hide from your opponent safely underground.

Review: At the moment, this does seem to be the best choice since the other two abilities do not fully block any icon types. Although it is different than the old burrow, it is capable of being one of the best defensive abilities available to us.

Special Notes: This will randomly block 100% of 3 different types of icons. The current issue involves darkness not being blocked. It will try to block it; however, it is never successful. Please remember that this ability (as with any of them while in Beta) is subject to change at Neopets Team discretion.

Level 200:

Warlock's Rage: Disables your opponents weapons & abilities (Once per Battle).

Channel your malevolent rage into increased damage and incapacitate your opponent at the same time. A favourite combo of warlocks everywhere.

Review: This is identical to the ability "Lens Flare" and most are confused as to why there would be two identical abilities... but it currently looks that way. With that in mind, this is the best ability in this tier without question. Use this before or after Lens Flare in battle and you will have two consecutive rounds of avoiding damage.

Special Note: When opponent uses a OPB weapon into a Warlock's Rage (IE: Ghostkerbomb), the weapon is not consumed and they will be able to use it later in the fight.

Level 300:

Rejuvenate: 100% or 5% of Max HP (Once per Battle).

Increase your healing power for a short period of time.

Review: One of the requirements to do really well in battle is a full healer. This ability is extremely helpful to those who may not be able to afford a LEV or Jade SS; however, there are a few aspects regarding this ability which you need to know. In order for this to fully heal, you must be over 5% HP, you must be attacked on the round you use it & Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage cannot be used against you since they will stop this from being used (and you will be unable to try again the rest of the battle). While this is certainly nice to have as a backup, I would still strongly recommend having a full healing item which is more dependable.

Special Note: Since the list is so long and can be complicated, here are some bullet points of what you need to know:

  • You must have over 5% of your maximum HP to receive the full heal.
  • You must receive damage the same round you use Rejuvenate to receive the full heal.
  • Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage type abilities will disable Rejuvenate and you will lose the chance to use it for the battle.
  • Do not use this ability the round after a Lens Flare/Warlocks Rage ability is used as you will not receive any healing (although it may say you did).

Level 400:

Reflect: Reflects 67% of damage received back at opponent (Once per Battle)

Politely decline your opponents' generous gifts. They can keep 'em.

Review: This is certainly the best ability in this tier if you are lucky to achieve this high level. Being able to reflect 2/3's of your opponents damage back at them is quite strong (especially when you add two offensive items). Also keep in mind that it is extremely rare to come across weapons that block reflected icons. This is also extremely helpful when battling those highly powerful 1-player opponents. Why not have your opponent receive their own incredibly unjust damage?!

Level 500:

Summon Monoceraptor: 10 Fire Icons & Blocks 99% of damage received (Once per Day)

The fiery Monoceraptor is at your command and can be used to distract your opponent. Just remember to stay out of the way.

Review: It seems to block ~99% of the damage you receive which allows you to focus strictly on using damage dealing weapons. While this is currently a once per day ability, it can be quite useful if you save it for a strong opponent.

These are the best abilities in general on each level. If you are interested to learn more about Faerie Abilities, please visit my Faerie Ability Guide (link below), thank you!


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