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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Twelve

by downrightdude


By the time Kira and Brillare reached Queen Fyora's palace, Rosia and her sisters had already begun bombarding the palace's roof with purple orbs, a couple orbs already starting a small fire. As soon as she saw her nemesis, Rosia scowled at them and sent a medium sized orb towards them.

      "Shiledis!" Brillare cried as she created a sun shaped shield. After the purple orb bounced off of the shield's surface, the Top Light faerie sent a bright yellow orb towards Rosia, who immediately dodged it.

      "My, if it isn't Miss Sunshine," said Rosia, sounding a bit surprised. "How were you and your little air-headed friend able to break through my spell so quickly?"

      "With faerie magic and the help of a special friend," Brillare explained. She sent two other orbs towards Rosia while Violet sent a smoke bomb towards Kira.

      Kira coughed loudly after the bomb exploded and her surroundings were covered with a dark black fog. "Brillare! Where are you? I can't see!"

      "Guiding light!" Brillare shouted nearby. With her Light Faerie Token now glowing around her neck, the Light faerie was able to navigate herself through the fog and towards Kira. "Are you okay?"

      "Yeah, I'm fine," Kira said as the fog began to fade. Now that she could see Rosia up above, Kira created a powerful tornado that she thought would stop the Top Dark faerie from creating more damage towards Fyora's palace.

      Unfortunately Rosia used her Dark Faerie Token, which was still pinned onto her dress, to suck the tornado inside the dark purple pin. "Is that really the best that you can do, little faerie?" she crowed. "Daphne! Violet! Go and attack our 'dear friends' while Velma and I continue on with the plan." Daphne nodded and sent two purple orbs towards Kira.

      Just as the orbs were approaching her, a sniper shaped flame flew past her and struck both orbs at once. Kira turned around and gasped when she saw Ardore standing behind her with Sirena and Illere beside her. "What are you guys doing here?" she wondered.

      Ardore gave her a glare. "Did you really believe that you and Brillare would be able to stop those menacing Dark faeries by yourselves?" When two more orbs were flying towards her, the Top Fire faerie sent another flame sniper towards them.

      Then she sent a rush of fire towards Daphne, who stumbled to the ground and moaned, "Hey, no fair! You could have seriously ruined my hair with your fire!"

      Illere smiled as she created a small tree that wrapped its branches around Daphne. "Hope you enjoy your little trap," she said with a smile.

      Violet scowled as she sent thick black fog towards Sirena. Without hesitating, the Top Water faerie sent a bundle of shimmering water that struck Violet's head and forced the youngest Dark faerie to fall beside Daphne. Illere's tree eagerly wrapped its branches around her in the same manner it had trapped her older sister. "Ouch, your branches are squeezing me!" Violet whined as the branches criss-crossed across her chest.

      Sirena smiled at Illere. "Yay, we got them! Who's left?"

      Illere pointed towards Velma and Rosia, who were now bombarding Brillare and Kira with orbs. "We need to help them before they get seriously injured!"

      Sirena agreed immediately and threw more water towards Velma and Rosia. While both faeries wiped their faces dry, Sirena ran towards her friends to see if they were okay. "Thank goodness you guys are not injured! Now, how should we defeat these two remaining faeries?"

      Kira shrugged her shoulders. "Brillare, do you have any ideas?"

      Brillare looked up at the sky, which was now turning an orange-red colour. Just as she was going to say something, Velma struck her with a blinded sound-wave attack, which made Brillare faint from exhaustion. "I'm alright," she sighed as she got up.

      Velma glared at Kira. "You faeries aren't going to give up, right?"

      Kira nodded and created a body shield for herself when Velma sent sound waves towards her. "Cloud trap!" she exclaimed, forming a puffy white cloud with her hands. Once she threw her newest creation into the sky, the cloud began to expand and wrap Velma in a horrible trap.

      "You won't get away with this!" Velma cried as she fell towards the ground.

      Ardore smiled as she placed her next to Daphne. "Now you three can be the perfect little family you think you are," she teased.

      Rosia glared at Kira. "How dare you, the daughter of Cyprina, ruin everything!" she exclaimed as she summoned a dark cloud above her. All of the faeries watched as Rosia struck each of them with a bolt of dark thunder, which forced each of the other Top faeries to fall towards the ground. Once her enemies were weakened, the Top Dark faerie struck all three of her sisters' traps until they were freed. Then all four Dark faeries held each others' hands as they began to hum, their bodies beginning to glow a shade of purple.

      Kira looked up towards the Dark faeries and sighed. Because of Rosia's dark lightening, she and the other Top faeries were deeply weakened and could barely get themselves up off the ground. While she stared up towards the sky, Kira thought that with the sun coming up the new day could-suddenly she gasped and turned towards Brillare. "Brillare, I know how we can stop them!"

      "How?" Brillare wondered.

      "You need to summon up the sun right now!" Kira said excitingly. "If there's one known weakness that all Dark faeries have is sunlight: they fear it because the light weakens their powers! So if you can summon up enough sunlight, then you can surely stop Rosia from continuing on with... well, whatever she's doing with her sisters."

      Brillare looked up at the sky and thought for a moment. Then she touched her sun-shaped pendant and nodded. "Okay! I'll do it!" With her arms outstretched in front of her, Brillare began to chant "Sun-Rise!" until she saw a peak of yellow light pop up from the ground. Then she hovered up into the sky and continued her chant until she saw the presence of the sun grow stronger and brighter.

