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How to Neopet More Efficiently!

by audiine


With the school year starting up for many Neopians, some students and non-students alike may feel they won't have near as much time to play as they did during the past few months. "I can only get on for ten minutes! That's not nearly enough time to do everything I want!" you may say, but I argue that, with a plan, you can accomplish a lot more than you think within a short amount of time! Even if nothing is changing in your schedule but you would like to be more productive with your time on Neopets, I hope some of these tips and tricks will help out!

Have your dailies all in one place

If you don't have a list including links to all of your favorite daily visits, this might be the easiest way to make the most of your limited time. Whether you use one of Neopets's fan sites' lists, the nifty premium member's notification bar or a favorites folder with bookmarks to your dailies, you can easily knock out these tasks and have your freebie items. Another benefit to having a master list is that you won't forget to do dailies you might easily pass up due to their obscure location or something else, such as the crashed meteor site on Kreludor, the lunar temple in Shenkuu or the Neopian lottery (and psst... having a folder with links for purchasing your different 20 tickets can make entering the lottery incredibly simple!). With this method you'll never miss out on collecting your daily interest again!

In addition to typical dailies, include links to places you find important to visit on a daily basis, such as the training school, the Kadoatery, the caption contest, and Food Club, for example. Tailor these to your personal preferences; one person may include a link to the auction house in order to check out the best deals to snipe, while another may have a link to the NC Mall's newest items or Future Fashions to see what the newest neocash customization available is. What's most important is that the parts of the site you're most interested in seeing and visiting are quickly accessible to you.

Keep your Neopets in the Neolodge

If you're taking time having to feed your pets some of that daily acquired omelette or play with a toy so that they don't turn blue, you're taking precious time away from what may be more important! Keeping your pets in the Neolodge will keep them bloated and happy – you can even still take them around Neopia with you in order to train them, or customize them! However, if you want to feed one of your pets gourmet food to be in the running for a prestigious place in the Gourmet Club, you may not want to check that particular pet in, and continue to feed them manually. Remember, the point of these tips is to cut down on time spent on unnecessary, boring or not important tasks! If feeding your pet gourmet food is important, or you really enjoy tending to your pets personally, by all means do that! However, from what my Neopets have told me, Cockroach Towers isn't too bad once you get used to the sounds of skittering. =)

Know the games with the largest payout for time spent playing

Games are one of the easiest ways to make some spare neopoints for when you need to buy codestones for training or an item for a faerie quest. I personally try to play Kass Basher, Fashion Fever, Wheel of Slime and AdverVideo everyday if I have the time, because these games are essentially free neopoints! Kass Basher might take a little getting used to, but once you unlock the bat, it's easy to earn 1000 NP when you hit with wind speeds of 7-9 meters per second. Another time saving tip for this game is if you notice the wind speed is hovering around 1-3 meters per second, it's normally a lot faster to let the Kass puppet fall without hitting it and reset the game, rather than wait for the wind to pick up speed.

Some other games I find to be the most efficient NP makers are Catch the Petpet, Tunnel Tumble, Bouncy Supreme and any available sponsor games. Sponsor games tend to be really profitable because TNT wants you to play them every day, so make sure you do while they're around! Look around on the Games chat board for other suggestions for fast games or guides as well. One last point about games is make sure you're playing the games you enjoy! If you only have a few minutes a day and you're playing to relax and have a bit of fun, play the games that will allow you to do that. I really enjoy Escape from Meridell Castle, for example. While it might not be one of the faster games to earn NP from, I prefer playing it than getting frustrated with a game I may not enjoy.

One more game that doesn't require much time at all, although it involves risks and losses, is the stock market. You won't notice profit immediately, rather you may think you're losing money since you'll have less on hand, but just remember: you can't lose neopoints if you always sell at a price higher than you bought a stock! Over the long run, it can be very profitable. In fact, during one school year I only came online occasionally to buy stocks and check my portfolio. By the time summer came around I had a handful of stocks that were initially worth 15 NP each when I bought them, but over time rose to over a 300% profit. Just a few minutes a day over time was enough to give me a nice cushion for my bank account once I did return to playing for longer intervals. A great idea is to play the few games that are the most efficient, as well as the most fun for you, until you get at least 15,000 NP, then invest that into stocks.

Foster your NeoFriendships

Whether it's stopping to say hi to your guild mates or returning a neomail, talking with Neofriends can be a very rewarding experience even within a short time frame. Just because you don't have time to play 20 questions doesn't mean you don't have the time to chat and joke around real quick. Normally, if I'm only stopping on to do dailies but I want to check in with my guildies, I'll mention that in my first post when I say hi. Bonus: you can accomplish other tasks while waiting for replies. While you may no longer be able to play hours of Key Quest with your friend, you can still tease each other about the next rematch whenever the two of you have time to play a game. If you enjoy roleplaying, see about setting up a roleplay one-on-one via neomail. If you establish you may only be able to reply once or twice a day, maybe less frequently, in the beginning, it will make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

There you have it: ways to become more efficient on Neopets! If there is only one thing you take away from this article with you, it's that you make sure whatever you're doing is something you want to do. If you don't care about games, don't play them! If you could care less about your booby prizes from Tombola or sticking your head in a barrel of apples and Fyora-only-knows what else, don't waste time doing them! Neopets has many aspects to cater to a variety of interests, some of which may not appeal to you. However, in order to experience all the parts of Neopets you do enjoy, you should log on with a plan to make the most of your time.

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