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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Ten

by downrightdude


"Look at this, Kira!" Illere said as she showed her friend a cream coloured piece of paper. "It's from Sirena. Doesn't the wax seal look beautiful?"

     Kira took the letter and admired the red wax seal, which was imprinted with a swirled 'S'. Curious, Kira opened the seal and read the letter to herself. The fancy handwriting made the message look as if it was not only handwritten with a quill, but was also written in a hurry. "Does Sirena always write so messily, Illere? I see a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, plus a lot of ink blots!"

     Illere shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I've honestly never paid attention to her writing."

     "Well," Kira continued, "apparently Sirena wanted to invite me and 'two friends' to a local restaurant this evening for dinner. Should we go?"

     "If you want," Illere said as she rolled up her sleeping bag.

     Kira nodded eagerly and folded the invitation in half. After placing the note in her dress's right pocket, Kira lead Illere downstairs, where she met her mother by the doorway. "Good morning, Mom! Um, you didn't hear anything weird going on last night, did you?"

     Cyprina shook her head. "No, I didn't. Why do you ask?"

     Illere burst out laughing and said, "Oh, Kira and I accidentally broke one of your lamps while we were getting ourselves some water! Right, Kira?" After being nudged by her friend, Kira smiled weakly and began laughing as well. "But don't worry," Illere insisted, "because we were able to fix the lamp last night! Now it looks just as it had before we broke it!"

     "Well, that's a relief," said Cyprina. She handed Kira a piece of paper and asked, "Would you mind going to the Faerie Foods store, dear? I need some more vegetables for tonight's dinner."

     "But Mom," Kira wailed. "Sirena invited me to dinner tonight! Plus, it's already six o'clock-"

     "Now Kira," Cyprina said firmly. "You can go to your friend's house after you've gotten me these groceries. Do you understand?"

     Kira sighed and nodded. "Oh all right! Want to come along, Illere? You can drop your sleeping bag at your place on the way to the Faerie Food Shop."

     "Sure," said Illere. "That sounds fine with me." After waving goodbye to Cyprina, Illere followed Kira out of her house and towards the Faerie Food shop. Neither faerie noticed that the bright sun was now setting... or the trouble that was waiting nearby.

     It wasn't long before a red-headed Dark faerie rang the doorbell to Kira's house.

     As soon as Cyprina opened the door, the Dark faerie smiled at her and said, "Why hello, Cyprina! What a wonderful surprise!"


     "Mom, I got your groceries!" Kira shouted as she entered her house. The eerie silence made the young Air faerie shiver as she walked toward the kitchen's entryway. Something's not right, Kira thought, peering cautiously into the kitchen. Where could Mom be? I thought she was going to make dinner!

     Suddenly Kira felt something hot hit her back. Turning around, she gasped when four Dark faeries smiled back at her, as if they had expected their victim to be horrified. "What are you four doing here?" Kira demanded. "And where's my mother?"

     Rosia gave Kira a satisfied smirk. "Don't worry about her; she's perfectly fine in the living room." Fastening her Dark Faerie Token onto her dress, Rosia hurled three purple orbs at Kira and watched as her nemesis was thrown towards the living room wall. "What's wrong, little Air Faerie? Can't you fight?"

     Kira immediately got up and placed her Air Faerie Token around her neck. "Shieldis!" she cried as she formed a light blue shield around herself.

     "Nice shield," said Rosia, smiling, "but do you honestly think that you could ever defend yourself from me?" Before Kira could answer, Rosia sent a shower of purple orbs towards the light blue shield, which slowly faded as it grew weaker.

     As soon as Kira's shield had disappeared, Velma hovered over her and attacked with invisible sound waves. "Defendis!" Kira cried. But since Velma's attack was too strong, Kira found herself being thrown towards the ground, not being able to even get up and fight due to her exhaustion.

     Rosia smiled again. "Now Velma, let's not destroy her just yet. Remember why we came here." She snapped her fingers at Daphne and Violet, who flew towards a nearby closet and pulled out a stone relic from within.

     "We hope you enjoy this little 'welcome home present' that we made you," Daphne said with a giggle.