      "Sisters, aim your magic towards that Light faerie before she blinds us!" Rosia commanded. Her sisters nodded and chanted "Magic Convergence" as their bodies began to glow brighter. Ignoring what the Dark faeries were doing, Brillare continued to summon up the sun with all her strength.

      Sirena looked up at the sky. "We need some kind of diversion to stop Rosia from completing the magic convergence! If we don't, then she would surely strike Brillare with a powerful strike of dark magic!"

      "Then let me handle this!" said a nearby voice. Kira was shocked when she watched Hanso pick up a rock from the ground and threw it up towards Rosia. He gave the faeries a grin and said, "Aren't you glad that a handsome thief like myself helped you ladies out?"

      Ardore rolled her eyes. "Yeah right."

      But everyone was really surprised when Rosia let go of her Daphne's and Velma's hands to form a purple orb. "How dare you throw an ugly rock at me, you traitor!" she shouted. Ignoring her sisters' warnings, Rosia threw the orb at Hanso while Brillare brought up the rising sun. The bright sunlight forced Rosia and her sisters to shield their eyes with their arms.

      "I can't see!" Violet exclaimed.

      "This stupid sunlight is hurting my beautiful eyes!" Daphne exclaimed.

      Rosia grumbled as she flew away from the sun. "You!" she cried, pointing a finger towards Brillare. "How dare you try to strike us with your deadly sunlight! If you don't reverse your magic then I will-"

      "Magical Seal!" a great voice cried from the palace's balcony. All of the faeries, and Hanso, watched as Queen Fyora pointed her mighty staff at Rosia, the purple orb gleaming a dim light while it prepared its attack. With a quick flash of purple light, Rosia and her sisters found themselves unable to move and trapped in a gold-rimmed mirror that trapped each of them behind its glittering glass seal.

      Brillare's eyes grew wide. "It's the Mystical Seal!"

      Rosia banged the mirror's surface with her fists. "How dare you do this to us, Fyora! You will pay for this!"

      Fyora placed the mirror towards the ground and made it disappear. Then she looked down at the five Top faeries that had defended themselves, and the palace, from the attackers. "I would like to see each of you girls right now," she commanded.

      Kira gulped. "Yes your highness," she said alongside the others.


      Fyora walked towards the window and took a deep breath in. "I see that the daughters of Sombra had tried to continue on their mother's revenge plan. I have nothing to say besides the fact that I'm disappointed at Rosia for her behaviour, and I can also assure you girls that she would pay dearly for this alongside her sisters."

      Kira took a step further. "Pardon my question, but I was wondering if you knew why Sombra had wanted to attack you in the first place. That is if you know, of course."

      "Well, actually, I do," Fyora admitted. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a purple amulet that was glowing a deep purple light. The amulet's crystal had a pair of purple wings on each side for d├ęcor. "This, my dear, is the Amulet of the Dark Faerie."

      "So it was you! You took it from the Hidden Tower?" Kira gasped.

      Fyora nodded. "After witnessing that attack Sombra displayed on that helpless Air faerie, I ordered one of my guards to remove the amulet from the Hidden Tower in case Sombra took it for any future misdeeds. And I must say that I do believe my decision was the right thing to do."

      "But that doesn't mean that all Dark faeries are evil and corrupt, correct?" asked Kira.

      Fyora shook her head. "Not every Dark faerie is as black-hearted as Sombra, my dear. But the fact that she was involved in a violent assault has resulted her from being expelled from my Faerie Court." Then she turned to Kira and gave her a warm smile. "I must say that you are remarkably just as brave and courageous as your mother was when she was young. I am deeply honoured to have you alongside my other Top faeries, and together I'm confident that you will all be proud representatives of your individual faerie types."

      All of the faeries got down on one knee and bowed their heads. When they got up, Brillare approached Fyora and asked, "Will we ever be able to restore the faerie treasures that Rosia had turned into stone?"

      "Yes," said Fyora, "however, not at this moment. We must give each treasure our patience so that they can restore their magic by themselves. In the meantime, you girls would now need to step up your roles as Top faeries and help with preparing a new batch of younger faeries. Now this won't be an easy task, but one of the main responsibilities you faeries have is to help train the newest generation of faeries. Would you all be willing to do it?"

      Sirena and Illere looked at each other nervously. Ardore just rolled her eyes at the idea while Brillare looked at the ground. Kira just took one step forward and said, "I'll do it, Queen Fyora. If I can defend Faerieland from intruders, save my friends and help reverse Rosia's spell, then I know I can do anything."

      Fyora nodded her approval.

      "And about my training?" asked Kira. "When will you be able to train me to use my token, Your Majesty?"

      Fyora shook her head. "You don't need any formal training, my dear. For you see: you've already proven that you can use the Air Faerie Token responsibly and that you have the courage to defend Faerieland from any type of magical invaders. I am very proud of you Kira, and I'm confident that your mother would be as well."

      Kira's face burned with pride. Had Queen Fyora really just given her praise? After her meeting with Fyora was finished, Kira flew back home just as the sun was setting into a glorious sunrise. Never in her life had Kira thought that she would be able to combat against a wicked Dark faerie and save Faerieland from an evil spell. As she arrived at her house, she could see her mother waving to you from the kitchen window. Kira beamed as she looked once more at the setting sun. Then she opened the front door, eager to tell her mother everything that had happened that day, as well as the words Fyora had given her as her own personal award.

The End

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