     Kira trudged towards the statue and examined it. The frightened stone faerie made her feel a bit of pain in her heart. Judging from how terrified the faerie looked made Kira wondered if she was another one of Rosia's 'stone' victims- a victim whose fate may have been sealed with dark magic. Then, as soon as she peered into the faerie's weathered face that was creased with wrinkles, Kira gasped and shouted, "Mother!"

     "Oh, was she really your mother?" asked Rosia, not sounding concerned. "What a coincidence."

     Kira felt hot tears forming in her eyes as she stared at her mother's horrified expression. Feeling furious, she turned towards Rosia and asked, "Why did you do this, Rosia! What had my mother ever done to you to deserve this?"

     "So you really think that Miss Cyprina was innocent?" asked Rosia. She turned to her sisters and rolled her eyes.

     Kira gasped. "How did you know who my mother was?"

     Velma shook her head. "You really don't know who we are, Air faerie?"

     Kira quickly wiped her eyes with her sleeve. "Why should I?"

     Before Velma could speak, Rosia walked over to Kira and frowned. "Let me tell you a little story from long ago," she insisted. Then she turned to face a living room window and took a deep breath. "Once upon a time, there were two faeries: one a Dark faerie and the other an Air faerie. Though neither faerie could stand the other, they both agreed that as long as they were responsible for their separate group of students, they would never dare to challenge each other in any form of magical duels."

     "Then what happened?" asked Kira.

     Daphne gave her a little laugh. "Well it just so happens that the Air faerie that the Dark faerie despised had decided to attack her after she challenged one of her Air faeries students to a magical duel. Unfortunately for the Dark faerie, her nemesis had access to the Circlet of the Air Faerie, which meant that the only way she could defeat her was to obtain the Amulet of the Dark Faerie."

     "But the Dark faerie couldn't find it," Rosia continued, "because of that idiotic Queen Fyora, who hid it because that Air faerie suggested that token be hidden in the Hidden Tower for safe keeping! So by the time the Dark faerie had found the tower, her valuable amulet was missing, rumoured to have never been seen again. That was when the Dark faerie decided to attack Fyora; a disastrously plan as she was quickly overpowered by the members of Fyora's Faerie Court, who then decided to seal the Dark faerie far away in an invisible seal. That, dear enemy, is her story."

     Kira shook her head. "But why did you tell me this? Why do I need to know this?"

     Rosia shook her head. "Because that Dark Faerie was our mother!" she exclaimed furiously. "And it was your mother who sealed her away! Our mother, the legendary Dark Faerie 'Sombra', was sealed away right before she could complete her mission!"

     Kira gasped in disbelief. Then she realized that the story may have been true, since Rosia could have greatly resembled her mother. "How did you know my mother was Cyprina?" she wondered.

     "Because of your tornado attack was the same attack that your mother used against ours," Daphne explained.

     "Well, okay," Kira replied, "but why did you do this? And why are you turning all of the Light faeries to stone?"

     "Because that would be what our mother had wanted," Daphne explained. "She was was the one who created the idea to get rid of those sun-loving hippies, and we've decided to carry on her plan."

     Rosia nodded in agreement. "We also wanted you to finally hand over the Circlet of the Air Faerie. As soon as we do that, then all of the 'useless' faerie treasures would surely be no match for our dark magic!"

     So that's why they attacked the others! Kira realized to herself. They wanted to purposely weaken the other faeries in case they interfered with their plans!

     "And now," said Rosia, forming a purple orb beside Cyprina, "you officially have until sunrise to hand over your circlet. You can meet us by that prissy snowflake tree in the Faerie Woods-the same tree that had once held your ugly Air Faerie Token. If you don't decide to meet us at sunrise, then I would blast your mother into a million pieces!"

     Daphne sighed. "It's such a shame that you were not able to go out: because if you had, then you wouldn't have needed to see your mother like this since we would've, or I would have, written you another note with my quill."

      Quickly realizing that her invitation was forged by Daphne, Kira tried to blast the four Dark faeries in order to save her mother from their grasps. Unfortunately before she could strike them, Violet had already unleashed a heavy purple fog inside the living room while her three older sisters disappeared with Cyprina. By the time Kira was able to see through the disappearing fog, all five faeries had vanished into thin air.

To be continued...

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